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Shape Up Your Med Spa And Become The Top Cooltone Provider In Your Area

We make sure med spas, plastic surgery centers, and Cooltone practices get online exposure, book more clients, and rise above the local competition.

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Practicebloom’s leading CoolSculpting campaign has helped numerous medspas become the best in their area. With the advent of Cooltone technology, we’re bringing in tried and tested methods in SEO, social media, content, and email marketing to replicate the successes we’ve had with CoolSculpting, and elevate your practice into a profitable Cooltone facility.

The Leading Expert For A Leading Product

From the same company that turned CoolSculpting into a household name, beauty company Allegra unleashes a brand new body contouring device in the market. Cooltone redefines body contouring by allowing patients to firm up and strengthen muscles, even without hitting the gym.

With online fitness movements taking over the globe, a growing number of people are looking for fast and easy ways to get bikini-ready bodies with toned abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

The FDA cleared Cooltone device is proven 50% more effective than its leading competitor, EmSculpt. It received FDA clearance in 2019 and is considered one of the best devices for strengthening muscle fibers and managing involuntary muscle contractions.

Team up with an agency that knows what medspa clients are searching for. Become the go-to provider of Cooltone treatments in your area today.

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Reach New Milestones With Facebook Ads

Instagram and Facebook are the most affordable social media networks for advertising and marketing your Cooltone business. With amazing analytics built into these networks, it’s a revenue haven for those who know how to target profitable audiences.

With years of experience developing social media campaigns, we’ve created a formula that works every single time. We focus on the local population searching for your services, and target them with ads designed to make them click.

Start growing your Cooltone practice passively. Launch your Cooltone campaign and grow your medspa practice, one irresistible ad at a time.

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Going Beyond Mundane Content. Marketing Cooltone And Acquiring Profitable Leads Takes Expertise

Don’t let your Cooltone device sit idly in your clinic. Here’s how we convince someone who wants improved muscle definition within a ten mile radius of your clinic to book an appointment with your clinic:

  1. The Cooltone marketing session begins with irresistible call to actions on your brand new landing page. Everything from design, colors, functionality, and content is carefully measured to give you the result you want.
  2. Interested prospects who click through the marketing ad are redirected to a form. After filling out the form, they are redirected to a Thank You page. In order to redeem the discount or ad, we compel visitors to interact with you further by instructing them to request a free consultation through the online calendar on your website.
  3. Some customers will redeem the promo and request a consultation right then and there, while others might need some extra convincing. With ProfitEngines’ automated marketing process, your business will send out another invitation for an online consultation via text message.
  4. In order to secure as much new business as possible, an automated follow-up email is sent to individuals who haven’t responded to the consultation invite. This string of emails, text messages, and voicemails continues automatically over the course of three days, reminding them not to waste their exclusive Cooltone discount.
  5. Our smart system allows you to run your business as smoothly as possible. After a customer replies and secures a consultation date, the automated marketing campaigns will stop, and ProfitEngines will instantly move them to a new section of your pipeline. At this point, your staff members will be alerted about the brand new opportunity.
  6. Interested prospects who click through the marketing ad are redirected to a form. After filling out the form, they are redirected to a Thank You page. In order to redeem the discount or ad, we compel visitors to interact with you further by instructing them to request a free consultation through the online calendar on your website.
  7. Hard-to-catch leads are not evicted out of the pipeline. Instead, ProfitEngines moves them to a long-term nurture campaign list. This long-term nurture campaign is a 12-month automated program that sends out informative newsletters right to their email inbox every month. By including offers, insights, and testimonials for the different services in your practice, the chances of piquing that customer’s interest, whether it’s for Cooltone or another treatment entirely, will increase.
  8. We increase consultation attendance by sending out automated appointment reminders to the patient 1 day before their consultation, as well as the day of the appointment. Your staff can easily track all client schedule through the calendar and notifications they receive.
  9. Patients who fail to show up on their appointment are automatically moved to a different stage in the pipeline. At this point, a brand new series of automated emails and text messages are sent, all designed to finally get them to show up in your consultation.
  10. ProfitEngines is designed to keep the patient interested in your Cooltone treatment. Our seamless in-house technology automatically converts at least 5% of your leads. With top-notch marketing content and an automated process, you can get more for doing less. Strengthening your practice has never been this easy.

Increase Revenue By Dominating Local Med Spas With Your Online Presence

A solid ad campaign will be lackluster if you don’t have Google on your size. Prioritize your Google search rankings and become the leading source on all things Cooltone.

Eliminate the need to acquire organic leads. By a top resource on Google searches, you don’t have to rely on paid channels to reach new customers. PracticeBloom specializes in online medspa marketing and SEO strategies. Together, we can make your practice rank higher and earn better.

ProfitEngines also encourages patients to leave their feedback on Google My Business. Feedback requests are sent through email or text message, inviting them to share their Cooltone experience with your clinic.

Patients who click the link are instantly directed to our Google Business page, with the “Leave a Review” box ready to be filled out. This seamless process makes it easier for patients to leave reviews, cementing your online reputation as the leading Cooltone provider in your city.

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Let new website visitors know they’re in good hands through the testimonials posted on your website. ProfitEngines has a built-in outreach system that allows your staff to reach out to clients and actively seek out positive reviews. With easy access to all the reviews on your dashboard, managing and responding to reviews has never been easier.

Keep Your Cooltone Device Busy.
Bring In Patient After Patient With PracticeBloom

Take advantage of Cooltone’s novelty and make this FDA cleared technology one of your bestsellers yet. Performed only in selected clinics, you can use this opportunity to dominate Cooltone searches in no time.

Through expert content creation, flawless marketing, and unparalleled SEO, your clinic can appear for Cooltone searches long before your competitors start offering the service.

Safe, secure, and effective, Cooltone is set to become another household name - a top choice among celebrities for tightening muscle fibers around the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Make yourself its leading local representative, and dominate over other medspas today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cooltone Marketing

How will local SEO help my Cooltone practice?

Patients are looking for local experts for their treatment. By targeting local clients, you are increasing the chances of patients finding your practice and booking an appointment for you.

By optimizing for local search, your practice can easily rise above local competitors and become the top Cooltone provider in your area.

How many leads will I get?

Lead volume and ad spend have a direct relationship; the more resources you channel into ads, the more leads you get.

Expect a rise in leads and impressions over the summer when patients are looking to tone for bikini season. It’s usually around spring and summer that med spas get the most leads for treatments.

However, what you want are consultation requests. ProfitEngines has a built-in nurture function that allows you to send automated emails, text messages, voicemails, and Facebook messages to encourage interested patients to book with you online.

Will you teach me to target the right patients?

Yes. Even if you don’t have any experience with lead acquisition or marketing, our ProfitEngines program can help you target the right patients. This tool is incredibly intuitive, allowing even the busiest doctors to create seamless campaigns without any hassle.

Targeting the right patients is key to increased profit, and that’s exactly what ProfitEngine does. It’s designed to filter out bad prospects from profitable ones.

With ProfitEngines, you can segment patients and leads according to their needs. Patients requesting for a Cooltone treatment for the abdomen will be filed separately from those requesting for buttocks Cooltoning. This simplified system will definitely help your practice stay organized and give the best customer service possible.

Can you help me market a Cooltone event?

We are more than happy to help you with promotional work. Let us know more about your event through the contact page so we can plan it accordingly.

Can I use videos to market Cooltone?

At PracticeBloom, we leverage different promotional channels to increase brand exposure and encourage appointment requests. It’s one of the best ways to convert site visitors into paying customers.

Let us know if you’re keen on creating a video for your Cooltone campaign so we can plan it accordingly.

Do Facebook ads work for Cooltone?

Aside from inbound marketing channels, we also leverage ads and social media targeting as part of Cooltone marketing. Our Cooltone marketing programs use Instagram, Facebook, and Google traffic to funnel visitors to your landing page. We don’t neglect any channels in order to maximize your exposure and reach.