007 – New Data! How To Set Yourself Up for Success on the C19 Economy

No fluff, No theory, Just to the point. The secrets we’ll share will help you catapult your understanding of marketing for Telemedicine and Telehealth today. We’ll have behind the scene looks at accounts we are working on, real audits, and hard talk on what to accomplish and execute to maximize your efforts. Real case study material, Real Clients. Each episode captures the real raw marketing tactics we use in the trenches that are working now to generate profitable outcomes.

In the latest Telemedicine & Telehealth Marketing Success podcast, we will reveal new data on how to set your practice up for success in the COVID-19 economy along with what is working and what’s not.

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April 22, 2020

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Matt Coffy: Okay. Are talking today about my observations in the field. One of the curious things that’s happening, we’re getting a lot of inbound leads and new doctors asking us about setting themselves up on SEO plans, which is interesting. I didn’t think that this would become such a big topic, but what they’re finding is organic traffic, people doing a lot of Google searches and they’re coming through, only at 50% right now. So the question is for a lot of the practitioners that may not be willing to put ad dollars on the table because they’re concerned that their practice, is going to be, you know, whether it’s shuttled or they have to take a mandatory sort of timeout, they’re concerned about the practice actually elevating in, the local organic rankings right now because there’s a lot of practices that are shutting down whether they’re, having to shut down a purpose or they’re not really focusing on any of their attention.

Matt Coffy: In fact, the conversation I had yesterday was, a neglect conversation, which is that someone actually said to me, you know, we’ve been neglecting to do any of this organic work and fixing our websites so that, you know, when we come back, full force, you know, we actually are going to go and really think about like what we want to do, how we want to have our website presented the content and fix it all so that when we do come back online, everything works really well. And that’s one of the sort of, I guess you could say big question marks for a lot of the providers that are out there today as you know, what do they have that they could be repairing right now in a downturn So instead of, putting money towards advertising costs where right now they can’t necessarily get people in because of the, you know, the general shutdown across the country, they can actually work on their organic rankings, which is a great thing to do because now, that money that would be normally assigned towards an ad spend could go right back into the long term strategy for the practice.

Matt Coffy: So that’s one of the observations I’ve been seeing. A secondary observation, which has been also very fascinating is the ones that are doing ad spends, especially in Facebook and Instagram, there is sort of a pole pole or a pole push. What I mean by that is that there is a poll for requests that are coming through that are for new patients either coming through on a telemedicine app or on a traditional visit if they’re like a chiropractor or a podiatrist or a some sort of, you know, regular practice that is sort of a man separated right now from the quarantine. So there are acute cases going in but the pole pole is that those leads that are coming through are almost guaranteed to be no tire kicker. and that is the quintessential for a great campaign is that you get a really good qualified candidate PA, a patient that is willing to do whatever it takes, get rid of their pain, their issue.

Matt Coffy: And this is a very important discussion that you need to think about, which is all the other practices are gone or turned down or hiding under a blanket somewhere. Europe, you’re running ads. People who are really seriously in some sort of condition are looking for someone and you’re the default person because you’ve run your ads and that person is serious, like really serious. And if you’re going to go out in this pandemic and you’re, you have that much pain, you are serious, you are not taking anything lightly. And a lot of people are scared to death to get things accomplished right now because they know there may be other weeks that we go through. There may be situations where they can’t get in line. Who knows they are going to take their health serious, so if you’re considering running an ad right now you are the really the champion out there of the your cause because very few are running ads and running strategy and that’s just the nature of the game.

Matt Coffy: There’s maybe a lot of people who are just going to be too concerned about really thinking through what’s happening in the patient’s mind, which is that they’re at an all time hysterical high right now about if there’s an injury or some sort of concern. They are looking for a solution and they are not going window shopping. They are serious so anybody who runs an ad who gets an inbound lead, they are converting very much. The same with our business. If anybody’s coming through to our business right now, there is no discussion about all pricing and this and maybe I shouldn’t do it, or what do you think It’s how do I do it Why can’t I get it done And how long do you think it will take And that’s really what we’re talking about to is a seriousness of this approach. So to be very thoughtful about what you’re doing, you know, a lot of discussion I’ve had with, practitioners who are inbounding now is about the fact that, you know, this is not a money grab or a, an attempt to like, you know, reach out and, and sell people on additional services.

Matt Coffy: This is a must do, must have, keep going. An arrow goes through time, like you just gotta be there. So I would suggest thinking very thinking, very clearly, thinking very slowly, sit down, take a break, think about what goes through your patient’s mind right now before you decide to S to shuttle your business or shuttle your practice. And think who’s going to be the person who will show up and be there when no one else is around. It’s a huge advantage. Now I also mentioned push pull.

Matt Coffy: The other scenario I’ve watched now you’d think because there’d be less advertising, there would be less cost and that is true. The cost per lead has come down. However, the demand curve is not as great because you’re missing the 80% of the people who are out there marketing or not marketing, but are, are out there going through marketing channels on a normal cha days where there’s no existing circumstances, but the 80% is now gone. So the 20% that are left and we see average actually around 40 to 60% down on all of the lead, scores. So of the 40 to 60% that are there that are still looking for services support or some sort of answer to their question, the actual poll of that is causing us sort of reverse engineering of the cost of the lead. So we’re seeing actually the cost per lead come up a little bit.

Matt Coffy: It’s, it’s less expensive to advertise, but the cost per lead for actual someone who is going to come through as a patient has gone up because the quality has gone up so high. So the time on the page, the time of people looking through and making a a general decision, checking back and forth and making sure they’re making the right decision has increased. So you see a slight uptick actually in the cost per lead. The cost per clicks have come down. The cost per lead has gone up a little bit, but the quality has gone up extraordinarily high. Again, we’re seeing almost a hundred percent conversion right now of people coming through on these lead forms. They are super serious, so a little higher cost per lead, but it’s barely noticeable. If you think about this in the long run and spectrum, when maybe two out of 10 or three out of 10 will close on average, now we’re getting eight, nine, 10 like 80 to 90% closure of everything.

Matt Coffy: They’re really serious and they’re coming through. And again, these are things you have to think about. If you’re that practitioner who’s considering running ads in this market, you have to think a little bit different. You have to give some options. We have some people who are giving three options to a landing page, so they come through, a patient comes through in a patient journey. They say, okay, I need help. Okay, what’s the thing I can do here I can go have a telemedicine consult. I could have a mobile consultation, or I could have a visit office. So some of the practices are doing those three different variables so that the patient has an option based off of their, let’s say, scaredy Katniss. They’re completely afraid to go into an office because they’re so concerned. Then great, they have the option to do the other two mobile direct, meaning that you could go to them directly or you could do the telemedicine consult to get further information.

Matt Coffy: Very interesting stuff from the field and what we’re finding as well from the doctors who have decided to, you know, sort of eke it out and say, you know what Let’s run good consistent content. There post has been amazing from a reaction standpoint. So if you have good content, good, great value, you see a lot of positive reactions, you see a lot of sharing of posts, especially when we help people out. Think through the models of what’s going through someone’s patients. Some patients mind the practitioners, patient’s mind, and really logistically kind of counter argue the fact that you know, this is not a forever, this is a temporary and that that dialogue needs to get through the customers or patients mind that there are solutions on the other side of this, whether it’s weight loss or other tertiary, in, in our case, we do a lot of med spa marketing.

Matt Coffy: So we have a lot of, patients who are waiting on the sidelines ready to get a, a aesthetic procedure done and they’re actually taking, you know, pre pays and pre consults to those aesthetics procedures. So they know that at some point this’ll be lifted, the bands will disappear over a certain period of time and that they will be able to go in and do these procedures. So as long as the positive nature and the positive aspects of providing really good leadership in your field and your niche, you still remain the one, the de facto if you decide to do so. So I really highly recommend thinking through a tremendously important video strategy to talk to your patients in this time of need. Just like you’re seeing me, your patients are requiring healthcare and all sorts of formats. The major thing that we’ve noticed in the markets for telemedicine and Telecare is that the traditional, let’s just call them a drive by telemedicine, and I will say MD live.

Matt Coffy: there’s a whole bunch of, I only want to get into the liver, but these are so oversubscribed that if practitioners just take the time to open up and say, Hey, we have telemedicine available, they’ll get the call by default because the other ones who are looking to, at least be part of the game. in traditional medicine I should say, where they’re actually trying to compete against the other, larger, like a panoply of different types of medical applications that are out there. whether people looking for prescriptions or they’re looking for general, you know, health, all those are just so well literally you can see the complaints in the, in the social media underneath these, these drive-bys. It’s like 25 hour wait, 22 hour. Wait, I couldn’t speak with someone when I got to speak with someone. It didn’t work out.

Matt Coffy: I had to start over again. So many like starts us cause there’s, there’s just not enough and there’s not enough doctors to provide the services. So I encourage you to, work with a provider. We support several different platforms. Some have got EMR based strategies within them. Some are just straight out a Teladoc or are straight out tele-health platforms. You know, you can even use Skype and zoom. But I think the concept always comes down to just making sure people are aware and know that you can do this because today to patients are very, very concerned about any little thing. And if you’re there to help them, you provide trust. You build a bridge and potentially in the long run, even if this is a consult that you’re not going to charge for, but there are doctors who are charging for the initial consults and billing them in parody.

Matt Coffy: And I’ve, I, we will have an expert on to talk about billing parody and insurance codes on a lot of the, challenges that they’re facing or that practitioners are facing on getting through regulational stuff. But the reality is, is that even just having the bridge to the patient in this time of need is critically important as you go through thinking the process in their mind. You have to think like a patient thinks right now, they don’t know what to do. The resources are scarce. They’re Googling the crap out of everything to try and find an answer when, if you just came by with a solid strategy of standing up, sitting down like I am in a video and saying, Hey, we’re open. Come see us. Have at least the opportunity to communicate that you have got some options for your patients. So think about those things. I hope this episode helps them. We’ll catch you.