Style & Beauty Med Spa

Style & Beauty Med Spa Case Study

How Style & Beauty Med Spa Used Facebook Ads to Increase New Client Leads by Conversions

Case Studies Story

Their Story

Owned and operated by Priscilla Hardenne, Style & Beauty is the classic Boutique Med Spa located in Dripping Springs, Texas. Style & Beauty was founded with the goal of providing beauty services to their customers, with a work space dedicated to sharing Priscilla’s creativity and passion in the latest style and beauty trends. 

Style & Beauty established themselves as a location where patients in their area could receive top-class service in all the most popular medspa treatments, including TruSculpt, Laser Hair Removal, Botox, Facials, IPL Therapy, Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Hyaluronic Facial, and more. 

With a lifetime of education and certifications in science and fashion, Priscilla leads Style & Beauty with a singular mantra: “Out with the old, in with the new.”

Case Studies Problem

Their Problem

As a newer MedSpa location, Style & Beauty faced the challenges of any new business: establishing their presence and authority with a cost-efficient and immediate solution.

Case Studies Story

Our Solution

Facebook Ads: For cost-efficiency and speed, we decided that Facebook ads were the ideal solution. We pinpointed their exact audience and targeted the services that would generate immediate results, laser hair removal for lips and underarms. For added charm, we created a campaign built off a Lips & Pits promotion.

A Fresh Look: Our team felt that their website didn’t reflect their clinic, and the “by Priscilla” branding might have been slightly out-of-date. We reconstructed their website, rebuilding and rebranding their online presence from the ground up.

Case Studies Success

Their Success

Our Facebook ad campaign was an immediate success for Style & Beauty. In just two weeks they reached their ideal audience and booked more new leads in a week than ever before. Managing their new leads is easier than they expected, with booking appointments automatically set to their management’s calendar.

23 new leads in the first 2 weeks of the campaign

4 opportunities closed and converted in the first week

Priscilla loves using our ProfitEngines platform for lead management and is excited to continue working with us for more