How To Generate $3 Botox Leads and $37 Botox Appointments

Leveraging Facebook Ads, Retargeting, Funnel Marketing To Produce Insane Results For MedSpas Offering Botox

Case Studies Story

The Challenge

PracticeBloom already had Ethos Spa rocking, but the owner had a feeling there was more juice to be squeezed and wanted to double down on Botox marketing with a goal of producing online appointment bookings for under $50.

Case Studies Story

Our Solution

We worked with the staff at Ethos Spa to ramp up their video content creation and used that content in Facebook ads to dramatically increase the amount of traffic going to a custom Botox landing page we created that had strategically placed, crystal clear calls to action: “Enter Your Email to Claim A Botox Promotion.”

Once someone claimed, our nurture automation took over providing the claimer with a steady stream of Botox FAQs, testimonials, case-studies, and other useful information – each containing its own call to action: “Click Here To Book Your Discounted Botox Appointment.”

Case Studies Success

Their Success

$3 Botox Leads and online appointments being made at as low as $37!

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