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We understand the complexities as your business is facing with reopening and we can solve your worries.

Thinking about rent costs, payroll costs, basic essentials for everyday living is frustrating and causes unnecessary stress. We're in contact every day with Dallas MedSpa owners and managers about call after call from new clients looking to rebook previously scheduled appointments. Luckily, there's a solution.

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We offer a complete end to end digital marketing 
solutions for the new economic world.

Happy days! The sooner you adopt these solutions, the sooner you can help your clinic move forward.

Our Special $499/month plan covers Facebook and Instagram ads, landing pages, and our Profit Engines Software. This is a very limited time offer to help you start with your marketing immediately to capture new patients. NO strings attached or long term commitments

But Listen to our Customers, Who are having RECORD-BREAKING Weeks, NOW!

PracticeBloom has been working with clinics, med spas, and various healthcare providers for years, and we are here to help during this coronavirus crisis

We have created a new and exclusive strategy based on tried and tested attention-building marketing methods to equip med spas with the Corona-Proofing they need to not only survive this crisis, but thrive in it. And the best part is – we do all the work while you watch your clinic and med spa grow.

Our step-by-step Profit Engines process is designed to guide you through the coronavirus epidemic, giving your business the tools to stay open, keep revenue flowing through, and set your med spa up to come out of this better than ever before.

  • Have you spent sleepless nights worrying about whether or not your business will have new patients because of the current challenges?
  • Have your customers stopped coming in, with or without canceling their appointments?
  • Are you no longer certain about whether or not you can afford to pay all your business and even personal bills this month, from rent to your staff’s salary?

If you find yourself relating with any of the troubles above, then keep reading: in this letter, I am going to explain exactly why PracticeBloom and our intuitive Profit Engines system can keep your med spa going. Before we get to the good stuff, here’s the first thing you need to accept: this is going to hurt.

The national and global economy are going to suffer in ways we’ve never seen before, and people will be unwilling to part with their money for months if not YEARS after this passes. But with healthcare and wellness, it’s an entirely different story. Med spas and other businesses that offer health relief have been SURGING like never before. People who have never considered their health are finally taking care of themselves, and they’re on the lookout for businesses that offer the best care in their area.

As a med spa, you and your team offer a variety of services that help people feel better inside and outside. And that’s the SINGLE ADVANTAGE you need to capitalize on during this crisis.

Med spas focus on more than just health – your business also offers clients beauty improvements. During times of trauma and crisis, the types of businesses that people will be searching for will be those that make themselves feel better to get through the tough times, and nothing is as therapeutic as beauty.

The market is yours for the taking. All you have to do is pivot, aim, and fire to meet the audience searching for your services.

My name is Matt Coffy, CEO of PracticeBloom, 
my team and I have spent the last 10+ years of marketing Aesthetics and Medspas just like 
yours online.

We work with med spas and other businesses that offer health, beauty, and wellness services to their clients, and we have found that this is THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY for these industries to EXPLODE over the next few weeks and months.


With the right marketing push and direction, you can turn a med spa that is losing clients left and right into one that is fully booked for weeks on end. Our Profit Engines system has been modified and tweaked with the current global crisis in mind, and with proper implementation, your med spa can IMMEDIATELY attract more visitors than ever before, converting them into clients despite the outbreak.

This system is absolutely going to help your business convert as many of your visitors as possible, and it could mean the difference between succeeding or failing through these tragic times.

But remember – the Profit Engines system is not a scheme to help you “get rich quick”. This is a tool to help you push your business forward even when everything seems to be pushing against it. Our team will work with yours to make sure you as much out of our services as possible. With implementation of ALL our suggested strategies and methods, we can get your business in the clear this month and for the remaining months of this crisis.

You have absolutely nothing to lose with PracticeBloom and Profit Engines, so why not give it a shot? Are you ready to make the investment decision that will help your med spa stay alive and become bigger than ever? Do you want to find new ways to reach out to your clientele while they’re huddled up and stuck in their homes? Are you and your team ready for the extra challenges that the Profit Engines system will grant you, with a rush of new clients and visitors?
If so, then contact our team here at PracticeBloom today and find out exactly what Profit Engines is all about and why this is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Take advantage of this limited offer TODAY and you will get the best return for your buck.
Let’s get through this crisis bigger than ever before.

Hear from you soon,

Matt Coffy

Founder of PracticeBloom

Introducing the Practicebloom coronavirus clinic and medspa survival strategy:


In just 3 quick and easy steps, your clinic and med spa can be transitioned to a business ready to take on COVID-19 and all its unique challenges.


Let PracticeBloom do all the hard work as we guide you and your business through our step-by-step digitizing model, allowing you to serve your clients in new and unexpected ways, reaching them and connecting with them from your own home.

In no time at all, we can EXPLODE your business’s growth and general visibility, allowing you to pivot properly and position to become the leading player in your area during this crisis.

We want to make sure your business survives and thrives through this pandemic. By following our Profit Engine formula, your business can prepare and react to this crisis in the right way to minimize profit damage and maximize future earnings.

Here’s What PracticeBloom And Profit Engines Can Do For You:


SURVIVE the coronavirus crisis


Discover new opportunities and markets that were previously untapped


Market your services to a global audience searching for the leading teams in your industry


Convert to a telemedicine or telemarketed model, preparing your business for the future of health and beauty


Scale your business, allowing you to keep your current clients while reaching out to clients who had never heard of you.


For Just A Fraction Of What It Is Really Worth, The PracticeBloom Team Is Excited To Offer You Our Exclusive Profit Engine Model.

Let us take you through our quick and easy three step process:


Step 1: Understanding What Profit Engine Can Do For You

The First Step To Protecting Cashflow and Generating New Revenue

So what is a Profit Engine?

The easiest way to think about it is as a strategic lead generation model on a full tech stack, utilizing multiple industry-leading tools and software to maximize your lead generation and visitor conversion. The Profit Engine model can only be performed by a team of experts with the unique, specialized experience in all the tools required to generate leads online and find untapped markets in your area.

This includes:

  • Strategic social media and Google advertising and marketing
  • Optimized conversion AdSets to patients
  • Automated communication for setting appointments
  • Seamless customer experience across all channels, including SMS, voice calls, email, social media, and more
  • Simple and easy to manage central hub of sales and marketing
  • Online virtual consultations for telemedicine services and other applications
  • Reportable performance metrics every month or more
  • Marketing and sales support training for your team across multiple platforms

Step 2: Work With PracticeBloom and Let Our System Start Integrating Your Data

Step 2 is about the work – we do the work while you and your team wait for the results. After understanding the Profit Engine model and why exactly this will help your business optimize itself for success, you help us understand exactly what your goals and needs might be.

We will sit down together and you and your team will tell us what solutions and services you need, as well as your target audience and any other necessary data. We then enter that information into our Profit Engine system and develop the ideal model to market and boost your business.

For businesses looking to adapt into telemedicine services, we can equip your clinic with the tools to allow patients to enter the solutions and services they need. That information is transferred through to your system, and your system begins delivering automated messages for your patients, creating quick and easy schedules that become part of your calendar.

Telemedicine services become easier and simpler than ever before with PracticeBloom’s range of tools and experts working with your business. This seamless customer experience is something your patients will love, and getting them through to your consultations and actual appointments has never been easier.

Why exactly does this work? Tools like Doxy have allowed countless businesses to adopt telemedicine services that they can now use to offer virtual services to patients who only accepted in-office visits before.

PracticeBloom’s unique blend of marketing and training will not only help you attract and convert more leads than your business can handle, but will also allow your team to evolve to the future of doctor-patient appointments and consultations.


Step 3: Pivot Your Business and Position It for Long-Term Future Growth

Thinking about long-term growth and life beyond the current pandemic can be difficult to do. Why? Because we’ve been wrapped up in the fear and hysteria of staying at home, social distancing, and worrying about whether we can keep the business alive long enough to see another month.

But for those who position themselves properly in this time of crisis, there can be huge ways you can prepare yourself for future success once this has all passed.

By making the right steps with the right team by your side, you can do things today that will help your business explode in growth when the crisis is done. Just stay calm and make sure that you spend your energy wisely – while everyone else is in panic mode, you can prepare your business to become a leader in your area.

Here are some things you can think about:

  • Your social media: Are you maximizing your social media growth and interactions? Are you staying connected with your followers through this crisis, or have you let social media fall to the side? Are you still making efforts to build and grow your audience, and if so, are they working?
  • Your services: Have you repositioned your services to continue to serve people today, even when they can’t come out of their homes? Are you ready to keep those services going even after the crisis has passed, to continue optimizing your virtual presence long after coronavirus?
  • Your online presence: Are you ranking on Google? Are you making efforts to boost your online presence and become the top search rank in your area?

Or are you too busy worrying about keeping the business going that you don’t have time to add these extra thoughts to your plans?

If so, PracticeBloom and the Profit Engines model are here to assist you in every way we can. Don’t just come out of this crisis alive – come out of this ready to become the biggest name in your industry.

We offer a complete end to end digital marketing solutions for the "new today" world.

The sooner you adopt these solutions, the sooner you can help your clinic move forward.

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"The ProfitEngines team clearly put a lot of time into these Programs. As you learn the setup, you understand how much thinking, testing, and trial & error had to have been done to produce such an awesome product."

Dr. Barron Lonner
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