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The Puar Case Study

How The Puar Used Online Booking Requirements to Eliminate No Shows by 99% percent

Case Studies Story

Their Story

The PÙAR is a unique and modern MedSpa located in Lake Mary, Florida, specializing in championing the Rejuvenation Movement for all of their patients. With over 25 years of experience in the health and beauty industry, the team at The PÙAR understands exactly how to care and treat their patients and help them achieve their unique medical and cosmetic goals.

With specialists in each of their top services — laser hair removal, microblading, cosmetics injectables, and more — The PÙAR offers the complete and holistic elevated beauty experience to their patients.

Case Studies Problem

Their Problem

The PÙAR’s team had already launched ad campaigns that were successfully bringing in interest from new leads. However, despite the increase in appointment bookings, they lacked a final push to get their new leads to show up for their scheduled appointments.

Case Studies Story

Our Solution

Lead Conversion Elements: With a successful ad campaign already drawing in new leads, our team understood that their problem was in the final steps of the process. We assessed their current campaign and funnel and identified the missing element to keep leads committed to their appointment.

ProfitEngines Stripe: We integrated a CC file request for every booked appointment on their site. Our team created a clear disclaimer explaining why this was required and explained how the credit card was going to be charged.

Case Studies Success

Their Success

The PÙAR’s new CC file protocol resulted in an increase in clinic visits and no “no shows”. In just a month, we were able to eliminate all no shows, encouraging clients to show up to their bookings.

With just one tweak, we were able to increase clinic visits and boost staff morale.

Completely eliminated no shows, from nine missed bookings in the month before our adjustments to zero missed bookings in the month after

Increased sales conversions and revenue with zero missed appointments