831 iOS App Installs Via Facebook Ads

831 iOS App Installs In 27 Days

Leveraging Facebook Video Ads To Create Success For a New Health Application

Case Studies Story

The Challenge

MyRXProfile recently launched a beautiful and extremely important application that allows people to easily scan any over-the-counter drug packaging and view critical information about the drug, what it does, and possible side effects. It literally saves lives. The problem was, no one knew about it and therefore no one was downloading it. PracticeBloom got hired to change that.

Case Studies Story

Our Solution

PracticeBloom designed & built a new landing page with what we call a “soft call to action” – a free Fact Sheet PDF that people can claim in exchange for their email address, with some lead nurturing automation behind it. We then built out targeted Facebook video ad campaigns driving people both to the homepage (containing the hard call to action prompting people to download the app) followed by re-targeting campaigns encouraging people who did not download to claim the fact sheet.

Case Studies Success

Their Success

206 PDF downloads and 831 app installs in 27 days with an average cost per install of $2.36 – well within the target conversion rate!

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