126 – The Covid-19 Opportunity to Market Your Business!

Profit Engines Show: Digital Marketing Strategy and Process for success, business tips, sales tactics and more. The show includes real true case studies from Matt’s Agencies Customerbloom and PracticeBloom. Guest interviews from experts, increase your understanding of advanced business concepts and life productivity.

In this podcast, we’ll provide you with practical tips and talk on positively moving your practice forward in uncertain waters along with an understanding of the best marketing practices for how companies should be communicating via digital platforms during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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March 23, 2020

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Matt Coffy: All right. All right. All right. So we have got a, another episode of the profit engines, show. And so today, obviously we’ve got a lot of things going on and today we’re gonna talk about, tough times ahead. You know, we’ve got the coven problem going on, but, one of the things I’ve noticed, and I’ve talked to a lot of the business owners that, are in my space and we’ve had a a week now just sort of I think get our bearings. the thing is you just can’t get into denial on this stuff. You have to actually take some action. there’s 24 hours in a day and you’ve got eight hours to sleep, which I highly recommend of all times. Make sure you’re getting good sleep, but the other 14 hours to really think about what you’re going to do. Cause the issue is a lot of people I think have sort of come to the realization that this is going to be the new normal for awhile.

Matt Coffy: And, being a marketing agency and representing two different, agencies, across the kind of a world that we live in, whether it’s a customer bloomer, our standard agency, where we service so many different industries and then practice bloom is our medical, you know, both have got clients that, you know, we’ve got roughly a hundred clients or something of that nature around there and they all have different ways to think about what they’re going to do. But the 14 hours that you have to work on this are critical. I, I highly suggest one hour of just pure workout running, keep your health and your wellness to the point where you have got solid, solid, sustainable habits to keep your self healthy. But the key here, you know, and this is talking about business opportunities in the coven world, we’re gonna be here for awhile and you have the 14 hours to work on making efforts if you have a business.

Matt Coffy: And this is directed to people who’ve got small businesses or businesses in general to, idealize what they want to do in their day to make, efforts towards really having the outreach that they still need to do. If your business is viable, even in the lockdown, there are lots of viable activities, whether it’s online, in our case, for our medical marketing, it’s telemedicine. And, on the other side, if there’s services that you still can do because you’re not restricted, you have opportunities, especially in the, critical service areas. Plumbing, electrical, water delivery or water, the oil, fuel delivery, trucking, there’s probably 20 or 30 at separate niche categories that have some opportunity, you know, directly still to go after customers and work with them. But you gotta be very, very considerate, obviously in the situation, but there’s ways that you can create safety and strategy around this.

Matt Coffy: I wanted to talk, this’ll be the first of the episodes are going to be doing that are going to talk about how to survive in this as a business owner and a business strategist. How to survive through this. We’re going to go through a lot of different topics. I’m going to try and get one of these out every single day. I think it’s critically important to start to show the things that we’re doing, show the success that our clients are having in this, the wins and the the end, the losses, things that aren’t working. Cause we’re going to need to all communicate on how to effectively drive in this very trying economic time to help each other get more resourceful. And that’s what this is about. The key, and I think you have to get back, this is what I was trying to say from the beginning is that even if you can’t provide services, you’ve got to provide content content about your business.

Matt Coffy: No matter what you do. If you have a business, and obviously you’re not watching this, if you don’t have a business, I don’t think, well you might be just for interest. But if you don’t have content and consistent dialogue with your customers going out there today, you’re missing the whole opportunity. There are going to be hours and hours and hours of time spent captive audiences on their phone and their computers all day long. That’s all people are doing. We know it. I don’t know, trying to watch TV after awhile. People just go right back to their phones. Now there’s two ways to think and there’s tough times ahead, but the customers still need the services at the end of the day. Customers, our customers, they’re not going anywhere. You know, we have to consider the fact that, you know, there’s, there’s kind of two ways of thinking here, which is one, this is going to become a popular, like a pop, the lactic mess and that after a couple of months the world’s gonna explode.

Matt Coffy: I doubt it. I think the reality is, is that we’re going to have a few months of real turmoil. Something will happen where we’ll start to flatten out the curve. Businesses will go back to normal at some point. It might not be two months, it might be four months or whatever it might be, but we, this too shall pass. These things will happen. They’ve happened in the past and they will happen again. By the way. we’ll be a little more prepared I’m assuming, but these things will pass. So we’ve got to consider that the customers are still there. And how are you starting to develop the relationships with them while you’ve got the most focused group of people now staring at their phone, how can you present, no matter what business you have, if you even know a restaurant, you should be running ads, right And Facebook within a two mile radius of your business and people you’re still open for takeout.

Matt Coffy: Or if you’re a plumber you should be running ads in a 10 mile radius telling people that you are still open, that you are running and you’ll wear safety gear and you can show pictures of the safety gear you’re running when you want, when you need, cause the whole world’s going to be involved in, I get, I could go on and on different niches and you know, even in our medical niches, the lot of people just converting over to telemedicine, talking to their customers through telemedicine apps. And we’ve been providing telemedicine apps for a lot of our clients and get them started. But I think in general you can’t have a defeatist attitude. the, the last thing you want to do is take your head buried in the sand and just go for a four month snow day. It’s not the way to do things because it’s never going to really have any impact.

Matt Coffy: The way I was thinking about it today, it’s the things you think about. It’s the actions you take and then it’s the execution you do when you find that you are opportunities out in the field. Whether again, it’s something that you’re doing from a trajectory of having content going into social media or just having the ability to take your time and put it into something that’s going to be valuable for somebody else so that when things go back to normal, you have built even a stronger relationship, a better brand, bringing things through. And so these are the things that we’re talking to people. Customers are still there, they still need services. There’s two potential outcomes and we all really understand this. One is that you do nothing and you try and wait out and you sit and do absolutely nothing with your business and you close the doors and you just turn off the turn off the signs.

Matt Coffy: It’s done. I’m out for four months or whatever this turns out to be or or whatever you think it might be. The problem with that is that everybody else who is going to be doing what I think what they’re going to be doing is that they’re going to slowly come back and because they have to, they’re going to have to come back into the market and when they do come back they’re going to come back in limping. Where if you take the advantage now, the other potential outcome is that you, you capitalize on this and you start making content and you start driving ads and you start having some dialogue. You start, there’s a toehold in every one of these businesses no matter what you do. I know that there are some businesses that are really physically shut down, but there’s always ways to communicate with clients and continue dialogue and open up new channels no matter where you are.

Matt Coffy: The, the, the people that we’re hopefully talking to and maybe are listening to this, or watching this video are the ones who have opportunity and because they’re, it’s critical services to the economy right now. Those people have to be thinking about that there is an opportunity because there’s so much still that’s going to happen. There’s so many people that are home. There’s so many home services are going to explode because there’s so many things that need to be done now with all people home and all the kids home. There’s so many things you can think about in that sector. Again, I’m not getting into specific niches, but you know, home, electrical, plumbing, water delivered, all fueled already. There’s so many of these things that are involved in, in house related stuff that any of those people should be engaging, to think through how to better process and better communicate and basically say that they’re open.

Matt Coffy: On the other side, people who have got businesses that are shut down should be communicating as quickly as they can. So that the two opera, the two levels here are one, you go, go shut down and go bury your head in sand and pray that in four months things will be better. Or the other is take action and go after this and actually do something. You know, I will not be defeated. You’ll not be defeated. This will pass. So we have to think and be trajectory really involved in trying to think about making things better. And that’s, that’s really this message. So I’m going to tell you a couple of different things that we’ve seen so far that have been success stories. So you can tell your team or if you have a team of people or you can tell your friends or tell somebody that, Hey look, I know something that’s working.

Matt Coffy: We have two customers right now, right off the bat that I can think of that are doing phenomenal. They’re actually doubling up their budgets. We’ve got one, a company that does spring water delivery. they are doing an amazing job. They came to us and said, double our budgets. We’re going all in. This is the first time we’ve ever been able to really capture market from away from the big guys like the Nestle’s and the big, you know, big corporate delivery companies. They’ve, they’re finally now going to break through that barrier of appealing back, customers that can’t get delivery cause they’re, they’re oversubscribed. So that’s an example. On the other side, I’m working with, a psychology company that’s going to be doing telemedicine to help their patients and new inbound patients who are now freaked out because of this to manage up a strategy around doing tele-psychology over.

Matt Coffy: Obviously a lot of the platforms that we’ve been working with have a very, very cool, ways to do tele-psychology or telemedicine and they’re taking off now and there’s a huge, huge amount of people coming into the market who need help and need to be talked with and need counseled counseling and counselors. So that’s another, these are just the two things off the top of my head, but I’m telling you, I’m going to try and get these success stories into this, this podcast or this show, on a daily basis and we can talk about opportunities. We’re going to show people, what we’re doing, some messaging you can do for your own business, some things that you can do to help yourself grow in this very difficult area. It’s all going to be social media driven, Facebook, Instagram, a tech talk. All these platforms are being hammered.

Matt Coffy: They’re literally being used all day, like eight hours a day. People are just on them. You must show that you are around available and safe. And even if you’re not available because of the lockdowns to actually do the physical services, to have to continue in my strategy to dialogue out and continue your relationship, I would highly suggest putting on your own show, your own podcast. You know, that’s what we’ve been doing with some of our clients is actually saying, look, I just need you to put on your iPhone. Start talking about what you’re doing and we’ll make it into a show and we’ll drive it. And better yet, if you can get one of your customers on or a partner or a vendor and have a two way conversation on any of these WebEx platforms and record it, we’ll push it out into the, into the, into the internet and just create great content because people are gonna want to be entertained.

Matt Coffy: They’re gonna be bored to tears after a while here. So if your subject or topic about what your business is, is of interest to them, you’re starting to create relationships, even if you can’t sell it them now, but when things opened back up, you have that opportunity. So consider these thoughts. These are the things that are going to make the difference. They’re all going to make you feel better supporting your community and supporting your area and being a business thought leader is what we need right now. Just like what you’re watching right now with me, I have decided I am going to take a leadership position in this unfortunate circumstance and start talking about things that will help other businesses. And this is not for my own, you know, business itself. It’s just to make people aware about things that are available. Certainly people can come to us and have us help them set these things up.

Matt Coffy: But in general, just to understand that there are opportunities and it is, there is a positive environment out there. I know not everybody feels this way and I know not everybody’s going to take these messages and be positive, but the only way we’re going to get through this is if we all grouped together, support our communities, and be strong people. So be a leader. Get yourself out there, allow people to understand that you’re open, available, or you’re going to provide good content and value to them. If you can’t directly provide a service or provide something for your clients right now because of the lockdown. So consider those thoughts. Facebook and Instagram, 10 mile marketing would be great if you have a sustainable service right now that’s under a, that’s not under lockdown, you should be running that right now because you can get a great deal cause there’s not that many people advertising people are dropping out.

Matt Coffy: The lower providers, the people who aren’t that good or the one man shows are dropping out. You can do really, really cool stuff today. So just I employ you. Think about what this is, what this means to you as an opportunity as opposed to other things. Again, the opportunities are there. You just have to get a toe. Hold in. Think about the one, one little inch of opportunity that’s out there. Get a toe hold and start making case studies for yourself because there are plenty of things to do. We’re all going to be sequestered for awhile. So you have those two choices. You can bury your head or really think about this has an opportunity as opposed to a negative. So I hope this helps continue to support your local businesses. Continue to support your family’s health.

Matt Coffy: Do the things that are right. Stay indoors unless you’re, you know, critical service delivery person. Keep yourself healthy. All right. See you in the next one.