Living Young Center for Health & Anti-Aging

How Living Young Center for Health & Anti-Aging Used Captivating Headline to Increase New Client Leads by conversions

Case Studies Story

Their Story

LivingYoung Center for Health & Anti-Aging is a holistic wellness center with locations in Palm Harbor and Seminole. LivingYoung enriches the lives of patients by offering wellness services including weight loss, hormone therapy, nutrition therapy, as well as med spa services such as injectables, PRP skin rejuvenation, microneedling, among others.

Founded by CEO Katie Kaffai, the institution is steadfast in helping patients take control of their own health through their wellness programs and therapies, providing unique testing modalities and resources so patients can understand the root cause of their problems. LivingYoung’s hands-on approach enables them to make a lasting impact on their patients’ lives.

Case Studies Problem

Their Problem

LivingYoung Center for Health & Anti-Aging has been a community favorite in Palm Harbor and Seminole. With COVID shutdowns and restrictions, they were struggling to bring in a steady flow of new clients to their business.

Case Studies Story

Our Solution

Facebook Ads: We launched a Facebook ads campaign featuring an attractive introductory offer for new clients. After conducting research, we carefully created an ad optimized for capturing lead information.

Landing Page Creation: As part of the new campaign, our team designed a dedicated Hormone Pellet Therapy landing page to drive leads. Alongside an irresistible offer, we used optimized copy, graphics, and CTA to compel site visitors to sign up for the offer.

Targeted Messaging: We A/B tested our headlines and our focus on low testosterone levels made a huge positive impact on the conversions for the landing page. Our “Curious if you have low-T?” headline emphasized the problem and captured the most interest.

Case Studies Success

Their Success

Our Hormone Pellet Therapy earned LivingYoung Center for Health & Anti-Aging 69 new leads. This effectively expanded their customer reach and increased brand awareness.

69 total new leads, with 28 of them being hot leads

27 consultations requested with 22 of them scheduled

21% of the leads closed

Kattie loved our campaign so much she is doing a third campaign to drive conversions for her Botox service