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002 – Coolsculpting Ads – How we Broke the $50 a Lead Barrier

In this podcast, we’ll provide you with an understanding of how we broke the $50 a lead barrier for CoolSculpting leads and detail techniques you can start using on landing pages today based on the fear of missing out. If you create a situation in which your audience has to act fast to get an opportunity they might not get again, you’ll encourage sales and conversions. The best way to do this is to target the right people with the right offer. Don’t be afraid to offer different opportunities to different audiences.

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Matt Coffy: All right, here we go with another episode of the med spa marketing secrets. So we have a secret in this case of how we use our landing pages to create FOMO. That’s right. FOMO is a fear of missing out for you who don’t understand that term. And the patients get FOMO when they see these landing pages and convert like crazy. So stay tuned to this episode. It is going to

Matt Coffy: give you some really cool insights about low cost conversions and CoolSculpting landing pages and thank you pages. These are things you don’t want to miss if you’re running these types of ads. They could in fact triple or quadruple up your profit if you get these right because we’re coming in and under $50 for CoolSculpting leads, hoof, go think that. And then so this is interested in meeting. We’re going to be talking about

Matt Coffy: a quick overview of one of our clients we’re working with, it’s CoolSculpting and we have a lot of questions on CoolSculpting is a lot of med spas in the market that have CoolSculpting, a lot of non med spas at nom CoolSculpting. And this is another case where we have another type of practitioner. This is actually a chiropractic and physical therapy shop running CoolSculpting. And we’re running a specific strategy here where, this is really, a way that we found worked very well because they have an existing client base that they’re marketing to. So they have, they have an existing client base, they have an ads base that we’re running after we’re running Pay Per Click ads and, we’re doing a bunch of sort of traditional marketing, but this one really did well. So Micah, talked to me a little bit about what’s going on here and this is something that we kind of came up with over time of trying to configure what would make the most sense to get people to take actions.

Micah: Sure. So what we did is, we’re constantly running AB testing on landing pages, messaging, all of that for, especially with CoolSculpting because it’s so competitive. so we took a different approach in terms of offering these, you know, quote unquote deeply discounted, packages for CoolSculpting. And we’ve found that they’re actually, performing really well. This particular page got over 16% conversion rate, for, for claims just on a very limited Google ad spend budget. So it’s been performing really well. We’re testing new, thank you pages to go along with it, just to see if we can further drive, those conversions. So,

Matt Coffy: Erica, what did you think about this Now you’ve been working with the, this particular client with their paid ads, right And it seems like you’re doing okay with this even though they’re not really even in the same framework most, you know, spas. I mean, I like it. It’s converting.

Matt Coffy: And you’re seeing the numbers on this, right You’re seeing the, the, the, the cost per lead in this. And it seems like that category is pretty good. It’s excellent. So when you see a cost per lead, what, what’s the typical cost per lead that you’re seeing and why do you think these guys are doing better I mean if we weren’t talking about the geo, I mean the geo area is obviously it’s another Metro, you know, major NFL city. But still we see variations in major metropolitan cities where it’s, you know, much higher. I’m just thinking, what do you, what do you think is the reason why these guys have done so well Why their numbers are doing well in, in this particular category You have to honestly look at it closer because I literally just just one over from Frank now that he’s not working with us anymore. Okay. So I guess I was trying to understand that, you know, this one seems to maybe have, maybe this landing page has got better impacts, you know, than most have got on it.

Micah: And I can run you some numbers, Matt. I pulled several different accounts from different geographics just to get an idea for accounts that are using this concept. It’s the FOMO, fear of missing out concepts, a landing page. So for this particular account, their cost per conversion is coming in around one 97 and that was for the month of January. similar landing page for another client out of Atlanta. Their cost per conversion is coming in at one 41. So it also helps when you have a more effective landing page to get that cost per conversion though.

Matt Coffy: Yeah, and for sure, I mean it’s got the sliders. I think that’s also helpful. I’ve, I’ve noticed that the sliders seem to have an impact on people cause they seem to stick on it. They go, Oh, what is this What is this Then they’re kind of around here and then they come down and they’re like, okay, like what was this thing about Oh I should just click the claim it. Right. So what’s happening also behind this, so they get to the thank you page. Now we’re giving them some options. So this is, so you can see this now. It’s thank you for claiming the offer. Now you can click the call, you can click the text or you could schedule an appointment. So it’s great. Right And we’re, we’re actually thinking about even highlighting this button in yellow because we know that people will go right towards the thing that attracts their eye.

Matt Coffy: And we know the click to text. We know that’s the biggest thing right now because no one has time. They don’t want to make a phone call. They want to take one extra step in their life. So you know, it’s always going to be an easier way for us to think like, okay, let’s get this right to the click the text to click the text and then boom, it opens the messenger and you go. So fascinating how we’re kind of like squeezing as much as we can get out of each individual lead. And I think the conversions on this, the FOMO page is getting good cut-over. Like they’re getting at least, you know, from a lead perspective, isn’t it a pretty high amount that people are actually, you know, cause obviously there’s a, there’s a lead cost that then there’s a set cost, right So we, I think we’re doing well on the conversions of after this as well.

Micah: Yeah. This, particular landing page has been outperforming, previous versions. So again, we’re always testing them, trying to see, what performs better. So this so far has been our winner for the past month or two. Now

Matt Coffy: Michael, like I don’t like the look of that one as well as the other one.

Micah: same concept, it’s just a percentage versus a dollar off. this particular page is Radiant’s their conversion rate for that landing page is slightly less. It’s at a 10.6%. It’s still pretty good, but it’s also a really low offer. just to give you a concept, this particular campaign had a limited ad budget and so, it wasn’t quite enough to run on Google. So we ran our running this campaign on Facebook and just on a $2,000 ad bend, they got 65 leads for the month of January and the cost per conversion is coming in at about $29.

Matt Coffy: That’s to be expected. Yeah. And you know, it’s interesting when you do run, I mean, look, we’ve all got different ad strategies, but I always think when you run these low end offers, like 500, seven 52 54, you have a lot of room when they come in to play. Okay, come in today and we’ll give you an extra $200 off or whatever. You make up a number, right So you can convert, right Hosts convert after, you know, cause obviously all all conversions don’t lead to sets. But in our case where we’re looking at this, you know, with seven 50 off and then people are like, Oh, I better get the $500 off and you know that you’ve a good, you know, doubling that that you could potentially put in. So maybe there’s an opportunity to get people through and come back with a set strategy, which is okay, Hey, you claimed a $500 off, we’ll double it if you come in today.

Micah: Right, right. And that’s also where that thank you page with the three options comes into play. Depending on your preferred response, medium, you could then incentivize each of those.

Matt Coffy: Yeah. So higher level would be option one click to call, get an additional 10, send us the texts, get an additional 25% scheduled below and we’ll double your

Micah: Okay. Save us.

Matt Coffy: Yeah, there’s a lot of variants when you get bought it up. Now I think the question is also going to become at some point, it’s also dependent on the sales staff, right If they’re, if they’re able to close and get people there, a lot of people are coming in for the first time. They don’t know the difference. They don’t know that other people are offering, you know, 25% off, 15% off. But, but the question is, is off of what Right. And I think that that’s where maybe the money version does get people interested because they’re seeing $500. Right

Micah: Right. And that’s also where you do the percentage offer is that you can say, you know, sessions starting at, you know, six 99, so then have a price point that they know what they’re walking into. So the other thing too is the difference between this landing page, which is running on a Facebook platform and then the other landing page which is running on Google. and you know, they, yes, they do get the quantity of leads from Facebook, but again, they’re higher up in that funnel. I call them curiosity clicks. And I tell them that they’re going to have to work twice as hard to close those leads. So it’s just something to be aware of upfront with med spas when choosing, depending on budget and, and a platform to advertise on.

Matt Coffy: You know, what’s interesting about this, which I really am surprised, you know, CoolSculpting has got one little teeny logo up here. It’s like these guys are still sort of at the brand stage. You know, it’s almost, they’re pushing the brand more than anything else. I don’t see. I mean, obviously we know the cool school does school sculpting, but I’m just curious how everybody tries to push the brand of CoolSculpting when these guys are really just pushing an offer. Simple. I mean, to me it’s like, I think people kind of get it at some point and people put so much effort in trying to prove that CoolSculpting is the thing. When people already know, it’s the thing we get, you know, we get some of these landing pages, which are so over the top and people get it. You don’t need to explain what freezing fat is. And all of us, they’ve probably seen it a million times and, but at the end of the day, sometimes it’s like you’re, you’re so complicating the thing that people skip, they go, they’re trying to now read and watch and me get them in the funnel and talk to them. Right

Matt Coffy: So it’s interesting to see the differences and what converse and we don’t know every time we AB test, constantly changing. Optimizing. Awesome. All right guys, thank you for this conversation.

Micah: Yeah.