Functional Medicine Marketing: Connecting With an Audience Looking For Something New

PracticeBloom’s functional medicine marketing team can help your clinic of functional medicine -- whether it’s acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage, or other services -- get countless new leads almost overnight. Ready to give your clinic the boost it needs?

Functional Medicine Marketing: Providing Your Clinic With the Expert Marketing It Needs

Known as “holistic and integrative medicine” to some, functional medicine has exploded over the last few years. More and more patients are willing to explore their treatment options and venture beyond the usual traditional forms of Western medicine, like pharmaceuticals and surgery. Instead of alleviating the symptom, functional medicine is all about targeted chronic diseases and pain at the root cause. 

Acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage, myofascial release, and countless other forms of functional medicine have grown in popularity around the world, and now is the best time to attract new patients to your functional medicine clinic or center.

PracticeBloom specializes in combining SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media marketing, Inbound marketing solutions, and Funnel marketing to grow clinics like yours around the world. We utilize tried and tested digital marketing techniques with our specialized expertise in aesthetic and functional medicine marketing to help clinics maximize their leads, get the most out of every dollar they spend on ads, and convert more interested clicks into paying customers than ever before.

Our ProfitEngines programs leverage the power of Facebook, Instagram & Google advertising to deliver a steady flow of new leads that our automations convert into booked consultations almost overnight.

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Why Functional Medicine Is Primed For Growth: The Business of Wellness 

Market Your Functional Medicine Clinic To a Mainstream Audience, and Witness Growth Like Never Before

Functional medicine practices have been traditionally reluctant to engage in mainstream marketing practices, because mainstream audiences have usually been hesitant to try new alternative forms of treatments and therapies.

But the last few years has seen immense market growth and audience interest in functional medicine, as more and more patients turn to alternative healing and medicine to find their best non-surgical option to maximize their health.

At PracticeBloom, we’ve found that functional medicine professionals and clinics who now engage in sophisticated and comprehensive digital marketing efforts can capture a much larger share of the market than they ever thought possible.

Become the leading functional medicine doctor in your area (and all surrounding areas), and serve patients from all over with your top services. Create a marketing plan with PracticeBloom that will leave potential leads primed and ready to book for their consultation as soon as possible, with sophisticated market funnels, and high-authority content marketing to maximize organic growth.

With PracticeBloom’s digital marketing techniques, your clinic of functional medicine will tap into a greater audience than ever before. Soon you’ll have more leads than you can handle.

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Knowing What Your Customer Wants: Functional Medicine Advantages and Pain Points

Any marketing strategy begins with an intimate understanding of your target audience’s pain points and the advantages of the functional medicine approach. With functional medicine, our strategy makes the most of:

  • Non-Surgical, Non-Pharmaceutical: Perhaps the most attractive draw of functional medicine is the avoidance of surgery and drugs. More people are becoming health-conscious, aware of what they put in their body and the potential long-term effects those substances may have, which is why more and more are turning away from drugs and medications to feel better. Surgery is also something many people seek to avoid, because of the high risk of complications and the long and painful recovery time.
  • The Excitement of Something New: For as many individuals who might be afraid to try functional medicine because of how different it is from what they already know, there will be just as many who will be thrilled to dive head-first into something new, different, and exciting. Our marketing efforts will focus on patients looking for that new experience on top of more successful healing.
  • A Holistic Form of Healing: Functional medicine practices are often much more holistic than surgical techniques and drug therapy. We heal the whole body, and help patients find better health by addressing their problem or pain at the root cause. Functional medicine sees the body as a whole, rather than piece-by-piece, and our marketing is centered around this holistic approach.
  • Ancient Knowledge and Techniques: Many forms of functional and alternative medicine capitalize on their passed-on knowledge and techniques, from acupuncture to functional massage therapy. We help patients understand that alternative medicine isn’t new or strange; it’s traditional, tried and practiced, and it might actually be more reliable than the medicine that they already know.
  • Local Experts: You and your team are the best choice for your type of functional medicine in your area, and we want to let your audience know. We will make the most of your experience, your training, your history and your past results, and focus on what exactly makes you and your team of trusted professionals the key choice for your form of medicine in the area. No patient will feel like they can’t trust you and what your clinic provides.

Let PracticeBloom Handle the Marketing of Your Aesthetics Practice

It's hard to find new patients. And it's so frustrating when they don't call or show up during your appointment time! We understand how hard it can be and we're here to help.

Functional Medicine: Specializations We Market

Functional medicine involves multiple medical practices and health professionals. Are you a functional medicine practitioner?
Here are some of the services we market:

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Acupuncture involves inserting thin needles into the patient’s skin at specific areas on the body at various depths. While an ancient Eastern approach to holistic healing, acupuncture has actually been proven by modern studies to relieve pain, as well as improve the conditions of a number of other conditions. It is believed that acupuncture allows for the natural redistribution of energy through the body, rebalancing your energy whenever it is off.

While acupuncture still remains somewhat controversial among Western scientists and the medical community, the number of people willing to try acupuncture in the US continues to grow every year. Acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of pains and conditions, including blood pressure issues, headaches, coughs, and more.

Chiropractic Care 

For patients in need for back pain relief alternatives, chiropractic care is a top choice. Over 22 million Americans engage in chiropractic services annually, with a majority of them primarily in need of back pain relief. Back pain is commonly caused by muscle strains, sports injuries, car accidents, and other issues. Chiropractic services are also recommended for neck pain, leg pain, arm pain, headaches, and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Chiropractic care involves physical spinal manipulation, in which the provider pushes certain parts of the spine and body back into place through physical manipulation. A chiropractic physician’s responsibilities revolve around maintaining proper alignment of the spine and overall musculoskeletal system, allowing patients to find pain relief without surgery or medication.

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Myofascial Release 

Similar to chiropractic care, myofascial release is another type of physical therapy which is used specifically for a condition known as myofascial pain syndrome. This condition is related to an oversensitivity or tightness of the body’s myofascial tissues, the tissues which surround the muscles in the body. When these tissues are too sensitive, they can lead to chronic pain disease when specific “trigger points” are activated in the body.

Myofascial release is often another service offered by massage therapists and chiropractors, and it involves a gentle massage or physical manipulation of the myofascia, in which the practitioner searches for stiff areas and applies manual pressure when necessary.


Most patients who have experience with osteopathy have had it done as a complementary therapy, used alongside other conventional forms of treatment such as medication or surgery. However,  more patients are turning to osteopathy as an individual treatment, making osteopathy one of the fastest growing professions in healthcare in the US. Osteopathic doctors are also trained and licensed medical doctors who have specialized in osteopathy.

With osteopathy, patients can experience a non-invasive and drug-free manual therapy that aims to improve the body’s general health through the strengthening of the musculoskeletal framework. This is done by focusing on the spine, muscles, and joints, affecting all systems around the body: lymphatic, circulatory, and nervous systems.

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Massage Therapy

The term massage therapy encompasses a number of techniques, although the most common massage therapies in the West are classical massage and Swedish massage. Most programs that train massage therapists are built around the Swedish massage and classical massage techniques. However, there are a variety of other techniques, such as clinical massage, sports massage, Tuina, and Shiatsu, designed to release muscle spasms and achieve different goals.

Massage therapy is a less intense kind of physical manipulation, and has been found to provide relief for various types of pain, including shoulder pain, neck pain, lower back pain, and headaches.

Marketing Functional Medicine: Understanding The Usual Hang-Ups

At PracticeBloom, we understand that developing the bulletproof marketing plan means understanding why people avoid certain services in the first place. So why does the average potential lead turn away from functional medicine?

They Simply Don’t Know Where To Look

The biggest reason is that they just don’t know where to look. There are countless options out there for various forms of functional medicine, but with non-traditional forms of treatment, there are plenty of scammers, fakes, and unreliable sources of information and treatment out there. 

People may have been burned in the past by less reputable providers of functional medicine, and now simply don’t know where to turn if they want to find the best provider in their area. To counter this, much of our marketing revolves around legitimizing your online look and feel: updating your website and content, and helping patients understand your service.

Lack of Understanding

We all know what surgery and medication can do, but many of us aren’t fully aware of the benefits of acupuncture, chiropractic, and other forms of functional medicine. These treatments approach healing and the body through different kinds of understanding of physical health, which can be intimidating for people who don’t have much (or any) experience with it.

The PracticeBloom marketing team gets around this by educating the audience through a steady stream of high-quality, high-authority online content. We prioritize patient education and teach your leads through articles and posts exactly what makes your treatments work, and why they should trust your providers.

Reliance on Drugs and Surgery

While many people are turning away from reliance on medication and surgical procedures, there are still many who think that those forms of treatment are the only possible forms of treatment available. 

Their lack of understanding of alternative approaches to healing means that they only consider Western medicine, relying on medication and surgical procedures to get through their conditions. WIth the right channeled marketing efforts, we can slowly convert even the toughest potential leads into paying customers, by simply providing them with the necessary offers and information to win their attention.

Weak Marketing Efforts

As stated above, functional medicine providers are traditionally reluctant to pursue mainstream digital marketing tactics. PracticeBloom has spent years helping all kinds of clinics connect with their ideal target audience, increasing their leads and sales beyond their wildest expectations. 

We have the experience, understanding, and expertise necessary to curate and customize a digital marketing strategy that will work perfectly for what you and your clinic provide.

Let PracticeBloom Handle the Marketing of Your Aesthetics Practice

It's hard to find new patients. And it's so frustrating when they don't call or show up during your appointment time! We understand how hard it can be and we're here to help.

ProfitEngines Dissected

ProfitEngines is a comprehensive tool equipped with a variety of digital marketing necessities to supercharge your campaigns. The best thing about ProfitEngines is that working on campaigns becomes seamless and effortless, making it easy for the busiest functional medicine clinics to achieve the results they want.

  • Automatic Lead Conversion: Dealing with ten leads is one thing, dealing with a hundred is another. ProfitEngines is built to help your clinic scale by taking leads and turning them into appointments automatically. This way, your staff can stay up to date with the latest messages and inquiries from your ads and landing pages without having to do anything. Built-in lead scoring also ensures that viable functional medicine candidates are funneled to the top while less profitable leads are moved to the bottom. Patient acquisition has never been easier. 
  • Retargeting: ProftiEngines makes sure your paid ads don’t go to waste. The system is built to allow retargeting for ads, meaning patients who weren’t ready to buy into discounts and promos are targeted a second time. Retargeting is a guaranteed way to increase conversions since most people ignore ads the first time they see them.
  • A/B Testing: A/B testing takes the guesswork out of building campaigns. ProfitEngine assists you in testing different campaigns with different sets of patients to figure out what works and what doesn’t. With analytics, no money is left on the table and every single campaign -- from emails to ads -- is optimized to its full potential through actionable insight.
  • Dashboard Reporting: Track updates, reports, and even customer reviews in a central hub that does it all. The dashboard also keeps track of your marketing spend so you know exactly how much you’re spending to generate leads and patient appointments. With full transparency, you know exactly where your budget is going and what results you’re getting.

The PracticeBloom, ProfitEngines Process

What are the steps involved in the ProfitEngines funnel process?

  • The functional medicine marketing strategy can begin with an appealing, limited time offer, such as “20% Off Your Acupuncture Treatment”. This is designed into a beautiful landing page that loads incredibly fast and looks great on all devices (mobile and desktop). We turn that offer into targeted ads and run them to people who live within a certain radius of your practice.
  • People who see the marketing ad, and are interested will click the ad link, which will take them to the landing page where they can claim the acupuncture promo by filling out a brief form. When they submit the form, they are redirected to a Thank You page which thanks them for claiming and notifies them that in order to redeem their discount, they need to request a free consultation via the online scheduling form on the thank you page.
  • A percentage of people who claim the promo will follow the instructions and request a consultation on the thank you page, but a larger percentage of the claimers will need a nudge. This is where the power of ProfitEngines marketing automation comes in. As soon as someone submits a 20% Off claim, they receive a text message thanking them for claiming and prompting them to request a consultation by replying to the text message.
  • A minute later, if they haven't yet requested a consultation, an automated email goes out also instructing them to request a consultation. This process of automated marketing reminders continues over the course of three days via a string of emails, text messages, and voicemails that encourage them not to let their discount expire and to request an acupuncture consultation.
  • ProfitEngines ties together email, text messaging, phone calls, and even Messenger so however/wherever someone replies, the system knows to stop sending the marketing automations and will automatically move that person to the "Hot Leads" area of your ProfitEngines Lead Management Pipeline. Notifications instantly fire off via text or email to your staff alerting them of a new hot lead awaiting followup.
  • You'll be amazed by how many of your future patients book with you because they didn't want to answer phone calls from unknown numbers but were happy to converse with you via text message before deciding to book an appointment.
  • Unfortunately, there will always be "tire kickers" who claim an offer but just never take the next step. Instead of just marking them "lost", ProfitEngines shifts them out of your marketing Lead Management pipeline and into what we call a long-term nurture campaign, which consists of a 12-month email automation that sends out an informative eblast each month based on one of the other services your practice offers. Odds are that eventually that tire kicker will see something that interests them enough to reach back out and when that happens, ProfitEngines automatically adds them back into your Lead Management Pipeline as a Hot Lead.
  • When someone requests a consultation, a new pending appointment shows up in your scheduling calendar and a notification goes out to your staff that there is a consultation waiting for their approval. Once approved and marked confirmed, the system sends out a confirmation email & SMS to the patient. It also sends automated appointment reminders the day before and the day of, increasing consultation attendance and reducing no-shows.
  • If someone does miss their acupuncture consultation, your staff just needs to move them to the "No Show" stage of your Lead Management Pipeline and a new series of automated emails and text messages will go out and direct them to reschedule. This saves your staff the trouble of having to follow up with no-shows and further increases your consultation attendance rate.
  • ProfitEngines is your start-to-finish lead management system. It automatically converts 5% of leads, on average, automatically, and we haven't worked with a practice yet who was thrilled to alleviate their staff of that responsibility so they could focus more on your acupuncture patients.
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Our Holistic Approach To Functional Medicine Marketing 

Get more visits and inquiries from ideal patients

Low cost and effective, Facebook and Instagram ads should be at the heart of every digital marketing campaign. These platforms are equipped with analytics and targeting parameters that allow you to dive deep into your target market. With the help of our seasoned social media PPC marketers, you can create hyper targeted campaigns and reach customers for all sorts of specializations, whether you’re looking to boost inquiries for your chiropractic service or your acupuncture clinic.

Ad science boils down to form and function. At the surface, our ads are designed to make readers click through the use of clear, empathetic messaging and great call to actions. We run our ads through A/B testing to make sure we publish the best version possible and leave no money at the table.

Rise to the top as a local expert in functional medicine

Organic search is one of the best ways to build hype for your functional medicine practice. Prospective patients are always looking for a long-term clinic to work with, which means showing up on their radar when they look up competitive terms like “functional medicine near me” is crucial. In such a competitive landscape, the first clinic that appears on search results is also often the most booked one.

Be the functional medicine practice they see when they look up chiropractic, acupuncture, or massage therapy services in the area. With tried and tested white hat SEO techniques, we build optimized campaigns and create search-friendly content to bring your clinic to the top and bring searchers closer to your clinic.

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Stand out from competitors with glowing five-star reviews

Patients are discerning when it comes to functional medicine. They want to learn more about the clinic and your quality of service before stepping foot in your office. Build your reputation organically and stand out from competitors with amazing reviews and customer testimonials from real patients.

Five-star reviews are crucial for any digital marketing campaign. With these, a prospective patient can see that your clinic is alive and actively providing high-quality service to patients. Thanks to ProfitEngines, requesting a review is as easy as clicking a button since it is integrated into our text and email campaigns. The dashboard reporting feature allows you to monitor and respond to crucial reviews, making sure your online reputation is managed, handled, and protected.

Become a known expert through inbound marketing

Embody the role of the expert by sharing actionable, valuable content your audience will appreciate. From extensive scientific research and articles to simple tips and tricks when going about the procedure, content lets clients know that you are a true expert in your field.

At PraticeBloom, we don’t just write content. We run our content through sophisticated SEO tools and choose titles around the most searched topics. This ensures that your functional medicine content is hitting two birds with one stone: converting leads at the top of your funnel and crawling through Google’s pages to the top spot.

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Welcome old and new patients with stunning, functional websites

Set a good first impression with a beautiful website. Patients need more than just good service. As the very first touchpoint your customer has with your clinic, it’s crucial to have an updated website that is modern in both functionality and aesthetics. At PracticeBloom, our world class web developers and designers build sites from the group up with custom code using WordPress.

Our medical practice websites are as beautiful as they are functional. Loaded with conversion tools such as opt-in forms, pop ups, chat widgets, and cookie tracking, we optimize every single part of the customer experience to always bring them one step closer to conversion.

Need More Patients for Your Aesthetic Practice?

Let's work together, and build a well-oiled lead machine that generates consistent revenue for you.  We'll send you more potential patients than you can handle.


Who Are Your Potential Patients With Functional Medicine?

Knowing your audience is the first step to building a kickass campaign. At PracticeBloom, we’ve taken the time to research audience profiles for functional medicine, and who are the most likely (and profitable) people to target when it comes to related services: 

  • Tired of traditional Western medicine: These patients have tried everything Western medicine has to offer. From drugs to some surgical procedures, they’ve been through the mill and are looking for something other than the medicine-first approach. These patients often find that medication and even surgery are too invasive and don’t provide the long-term results they’re looking for. 
  • Looking to explore something new: Patients looking to try functional medicine aren’t necessary patients in pain. There are individuals looking to try acupuncture therapy or osteopathy as part of their recovery and healing process. Instead of using it as a form of pain management, they may treat functional medicine as part of their maintenance in order to prevent injuries and pain from appearing in the future. 
  • In serious pain and willing to try anything: The primary target of our functional medicine marketing. These individuals are patients who are actively looking to get into functional medicine as a way to manage their pain. These patients often experience chronic pain disease and no longer respond to traditional medicine. Some patients may also not be willing to undergo more invasive procedures. With functional medicine, they believe they can get to the root of the problem and heal from within without affecting their quality of life. 

Frequently Asked Med Spa Functional Medicine Marketing Questions

Is PPC good for functional medicine? 

Paid advertising is a fantastic way to reach new audiences, but only when it’s integrated into a robust marketing campaign. At PracticeBloom, we make sure that every marketing decision serves a bigger goal. Our functional medicine ads on Facebook and Instagram drive traffic to landing pages where ideal patients can sign up and learn more about the service. Ultimately, we create ads and lead magnets with conversion in mind. 

How much should I be spending on ads?

This depends on a variety of factors including your goals and the competitive landscape of your region. We generally advise our clients to prepare at least a budget of $1,500 a month and funnel that into social media PPC or Adwords, as well as lead magnet creation, for the best results. 

How do you increase my search engine visibility? Will I rank on Google?

Our tried and tested process begins with research and blog building. We use sophisticated tools to learn more about your competition and figure out what works for them. With tools and analytics, we eliminate guesswork completely and understand the best way to go about your own search rankability. 

Blogs are a crucial part of ranking well on Google. We build blog posts with specific templates to make sure they are optimized for search engines. We create posts around highly searched topics, using competitive keywords and topics designed to boost your clinic to the top. 

Will you teach me how to target the right patients?

ProfitEngines does it for you. Our system is designed to help even the busiest physicians and aestheticians navigate the potentially confusing world of lead management. With ProfitEngines’ internal lead scoring tool, it automatically funnels “good” leads to the top and prioritizes candidates according to their profitability. 

ProfitEngines is an intuitive system that you can easily operate with our guidance. Another awesome feature is the ability to segment audiences depending on what they need. If you’re a functional medicine clinic, you can target audiences according to the specific service they need. 

This makes it easy for you and your team to send out personalized campaigns to clients and deliver the best content and ads for them. 

How many leads will I get?

Lead volume correlates with ad spend so the more money your company spends, the more leads you'll get. This also depends on your exact form of functional medicine, and how popular this might be in your specific location and market.

That being said, consultation requests are really what you want and our ProfitEngine programs leverage automated emails, test messages, voicemail drops, and even Facebook messages to nurture new leads into online appointment requests without your staff having to do a thing!

Can I use videos to market my brand?

Of course! Video is one of the best converting digital channels. People love to see patient testimonials and doctors, physicians, and health practitioners talking about benefits. Patients often look for these resources before even scheduling an appointment. 

Video is a great way to market your functional medicine services. If the quality is good -- and the answer is helpful -- people will want to contact you right away.


“The ProfitEngines program by PracticeBloom has skyrocketed my business. It's worked so well there have been times when I had to ask them to slow it down so we could catch up!”

Dr. Hardik Soni
Owner of Ethos Spa

Take Your Functional Marketing To The Next Level With PracticeBloom Marketing Agency

More and more people are open to the ideal of alternative treatments and forms of healing than ever before, which is why now is the best time for functional medicine providers to release digital marketing campaigns proven to work. 

With PracticeBloom, your clinic can get more leads, book more appointments, and outgrow your competition like never before. Our functional medicine marketing team at PracticeBloom has spent years perfecting what we do, and functional medicine marketing is just one of the many kinds of medical marketing that we’ve mastered.

Capture your patients today with PracticeBloom and our ProfitEngines marketing system. Contact us today to learn more about how our marketing agency can help your functional medicine clinic expand.

Need More Patients for Your Aesthetic Practice?

Let's work together, and build a well-oiled lead machine that generates consistent revenue for you.  We'll send you more potential patients than you can handle.