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Chiropractic Marketing That Works

Online Marketing Programs Designed Specifically For Chiropractic & Orthopedic Practices

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Chiropractic Websites Designed To Convert

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Beautiful Chiropractic Website
Designs That Will Generate Leads

Your Chiropractic Website Company

From logo design and business card creation to full-blown chiropractic marketing websites and web design, you won't find any other website companies with a team like ours. We've designed and developed hundreds of websites that look great, load fast, and look great on a mobile device. We'll help you generate key content such as client testimonials and testimonial videos that will increase conversion, generate leads, generate new patients, and grow your chiropractic care practice.

Dominate Search Results With Chiropractic SEO

Local SEO Books Perfect Patients

Attracting new prospective patients by ranking at the top of search engines like Google is the holy grail of chiropractic marketing. Your local community is searching daily for terms relevant to your chiropractic practice and that traffic is free and costs you nothing if you're at the top. The world of SEO - Search Engine Optimization - has changed a lot since the days when meta tags, guest blogging, business listings, and blog posts were all you needed to rank.

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Ranking On Page 1 Means Free Leads, Day After Day

Website code

Great SEO addresses three main factors: on-site/backend code, off-site link building, and user experience. The process starts before we even design your website. Our search team begins with a thorough competitive analysis and a correlation report to determine exactly what the sites currently ranking at the top of page one are doing and exactly what you need to do better than they are. Next, we map out the architectural layout of your site, ensure that your content structure aligns topically & semantically with what Google's Rank Brain algorithm is expecting to see. We pre-plan your all your meta data, schema mapping, and semantical markups in advance and only once this is ready do we move on to graphic design.

User experience

Once your site is a great position to rank and you have other strong websites "voting" for you via links, you'll start to see people visiting your site. The third important factor when it comes to rankings is monitoring the actions that users are/aren't taking on your site when they get there. Search engines like Google like to see people visiting multiple pages, spending a good amount of time on a site, and, most importantly, taking action (clicking through galleries, filling out forms, initiating live chats, etc.). Our design team plans each page design with conversion in mind, but we'll also monitor user activity via A/B testing and heat mapping to ensure optimal user experience.

Sustainable Results

With these three factors in place and working in harmony, your site will rocket up the organic search rankings, resulting in a steady, sustainable flow of free traffic and leads.

Meet ProfitEngines, Your New Revenue Machine

Paid Advertising in Medical Practice Marketing

The Right Ads Targeting The Right People

Our ProfitEngine marketing programs begin with great ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google; perfectly targeted to your potential patients.

When advertising on Facebook & Instagram, it's all about the visual. Most companies rely on stock images when creating ads. Our social media team will help you generate unique photos and videos that we'll use when creating the ads, which will significantly increase your click-through-rate and the amount of ad traffic that gets sent to your new landing pages.

When it comes to running ads on Google, it's all about the ad-copy. Our Adwords team is specialized to write compelling content that results in searchers clicking your ads over competitors.

No matter the platform, it's also critical to get the targeting parameters right. Radius, sex, income status, interests, negative keywords, and more - configuring targeting is a science that our Paid Traffic team has perfected through years of experience in chiropractic marketing. Perfect ads are just a piece of a larger puzzle, however, which leads us to the importance of landing page design.

Beautiful, High-Converting Landing Pages

Investing in top-quality landing pages is critical for your chiropractic marketing because you're paying for the traffic that will view the page. Any deficiencies in your landing pages will directly result in the loss of money. Your chiropractic's landing pages need to look great, load almost instantly, and have a crystal clear call to action.

A lot of marketing agencies use landing page builders and stock images, resulting in vanilla pages that look the same as your competitors' pages. We custom design & build our landing pages natively in WordPress and our Social Media team specializes in helping our clients create unique, authentic photos and videos for us to use in your designs. The result - beautiful pages that attract viewers and load extremely fast.

Most importantly, however, is the fact that all of our landing pages are designed to convert. We use proven design trends in the marketing world to make sure your visitors' eyes are drawn directly to your call-to-action. Our chiropractic landing pages always include supporting assets such as before & after photos, information about the doctor/staff, FAQs, as well as repeat call-to-action sections. No matter where your visitors are on the page, they never have to scroll more than a thumb's length to convert.

High Converting Med Spa Landing Pages
Leads conversions for medical practice marketing purposes

Lead To Conversion Automation

When we talk about marketing chiropractic care practices, it's important to understand that a high-converting landing page is going to generate you a lot of leads (a name/email/phone number), which is great as you need to constantly be building your database of contacts to market to, but what you really want are conversions ( booked appointments).

A lot of chiropractic marketing agencies will stop at lead generation, but we know your bottom line moves when appointments get booked. We also know that relying on front desk staff to close leads can be costly. We've found that more often than not, front desk staff will be either distracted, busy checking someone in, or just not trained enough in sales to properly handle new inbound leads, which is why our ProfitEngine programs are designed to close leads automatically.

When someone claims one of your promotions (becoming a new lead), your ProfitEngine will redirect them to a page with an appointment request form, thanking them for claiming the offer and notifying them that the next step is to request an appointment with chiropractor. The system will then wait for five minutes, check to see if they have requested an appointment and if not, send them an email/text reminder. The system will then wait a day, check again to see if they've requested an appointment and if not, send another reminder. Your ProfitEngine will do this once more, then if they still haven't requested an appointment, it will shift them into what we call a Nurture Sequence.

Your nurture sequence will consist of 5-10 emails (newsletter) containing various types of messages such as a personal note from the chiropractor, patient case studies, videos about celebrities who love your chiropractic service, etc., which will be sent out every other day. Each email contains a call to action, reminding them that the next step is to request an appointment and, again, the system shuts itself down once they do book an appointment so that you're not annoying patients who have already converted.

Low-Hanging Fruit Through Retargeting

In a perfect world, everyone who hits your landing page would claim your offer and become a lead. The truth is the large majority of visitors will exit the page without taking action, which is why it's absolutely critical for your chiropractic marketing to retarget these people. Retargeting is when someone sees your landing page, doesn't claim an offer, and then sees a new ad about the same offer the next time they visit Facebook and/or Instagram.

Retargeting is made possible by a tracking script that we add to your landing page, allowing us to indicate to Facebook & Instagram the exact people we want to show your ads to. Industry studies show that people who are retargeted are up to 70% more likely to convert than people who only see your offer once, which is why failing to retarget landing page visitors means leaving a ton of money on the table.

And the best part is retargeting ads cost a fraction of the price of regular ads! Retargeting campaigns bring your total average cost-per-lead and cost-per-conversion numbers down significantly.

Retargeting in chiropractic marketing
Reputation Management In Medical Practice Marketing

Boosting Word Of Mouth Through Reputation Management

According to industry reports, 90% of your potential patients will look up and read your online reviews before deciding whether or not to visit your chiropractic practice. With this in mind, it goes without saying that having a stellar online reputation is a must in chiropractic marketing plan. Generating a steady flow of positive reviews, however, can be a challenge.

Your ProfitEngine will address this challenge on two fronts. First, it will generate a lot of new business (potential reviewers). Second, the system will automatically follow up with your new patients after their first visit to your chiropractic office asking them how their experience was. If they respond negatively, the system captures that feedback and sends it directly to you before it has a chance to hit the open internet.

If they respond positively, the system automatically follows up and politely requests that they post their feedback to the review platform of your choice (Facebook, Google, HealthGrades, Yelp, etc.). Their reviews get pre-copied for them so all they need to do is tap a button which will open up the "leave a review" screen on the review platform and hit paste to leave their review.

As an added benefit to your marketing strategies, industry data shows that a steady stream of positive reviews has a powerful impact on your organic search rankings!

Your Marketing Program Is Ready To Start Generating Leads

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Free Chiropractic Marketing Tip:

Social Media Marketing is a buzzword. When it comes to marketing for chiropractors, you need a plan that is much more than just writing blogs every day and posting updates on Facebook and Instagram. That's called social media management, which is very different than a true chiropractic marketing strategy and will result in a lot of wasted time.

You need a top marketing program that leverages Facebook advertising to attract new patients (on their mobile devices) and potential clients to a beautiful landing page that's designed to convert. Your marketing campaigns can't stop there though. When it comes to doing chiropractic internet marketing right, you need to be retargeting the people who hit your landing page but don't convert right away.

Did you know that studies have shown that people who are retargeted can be up to 70% more likely to convert?!

Once your online programs are generating a steady stream of new patients, you need marketing strategies in place that will leverage your current patients by following up and asking them how their experience in your chiropractic office was. If they reply positively, politely ask them to leave patient testimonials on Google, Facebook, ZocDoc, Yelp, etc.

Our ProfitEngine programs are an incredible marketing tool because it handles this follow-up process for you automatically! If you're seriously ready to market your chiropractic care service, internet marketing is where you need to focus your budget. Wasting time Googling for chiropractic marketing ideas and spending money on outdated strategies like direct mail will get you nowhere. You need a well-rounded suite of marketing tools, which is exactly what our ProfitEngine programs are.

We generate new leads each month then leverage automation in the form of newsletters to nurture those leads into appointments on your calendar. We follow up with your new patient to generate positive reviews, continually improving your online reputation. We provide transparent reporting so you can see exactly what you're spending to get a lead and to get an appointment. We're the chiropractic marketing partner you've been searching for.

Frequently Asked Chiropractic Marketing

Will your programs generate more appointments?

Absolutely. Before we generate appointments, however, we need to generate leads. Our marketing plan starts with a promotional offer for one of your services that we turn into Facebook, Instagram, and Google Adwords ads that generate targeted traffic to a landing page where people will claim chiropractor promotion. We then use email marketing in the form of newsletters to nurture these people from a lead to a booking. Your patient base will quickly start to grow.

Watch these videos to learn more about our marketing strategies:

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  2. Online Reputation and Review management
Is online marketing better than traditional marketing like billboards and TV commercials?

In most cases, yes, marketing online is better because we define "better" as "transparent". With Billboards & TV commercials, you have no way of truly measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns nor can you truly measure your return on investment. With only marketing online, you see exactly what you spent to get a lead and what you spent to get a booking.

With our ProfitEngine Premium Program, you'll see the cost-per-lead and cost-per-conversion metrics for each campaign clearly displayed in real-time on your phone in a beautiful iOS and Android application. Your most crucial marketing metrics in your pocket.

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What if my staff is not great at closing leads?

This is a common issue among chiropractic offices. Our marketing programs alleviate this issue by closing your new leads for you. When a new lead comes in, your ProfitEngine will automatically follow up, thanking them for claiming your promotion and explaining to them that the next step is to book an online appointment. Over the next three days, the system will check to see if they've booked and text/email them reminders if not. If a new lead does not book after three days of reminders, your staff will be notified and the lead will be shifted into a nurture chain of 5-10 emails containing varied content & a call-to-action, which will nurture them until they are ready to call and book a chiropractic treatment.

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Will you manage my social media?

Our ProfitEngines utilize paid ads on networks like Facebook & Instagram (the quickest way to generate new patient bookings), but this is different than what we would call managing social media. We do offer management software as an optional add-on to your marketing program, where we will create compelling content that we'll share on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. accounts and then facilitate, monitor, and engage with the conversations that are generated around the content. The result is an engaged & enthusiastic community, excited and eager to sing your praises, which generates the modern/digital equivalent of "word of mouth" business.

Check out this interesting case study on Facebook ads.

For more detailed information about marketing for chiropractors, watch these videos:

  1. How Facebook Ads Attract New Clients
  2. Triple Your Patient Leads By Tuning Your Sales Funnels
Do you make ads that follow people around?

Yes. This is called retargeting, and it is an important part of our ProfitEngine programs. People who are retargeted are up to 70% more likely to convert than people who only see an offer once. It's critical that you retarget the people who visit your landing pages but don't convert right away. Retargeting will increase your leads/bookings and lower your overall cost-per-lead and cost-per-booking metrics at the same time.

For more info, listen to our podcast: Why A Winning Creative is Critical to Digital Marketing Success.

Do you build chiropractic websites?

Absolutely. Our graphic design and website development teams are world class and specialize in creating beautiful chiropractic websites that load incredibly fast, look great on mobile devices, and convert visitors into leads & bookings. A high-converting website is crucial for chiropractors, but that doesn't mean you need to pause your marketing while your new website is being built and paid for, which is why we offer a "New Website Add-On" for all ProfitEngine programs, allowing you to break the cost of your new website out over 12 months. By purchasing a new website add-on, your ProfitEngine will be generating you new patient leads, bookings, and revenue while your site is being built, ensuring that you're still making money - not just spending on a new site.

Check out our Portfolio and see how we market chiropractic practices with beautiful website designs.

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