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Our ProfitEngines program leverages funnel marketing and retargeting to
deliver more leads and more conversions every time.

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“The ProfitEngines program by PracticeBloom has skyrocketed my business. It's worked so well there have been times when I had to ask them to slow it down so we could catch up!”

Hardik Soni of Ethos Spa
Dr. Hardik Soni
Owner of Ethos Spa

Are You a Plastic Surgeon Looking for Someone to
Generate Leads for You?

Meet ProfitEngines, Your New Lead Machine

Drive targeted ads to a beautiful cosmetic surgery landing page where people can claim your offer.

Nurture them with varied messaging to address any questions/concerns they may have until they're ready to book an appointment for plastic surgery on your online calendar.

Retarget the people who hit your landing page but didn't claim the offer the first time. Follow up with new patients after their appointment for plastic surgery to assess their experience and generate a steady flow of positive reviews.

Our ProfitEngines do it all then spit out crystal clear numbers for cost-per-lead and cost-per-appointment. Meet ProfitEngines - your new best friend.


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How We Grow Your Practice

Combine a Premium SEO Program with your ProfitEngine For Long-Term, Sustainable Marketing Success

A Custom Strategy for Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice

ProfitEngines are the quickest way to grow your cosmetic surgery practice, complete with transparent return-on-investment. They do require constant investment in the form of ad spend, though, which is why we always recommend adding an SEO marketing program on top of your ProfitEngine.

Search Engine Optimization is a longer-term investment as it usually takes between 2-6 months for us to get your website to the top of page one in search results but once you're there, you've got a steady stream of FREE leads, day after day, week after week. Imagine what dozens of new people booking your top service every week straight from Google would do for your plastic surgery practice!

Long Term Success

Beautiful and Unique Website Design Any Cosmetic
Surgeon Would Be Proud Of

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progressive spine portfolio
progressive spine portfolio
progressive spine portfolio
progressive spine portfolio
progressive spine portfolio
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progressive spine portfolio
progressive spine portfolio
progressive spine portfolio
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Beautiful, Fast, Mobile &
Designed To Convert

We custom-design every website we build, and we build them on the best code in the business.

Every website we create has three goals: Be Beautiful, Be Fast, Be Designed To Convert. If your cosmetic surgery website doesn't make people think "Wow, I like this...", if it doesn't load nearly instantly, and if it doesn't give them a crystal clear understanding of exactly what you want them to do, you need a new one.

We design & build hundreds of websites each year - let's make yours next!

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“PracticeBloom has been communicative, organized, and they've gotten me a lot of leads. I definitely recommend working with them.”

Iris Crawford
Dr. Iris Crawford
NatureKur Wellness | Seattle, WA

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Leads Vs. Conversions

When we talk about conversions and conversion-rate-optimization, it's important to understand what a conversion really is within the context of your plastic surgery marketing campaigns. Our ProfitEngines will drive targeted traffic to your new landing pages where people will claim your offers, making them new leads but not conversions. Having someone's name, email, and phone number doesn't do much for you if they're not going to book an appointment. Appointments are your conversions.

Most digital marketing companies will stop at generating you leads, but ProfitEngines use automation to convert leads into bookings - automatically.

When someone claims an offer on your new landing page, they are immediately redirected to a page thanking them for claiming the offer and notifying them that the next step is to go ahead and request an appointment with cosmetic surgeons via the form on that page. The system will then wait a few minutes, check to see if they requested an appointment and, if not, shoot them an email (and/or text message) reminding them not to forget to request an appointment.

Our system will then wait a day, check to see if they've made an appointment yet and, if not, send them out another reminder. If three days go by and they still haven't requested an appointment, the system shifts them into a nurture campaign of five to ten emails consisting of varied content (a personal message from you the plastic surgeon, patient testimonials & stories, FAQ information, celebrities who love cosmetic surgery, etc) that will go out every other day - each containing a call to action driving them back to the request an appointment form.

The result, a huge increase in your lead-to-conversion rate - all without your staff having to do anything!

Leads conversions for medical practice marketing purposes
Retargeting in chiropractic marketing


Did you know that according to industry studies, people who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert than people who only see one ad?

Additionally, the click-through rate on retargeting ads is 10 times higher than regular ads. And the best part - retargeting ads cost a fraction of the price of regular ads! This is why retargeting is such a big part of our ProfitEngines.

Retargeting begins with tracking scripts that we add to the code of your plastic surgery website. This enables us to "see" all the people who visit your website and landing pages and know whether or not they filled out a form or called.

So, when we run ads that send people to the landing pages we create for you, we now take note of all the people who don't convert right away then retarget them with new ads the next time they go back into Facebook, Instagram, and thousands of other websites.

The result: a huge amount of conversions that would have been left on the table without retargeting. And because retargeting ads are so much cheaper than regular ads, the retargeting conversions bring your total average cost-per-conversion way down!

Reputation Management

According to industry surveys, 90% of your potential new patients will research you and other plastic surgeons online and read the reviews people have written about you and your practice before booking a cosmetic surgery. There's just not two ways about it - your online reputation needs to be outstanding.

Building and maintaining an immaculate online reputation is easier said than done, however, which is why Reputation Management is a critical piece of our ProfitEngine Pro and Premium plans.

If you use online scheduling, ProfitEngines know when your patient appointments are and will follow up with people shortly after their appointments conclude requesting feedback about their experience. Any negative feedback entered gets sent straight to you without having a chance to reach the open internet.

Anyone who responded positively about your plastic surgery practice gets an immediate automated followup politely requesting that they post their feedback to your preferred review platform such as Facebook, Google, ZocDocs, etc. The system makes it easy as all they have to do is tap a button and their positive feedback is automatically copied, they're taken right to the "leave a review screen", and all they have to do is hit paste.

The result is a steady stream of new positive reviews and an online reputation that will convert more potential patients into actual appointments.

Reputation Management In Medical Practice Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions About Our
Medical Marketing Services

Will you Increase the number of patient testimonials for me?

Yes, our ProfitEngine Pro and Premium plans both include Reputation Management, which leverages our automated system to reach out to your patients after their latest visit and ask them about their experience with your plastic surgery practice.

If they respond negatively, their feedback goes straight to you without ever reaching the open Internet.

If they respond positively, the system automatically follows up and politely asks them to copy/paste their feedback to your Google Business Listing, your Facebook page, or a variety of cosmetic surgery review sites that you can select. 

Is online marketing the most efficient form of plastic surgery marketing?

100%. Online plastic surgery marketing is the most efficient and transparent way to market your cosmetic surgery practice for two main reasons.

  1. First, your prospective patients are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. They're skipping TV commercials and they're scrolling through their social media feeds as the billboards lining the highway go unseen.
  2. The second main reason is that you can see exactly what you're getting in return for what you're spending. ROI is cut and dry as you know what you're spending, you'll know exactly how many leads were generated from your spend and with online appointment booking, you'll know how many of your leads converted into bookings. 
Will you teach me how to get more patients online?

Definitely. It's crucial that we educate you on how modern cosmetic surgery marketing works before we get started so you understand the process and why it works.

The best results we see come from practices who have an owner or manager who is eager and willing to be involved in the cosmetic surgery marketing process

Will you help me stand out from other plastic surgeons practices?

Of course! From a branding perspective, we'll facilitate photo & video shoots then use that content in branding campaigns on social media, building your personal plastic surgeon brand and practice into the authority in your plastic surgery market and industry.

When it comes to organic visibility in search engines like Google, our Search Engine Optimization packages are world class. With a three to six month investment, we see about 90% of our clients hit page one for their most important and lucrative search terms. 

How will you increase the visibility of my cosmetic surgery website in the search results?

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is an extremely complex process that involves work on both the back and front ends of your plastic surgeon website as well as the building of quality links from relevant sites in your industry.

Great plastic surgery SEO begins with in-depth research into the competitive plastic surgery market landscape, the key terms and phrases that your potential patients are using in search engines, and the correlations between the sites currently ranking on page one for your target keywords.

Once those reports have been created and analyzed, our technical team will get started rebuilding the architecture of your plastic surgery website to align with the way Google and other search engines want to see the information on your site presented. We'll optimize the code of your website to included the needed metadata and schema markup as well as to increase the speed at which your site loads. 

Lastly, our link-building team will develop powerful backlinks from other websites relevant to your cosmetic surgery practice, consistently increasing the authority of your website in the eyes of search engines.

Additionally, we monitor the on-site changes that were made, evaluate their effect, and tweak as needed until we figure out exactly what the search engines want to see. As these elements come together, you'll see your website raise through the search results and past your competitors, resulting in a steady stream of organic leads month over month! That is plastic surgery marketing in action.

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Plastic Surgery Marketing Done Right

After nearly a decade of experience in the marketing industry, PracticeBloom has developed an industry-leading, holistic approach to plastic surgery marketing called ProfitEngines. ProfitEngines are a form of funnel marketing strategy that begins with an offer which is turned into ads targeted to specific demographics on social media platforms, sending premium traffic to beautiful landing pages with clear cut calls-to-action where the traffic converts into leads. Retargeting campaigns show follow-up ads to those who hit a landing page but didn't covert the first time, drastically increasing conversion rates.

Once a lead is generated, ProfitEngine automations kick in and nurture the leads into actual bookings on your appointment calendar. Knowing the appointment dates, the system follows up with new patients shortly after their first visit to your plastic surgery website, asking for feedback and encouraging those who answer positively to post their feedback publicly on platforms such as Facebook, Google, ZocDoc, etc.

By adding a Social Media Management add-on, you can increase your conversion rates by building and fostering a community of engaged advocates, eager to tell others about your cosmetic surgery services.

With a search-engine-optimization add-on, your ProfitEngines will also be fed by organic traffic, lowering your acquisition costs and ensuring a long-term, sustainable source of leads.

ProfitEngines were built to consistently drive new-patient leads, nurture them into online appointments, and deliver clear reporting of both the cost-per-lead and cost-per-appointment, making the measurement of your return on investment a breeze. Get started with ProfitEngines today!

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