Medspa 810 Arrowhead

Case Studies Story

Their Story

Medspa 810 Arrowhead is a medspa clinic that aims to provide high-quality cosmetic products and aesthetic services to as many patients as possible. Their team of highly trained aestheticians, laser technicians, and massage therapists utilize the best techniques and latest technology to help patients achieve beauty and wellness goals at a reasonable price.

Some of their most popular beauty and medspa services include dermaplane treatments, facial waxing, microneedling, collagen induction therapy, and CoolSculpting. They also offer high-quality skincare products, such as SkinScripts, Eminence Organic, Neova, and more. Aside from their products and services, the staff at Medspa 810 Arrowhead is dedicated to providing the best experience to each of their clients.

Case Studies Problem

Their Problem

  1. The information found on their old website was already outdated.
  2. The website took too long to display the full page.
  3. Users often got confused about the website’s information structure, which caused them to wander around the site without finding their desired information.
  4. Some links and buttons on the website were unresponsive.
Case Studies Story

Our Solution

  1. With the services restructured, all the outdated information and other content found on their website were successfully updated.
  2. High-quality code was combined with Oxygen builder and hosted on the world-class WP Engine to improve the website’s loading time.
  3. The website’s information structure was reorganized after creating a template for each of the services they have. All data found on the site was also updated, allowing users to easily find what they needed to know.
  4. Everything was given a proper tune-up: all links, tabs, and buttons are properly working. This allows users to be redirected to the right page with all the appropriate data they need.
Case Studies Success

Their Success

Outdated information, broken links, and slow loading time negatively affected the site’s engagements and the brand’s reputation. These issues were major problems for MedSpa 810 Arrowhead, as most of their visitors on the old website had trouble accessing proper information for each of their services.

But after organizing their information structure and adding high-quality code for their new and improved site, Medspa 810 Arrowhead now converts leads and visitors at a much higher rate, with more accessible information and higher search engine rankings.