Are You A Medical Spa Interested In A Coolsculpting Marketing Campaign To Sell More Coolsculpting Procedures?

We help Med Spas, Plastic Surgery Centers, and Coolsculpting practices reach more potential patients, book more patients, and beat their local competitors

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If your practice could use more Coolsculpting patients each month, let's talk strategy.

PracticeBloom specializes in combining SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media marketing, Content marketing, and Funnel marketing to grow MedSpas like yours around the world.

Our ProfitEngines programs leverage the power of Facebook, Instagram & Google advertising to deliver a steady flow of new CoolSculpting leads that our automations convert into booked consultations while you sleep!


Leverage The Leader In Nonsurgical Fat Reduction And Weight Loss

If you have a CoolSculpting machine sitting idle, it's time to grow your business with a proven marketing strategy!

Thanks to the great management of their brand and marketing, CoolSculpting has become the most well known non surgical procedure for getting rid of stubborn, unwanted fat.

Fat, fat, fat. That's all people want to get rid of -- non-invasively. A growing number of people in your area are searching for, and will request a CoolSculpting treatment each month. They want to get rid of fat through a non-invasive fat reduction process.

Will it be your practice or your competitor's who gets the business? Only the good marketing will decide that.

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Growing Your CoolSculpting Business With Facebook Ads

One Facebook ad could change your entire practice.

Facebook & Instagram are without a doubt the most affordable social media networks to advertise and build your marketing on when it comes to building a CoolSculpting business.

Because of what we as users consent to and accept in its terms & conditions overview, the platform knows deeply about our preferences, making it an amazing marketing channel.

Through years of training, testing, and vigorous study, we have perfected the process of creating ads that are perfectly targeted to the potential patients in your area who could benefit from CoolSculpting.

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More Than Blog Posts & Video Ads. Marketing CoolSculpting And Generating Qualified CoolSculpting Leads Is An Art

How we take someone not happy with the flab on their upper arm who lives within a ten mile radius of your practice and turn them into a CoolSculpting patient:

  1. The CoolSculpting marketing process starts with an appealing offer such as "$1000 Off Your 1st CoolSculpting Treatment" that we design into a beautiful landing page that loads incredibly fast and looks great on all devices (mobile and desktop). We turn that offer into targeted ads and run them to people who live within a certain radius of your practice.
  2. People who see the marketing ad, and are interested will click the ad link, which will take them to the landing page where they can claim the CoolSculpting promo by filling out a brief form. When they submit the form, they are redirected to a Thank You page which thanks them for claiming and notifies them that in order to redeem their discount, they need to request a free consultation via the online scheduling form on the thank you page.
  3. A percentage of people who claim the promo will follow the instructions and request a consultation right there on the thank you page, but a larger percentage of the claimers will need a nudge. This is where the power of ProfitEngines marketing automation comes in. As soon as someone submits a $1000 Off claim, they receive a text message thanking them for claiming and prompting them to request a consultation by replying to the text message.
  4. A minute later, if they haven't yet requested a consultation, an automated email goes out also instructing them to request a consultation. This process of automated marketing reminders continues over the course of three days via a string of emails, text messages, and voicemails that encourage them not to let their discount expire and to request a CoolSculpting consultation.
  5. ProfitEngines ties together email, text messaging, phone calls, and even Messenger so however/wherever someone replies, the system knows to stop sending the marketing automations and will automatically move that person to the "Hot Leads" area of your ProfitEngines Lead Management Pipeline. Notifications instantly fire off via text or email to your staff alerting them of a new hot lead awaiting followup.
  6. You'll be amazed by how many of your future patients book with you because they didn't want to answer phone calls from unknown numbers but were happy to converse with you via text message before deciding to book an appointment.
  7. Unfortunately, there will always be "tire kickers" who claim an offer but just never take the next step. Instead of just marking them "lost" and letting them fade into oblivion, ProfitEngines shifts them out of your marketing Lead Management pipeline and into what we call a long-term nurture campaign, which consists of a 12-month email automation that sends out an informative eblast each month based on one of the other services your practice offers. Odds are that eventually that tire kicker will see something that interests them enough to reach back out and when that happens, ProfitEngines automatically adds them back into your Lead Management Pipeline as a Hot Lead.
  8. When someone requests a consultation, a new pending appointment shows up in your scheduling calendar and a notification goes out to your staff that there is a consultation waiting for their approval. Once approved and marked confirmed, the system sends out a confirmation email & SMS to patient. It also sends automated appointment reminders the day before and they day of, increasing consultation attendance and reducing no-shows.
  9. If someone does miss their CoolSculpting consultation, your staff just needs to move them to the "No Show" stage of your Lead Management Pipeline and a new series of automated emails and text messages will go out and direct them to reschedule. This saves your staff the trouble of having to follow up with no-shows and further increases your consultation attendance rate.
  10. ProfitEngines is your start-to-finish Lead management system. It automatically converts 5% of leads, on average, automatically, and we haven't worked with a practice yet who was thrilled to alleviate their staff of that responsibility so they could focus more on your CoolSculpting patients.

Better Than Social Media - Drive Business By Dominating Other Med Spas In The Search Engines

If you're serious about growing your CoolSculpting practice, you need to make Google your best sales rep and top CoolSculpting marketing tool.

While the cost of FB & Instagram leads can be low, the cost for an organic lead is zero for those who rank at the top of the search results.

There are very few companies in the world with the knowledge and skill to rank websites at the top of the search results for extremely competitive terms like "CoolSculpting Near Me", but we started as a search engine optimization company (SEO) and have marketing case study after case study full of proven results.


One important aspect of improving your local search rankings for CoolSculpting related terms is having a marketing plan for generating a steady flow of positive reviews. ProfitEngines not only pulls in your reviews, allowing you to monitor and respond right from your dashboard, but also has a built-in outreach system, enabling your staff effortlessly request positive reviews from your patients.

After you complete a successful consultation or service, ProfitEngines is ready to help you earn more 5-star reviews in GMB with built-in reputation management.

When your front desk sees a happy and content patient leaving their appointment, all they need to do is hit a button and a text message or email goes out to them thanking them for their visit and kindly requesting that they share their feedback with you on your GMB.

The email/text contains a link that not only takes them to your Google Business page but also opens up the "Leave a Review" box for them so all they have to do is hit five stars, type some comments, then hit submit.

A Very Cool Case Study

One of our clients is a MedSpa in Northern New Jersey who we helped double their practice in a year's time by implementing ProfitEngines marketing automation.

Now that their traditional services were booming, they wanted to focus on growing a new service that had been gaining a lot of industry hype: CoolSculpting.

Our client didn't want to just do well for CoolSculpting locally; however, they wanted to dominate the entire state. So we got to work, implementing our premium SEO marketing program.


The design team at PracticeBloom took the results of our extremely in-depth competitive research analysis and turned it into a gorgeous mockup for a new micro-site targeting CoolSculpting NJ. Our development team built the mock into a custom WordPress theme that loads lightening-fast and looks great on all devices. Our conversion rate optimization team built in a clear & enticing call to action.


The result: top of page one rankings in just under fourth months, delivering between two and five organic Coolsculpting prospects (potential patients) per day! In the 14 months that the site has been ranking, over 1,500 leads have been sent to our cilent who, thanks to the lead management and conversion to booking automations in ProfitEngines, closes them at industry-leading rates. He's been getting new CoolSculpting patients every day.


Are You Ready To Take Your CoolSculpting Marketing To The Next Level?

There's never been a better time to get started, but move quickly before the 
competition starts to heat up! Start getting more CoolSculpting patients today.

Over the past 24 months, CoolSculpting has become a household name.

Once Allergan started seeing that CoolSculpting delivers results in such a non-invasive (fat freezing) and pain-free manner, they doubled down on CoolSculpting marketing, which included celebrity endorsements and sponsorships.

And not just targeting women - top 50 golf pro Ian Poulter can be seen on the greens wearing his CoolSculpting visor online and on television sets across the world each week!

This is the perfect time to get more CoolSculpting patients. The media is buzzing about it.


It means the time to strike is now. The demand for CoolSculpting is only going to increase, so the time to corner your local market is now. You need to establish your practice as the authority on CoolSculpting in your area as soon as possible. And our team can help.

For a limited time only, we are offering free websites for all medical spas who get started on a ProfitEngine Pro or Premium plan with an agreement of at least six months. Your new website will be designed and built using our proven medspa framework so you can rest assured it will load fast, look great on all devices, and, most importantly, convert visitors to patients! Your new website will, of course, contain a gorgeous service page for CoolSculpting that will also serve as the landing page for all the ad-traffic your ProfitEngine will deliver.

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  • PracticeBloom has been communicative, organized, and they've gotten me a lot of prospective patients. I challenged them to build me a CoolSculpting microsite and get it ranking page 1 for all of New Jersey and they delivered! It's grown my practice tremendously.

    Dr. Hardik Soni

Frequently Asked Med Spa Marketing Questions

Do Facebook ads work for CoolSculpting?

100% when used as a part of a well planned and executed campaign. Our CoolSculpting marketing programs use the platform's advertising as well as Instagram's and Google's to drive traffic to landing pages, where people can claim your offer and enter our lead management system.

How much should I be spending on ads?

To have success with CoolSculpting marketing, we recommend spending at least $1,500/month in either Facebook/Instagram or Adwords. Spend will vary, though, depending on the competitive landscape of your region.

How will you increase the visibility of my website in the search results?

First of all, we run data driven SEO campaigns. There's no guessing involved. Our programs are based on pointing our resources to discovering what the competition is doing.

We try to learn as much as possible from the competition in order to increase the visibility of your brand in the search results.

We also build blog posts to target every potential patient at the top of the marketing funnel. These people usually aren't aware they need an aesthetic procedure like CoolSculpting. Every new blog post will give you more targeted organic traffic in the long-run.

Getting organic traffic is just one piece of the puzzle, though: the second piece is closing the lead. Our sales professional will work with you to increase the lead close rate.

Will you teach me how to target the right patients?

Yes. Our ProfitEngines program is designed to filter out bad prospects, and let's face it: there's always a number of those. Not everyone coming from Google, Twitter or LinkedIn will be a perfect CoolSculpting candidate.

We'll teach your staff how to use the ProfitEngines system. The system even goes so far to filter out people that want to target specific areas (like abdomen). That way, you can prepare for your patient right after you close the phone line.

You'll also be able to discover what problems the potential client might have (skin problems, etc.).

In the long run, this will make your CoolSculpting center more reputable, and you'll enjoy increased revenue over the long-term. Who wouldn't want to be considered a #1 fat freezing provider in their locality?

How many leads will I get?

Lead volume correlates with ad spend so the more money your company spends, the more leads you'll get.

It also depends on the season, because most people want to get rid of fat before summer. This fat freezing method is most popular during spring.

That being said, consultation requests are really what you want and our ProfitEngine programs leverage automated emails, test messages, voicemail drops, and even Facebook messages to nurture new leads into online appointment requests without your staff having to do a thing!

Can you help me market a CoolSculpting event?

Absolutely! Click the Get Started button and inquire about our CoolSculpting Event Add-On package.

Can I use videos to market my brand?

Of course! Video is one of the best converting digital channels. People love to see patient testimonials and doctors talking about benefits.

Video is a great way to market your CoolSculpting treatment. If the quality is good -- and the answer is helpful -- people will want to contact you right away.