Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting

Case Studies Story

Their Story

Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting is a medical spa located in Baton Rouge, LA that specializes in red light body sculpting treatments. They also provide other services, such as lash extension, microblading, plasma lift, medi-wrap, hyaluronic pen fillers, and more to help patients bring out their true beauty potential and boost their self-confidence.

Clients rely on Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting for transformative experiences that help them reach new levels of confidence and beauty. Their services are performed by expert aestheticians and stylists using the latest tools and technology. However, the biggest setback they had to face was the lack of engagements due to their weak online presence.

Case Studies Problem

Their Problem

Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting’s official website had an outdated design, which wasn’t attracting the attention of tech-savvy millennials. The few site visitors – who were curious enough to learn more about the medspa – faced difficulties navigating through the pages and waiting for the site to load. The medspa also incurred unnecessary monthly costs because of the incompatibility with the systems used.

Case Studies Story

Our Solution

Our team of web developers and designers decided that the best course of action for Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting is to rebuild the whole website and give it a modern facelift. Website visitors now enjoy a quicker loading speed and easier navigation when exploring the services offered by the medspa.

Case Studies Success

Their Success

Establishing a strong and credible online presence is the key to attract more customers and turn leads into sales. Potential clients tend to judge a business by its website, which is why revamping the old site was the best solution for Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting. Our team of skilled web developers and designers rebuilt everything – from using low-quality service images to modifying inefficient codes and systems.
Thanks to their new and improved website, Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting experienced an increase in their engagements that eventually became a steady stream of converted leads. They also managed to save up on monthly costs incurred by the double booking and systems incompatibility on their old website. Now, more patients are lining up to get the best body sculpting treatments at Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting after learning about them online.