129 – 3 Live Examples Of Low Cost Per Lead Acquisition in The Pandemic Economy

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You can’t control what’s going on outside your practice but you can control what you’re going to do about it.  In the latest Profit Engines podcast, we showcase 3 real-time, right now, amazing low cost leads in the marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

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April 23, 2020

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Matt Coffy: Okay. Hey, it’s Matt Coffy here. We’ve got another episode of our podcast. And the great thing about this as we talk about actual cost per leads in our channels for different medical practices, we’ve got a med spa, we’ve got a gastro, and we’ve got a psychology practice, all aggressive Lee in the market right now, working with new patients during these pandemic times. Now it’s a mid April and we’ve got great news that these practices are taking on new revenue and they’re strengthening and they’re coming out stronger than before. So this is a great episode if you’re interested in listening about what’s going on in the market today for medical practice marketing, we’re talking about all the funny things that we’ve been talking through in our sessions about how people are complaining the businesses down businesses challenge. And here we are, we kicking butt, I know kicking some butt.

Matt Coffy: So we’re laughing going, what are these people talking about and I think that’s what people should be considered. Now, obviously what we’re we’re in the middle of trying to pivot a lot of our clients into different ways to look at their business. And the biggest challenge that we find is that they don’t take advantage of telemedicine and telehealth consultant. They aren’t doing gift cards and gift certificates post and pre pays. They’re not looking at the longterm strategy. And so we’re, we’re also taking on clients who are actually booking now. Right. And this is another thing. So I think we’re going to go through a couple of things. So for you as the listener or the watcher to this, just envision that there is still a lot of activity and a lot of people are come to us, say they’re looking for a solution and we’re telling them the solution hasn’t changed.

Matt Coffy: the way you do it is just the patients and the marketing are the same. Still Facebook still Instagram, sometimes Google, sometimes LinkedIn, sometimes it’s YouTube. All these things still landing pages, right Still no, no profit engines is what we, you know, use to drive people through the drip campaigns and get them to sign up. So let’s talk about a couple of ones. Why don’t you go one by one Let’s, let’s take, let’s go through this so people can hear what’s going on. And this is this week. Here it is, April 22nd, 22nd. We literally everything we has been launched within the last seven days. So yeah. And that’s what I said. I don’t mean to say it’s funny, I just, we just can’t understand why people don’t see what’s right in front of them. And I think that’s the big challenge is that it just, it’s like it’s there, like don’t be afraid, just jump in and we’ll help or you know, learn to do this yourself or whatever you need to do to get your practice or your business off and running. So let’s talk. So we’re going to start with psychiatric networks. Okay. So they are doing a tele visits for psychiatric visits. we had the doctor doing this

James King: put together a bunch of videos, disgusting cause we’re running for anxiety, depression, which we can all relate to these days. and also ADHD. And basically he created, we came up with an idea for doing a mental health minute a minute where basically he addresses these issues that are going on, you know, topical tying into what’s going on today, but then also driving them down the funnel through profit engines to sign up for a television, a television telemedicine visit. So I just want to give you a little idea of like what these videos look like. Kind of grabbed people to personalize it. We always say that, and especially now in this time, people want to see other people’s faces like more than ever, even if they don’t know who you are, right If you have something interesting to say, they’re going to listen. you have a captive audience.

James King: So, just as this is opening up here, what they did was break it out into two different, issues, ADHD, anxiety and depression. Obviously the anxiety, depression right now is pulling in more of the leads, getting more of the action, you know, because of the situation everyone’s in. But the ADHD isn’t far behind. You know, people still have ADHD, even with the cobot 19, that never went away. So that has to be addressed. And like Matt said, we’re addressing it through telemedicine and encapturing them through these ads that we’ve created for them that Facebook doesn’t seem to want to open up anytime soon. And here’s another thing, ladies and gentlemen, Facebook, Darren COBIT has been slow. They’d been getting hit. So there’s a little inside track. Everyone watching. I’m very even feeling it on the ad end of things, but here we go. It looks like it’s opening up now. I, like I said, if you see here, these are all placed, you know, in different parts, just not just the feed, but they have like third party, publications that, Facebook, they put them inside of Instagram. So here’s Dr. David Lopez. And like I said, he sat, did a quick video, talked about mr ADHD, ADHD, ed, and literally 30 seconds, 40 seconds, hit on a topic and that’s it.

James King: Right And I think the critical component here, James, is that, especially for practices, it doesn’t matter what the type of practices. I know this is psychiatric, but it’s all across the boards. Oh, of course. Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s a new delivery system of marketing. That’s all it is. Right You’re, your market is now centrally located in one place. Their home. How do you connect with them home Before we were trying to catch them everywhere on the move in the air, on the sky and the ground and the sea. They were on their couch. So this is the new delivery system, which is called telemedicine. and it’s personable, right It’s, it’s, it’s in your face then that’s because of this for psychiatry. But like I said, what we did here was literally this, this Dr. Lopez took maybe a half hour. I had his assistant shoot these videos, I think even set it up himself on the, on the

Matt Coffy: desk. Sent them over to me via text and we edited in the music, the graphics and put together the whole package. You know, he was signed up and up and running. How long Matt Within days, how many, what’s the cost per lead I’m going to tell you right now. So the cost per lead for Dr. David here is, let me get in here. You’re both ad sets. Mind you, this is just like today, like literally last week or nothing. We’re talking about right now it says here April 13th, but that’s when we set up the ad account. We actually didn’t turn this on, it didn’t go active in life until Monday. So we’re looking at this in three days, not even 48 hours for 48 hours yet. And he’s got an eight leads. they’re averaging $12 a lead. His antidepressant anxiety, depressions are coming in under $10, you know, and ADHD and basically he’s not charging for these either.

Matt Coffy: These are free, you know, kind of consults that lead to eventually people will open up at some point that that’s, and that’s kind of been the strategy here is to keep people engaged, provide, still keep providing a service through another, another outlet, another venue, telemedicine and yeah, that’s it. Some, like you said at the beginning, don’t hide. Look what we’re doing capable of booking. People are submitting. Right. And, and I know for a fact that they’re contacting them and these are real actual people that they’re, you know, potentially clients down the road. But right now we’re actually telemedicine medicine visits. So the next, yeah, so let’s just clarify that before you get moving into the next one. Okay. He’s taking them on a short initial consultations to get to the next step, which would be a full consultation with one of the practitioners underneath him or a counselor.

Matt Coffy: Right So he’s sort of the head guy who decides, Hey, let’s see if this is right for us to work together. Just like any other consult. And if it works then they move them into production. And so for, you know, psychiatric help, you know, those are not cheap. no, if you come forward, so I mean for $12 a lead, that potential for, you know, some significant return on your investment in whether it’s Regan Cooper, he did buy recuperated by the insurance or if it’s cash pay, I mean those are going to become valid customers for very low cost leads. And it just started three days ago. I’ve already got eight leads. He’s only spent a hundred dollars a hundred dollars in, and he’s already, I know for a fact, as of today, what I’ve heard is three virtual consults. And so almost half of what he’s taken and he’s getting up on, on, on a virtual console, the telemedicine visit instantaneously within hours, within hours. Good. next let’s talk about good old med spas, right It’s right in our lane. Okay. So this particular med spa is in Virginia. also caught up in the COBIT crisis does, she’s of shut down,

James King: but she has been aggressive. Teresa Camden, this particular client, she’s running a Botox offer, which is kind of our bread and butter for a med spas when it comes to offers. I mean, she started the 30 April 1st, well, actually a couple of days into April, so we’re not even a full month and we’re three weeks in with her. She’s gotten 63 Botox please, which she’s booking by the clip. I think last week she had something like 10 or 12 bookings booked out. And so you know her, she’s a, she’s a, the client. We didn’t have to convince her that she needed to market, let’s put it that way. She jumped in two feet. This was not a kind of, well what should I do She’s like, I know what I’m going to do. You know, and she jumped right in. She knew the opportunity that if she didn’t do it, one of our competitors are going to jump in there and fill the void.

James King: Like I said, people still need Botox. People still need Butler lifts, right They do in Butler orders and the, and these are, is what the Botox now, and she’s not so much booking visual consoles because it kind of doesn’t fit into that process. Botox to you to come in, you get it or you don’t, you’ll do a console. But this would exclude console. So she’s just booking out, doing gifts, a gift cards, claiming offers like you had discussed earlier and just kind of tend to leave putting them in a date that they believe they’ll be open again and engaging them throughout the process as they sit there and wait. And if they need to change it, they’ll change it. But she’s, she’s, her idea is she wants to come out of this with momentum, right Not start up from zero again. Right. And she’s got the right idea.

James King: And then the sculpture of the boatlift much bigger, bigger a ticket item. But again, you know, she is but this particular client, right this, we started this whatever a couple of weeks ago, last week she called in the leads for the Butler, the sculpt, Tara boatlift was a little off. We tweaked it within a couple of days. She actually booked one cause she was getting a lot of people kicking the tires. You know, it is a big ticket item. But like I said, we adjusted, she kind of told us what, where and when and how and in her neighborhood and you know, so the communication between the clients is vital. And in this case, like I said, she’s, she’s killing it. You know, she’s averaging $11 Botox leads and even the sculpture or the generally for us, that particular service should be more in the thirties range but 40 range. But it’s such a big ticket item and because of the situation, $50 is still great.

James King: You book one, you get 10 of these, you book one out of every 10 leads, you are doing a, okay. So especially in the situation we’re in right now. Yeah. So she’s, she’s telling us here is the market’s still viable. Oh yeah, absolutely. There, there was still liquidity. That’s where we, that’s where, that’s from a business owner, there is still liquidity all in as far as frustrating, as crazy as this has been, you know, just from a pure day to dollar, you know, comparison, there are people still have money on them. Right. We haven’t gotten that far out and it looks like things are opening. So yeah. And if for else, you know, people are buying for a sense of normalcy, right If they’re not the consumer like, and we were telling the owners and and and you know, try and go hide, but the, the, there, you know, there are tons of consumers out there not hiding either.

James King: They’re like, Hey, I want to do normal things. I want to buy things. I was going to get a Botox session in may anyway, so what the hell, right. Jack’s going to go and we get it from the government. It’s going to go right to their, but correct. Exactly. Exactly. From sitting on it, not to paying to, to fixing it. So it’s a win-win. But yeah, it’s working for her. She’s great. She’s, and this particular client, when it comes to creative, she’s been having fun sending me workout videos. We’ve been editing it. Like, again, she knew that she had a personalized things, but she’s supposed to be in my head. and our next one now, now the first two, accounts we showed you what we’re landing page, profit engine type EDS where they come into our marketing system. This particular, gastroenterology Gange, in New Jersey we did a call.

James King: Now we’re basically on Facebook. There’s a button like the learn more sign up, you click it and it just triggers your phone to call or whatever, you know, medium Yuron to call. Right from there. they have received, okay, 53 calls. Now I know out of these 53 40 of these, cause I just spoke with them yesterday, were actual conversations. They had 13 word kind of hang up or whatever, but you’re talking, I don’t know what that is. 80% 90% 80 80, 85%, you know, return. That’s what, cause that’s a call now that’s, that’s the, that’s the conversion here. And they’re calling, you know, and they’re paying what $3 for every person they talk to, three 50 or so, three 65. So you know, it’s been working great for them because what we learned when we first launched it that a lot of people telemedicine the consumer, even though they’ve heard it a thousand times, they don’t know what it is.

James King: Right So sometimes just a traditional old give us a call works better. And we, we instituted that strategy early on and especially with this particular person, I mean you really can’t do and could they are doing telemedicine visits but pushing that from the ed side, having them call was the best thing to have them do is to actually have them talk to a doctor for this particular office was having them talk to first, cause like I said it all based on audiences, right Some you may be in an area where everybody’s tech savvy and this is no big thing and they jumped right on it. Their particular patients are a little bit older, right So they need to walk them through it, call them up first, explain that they’re going to send them a link that they’re going to be able to see them on the screen or on their phone. Right. So everything, that’s what my point, my point is that where we can, we can adjust according to the market. Depending if we, you know, we noticed we ran ads for this claiming and nobody would claim it. We were like, well, you know what, this is a 40, 45 plus crowd because of what they do. They’re an older crowd. It’s going, makes no sense. They’re not going to be very jumped and jumped on something video or, and there you go. So yeah, they’ve been doing it. Are killing it.

Matt Coffy: Look, we’ve got radiology,

James King: podiatry, med spas, spine, Cairo, P, T,

Matt Coffy: gastro

James King: psychology,

Matt Coffy: regular primary medicines. lots of paid sort of wellness and aesthetics and other variants of plastic surgery. And there’s so many practices, but this is just three examples of what I consider just sort of thinking through like, Hey, it’s still there. The market’s still viable. It’s more vibrant than ever on social. Right. Cause we know there’s so much and the costs have come down. Yeah. Same kind of, you can double dip now. And it’s interesting. W what do you think the challenge is Because

James King: aye,

Matt Coffy: I believe that not about telemedicine being the end all to solve a lot of these problems, but

James King: to me it’s more about the fact that

Matt Coffy: it’s sort of proving the point that you need to get into the marketing. Now in order to not lose momentum, that’s one thing. But also that

James King: this is how the business is being done right now. Right Yeah,

Matt Coffy: sure. There isn’t a trifold. You pick up somewhere, there isn’t a television ad there. This is now really social media has become the television set for most people, especially

James King: no, it’s a, it is a utility, but as a unique utility, when you say you tell anything, telephones and so forth, it has all of the mediums built in, right So it’s a multi utility video, you know, you can call somebody on Facebook if you want to, if they want to pick up their phone from the, you know, the page, the practices Facebook page and call them directly from Facebook. You know, it’s just, it’s multi-use and all we’re doing right now is we’re just adjusting and finding where, what stream of communication is going to keep them engaged. That’s all. Like you said, they didn’t go anywhere. They didn’t disappear, evaporate. They’re still out there. They still need services. And especially in the medical field, you know, a lot of the elective things I’ve been put off right now, they still need to get that foot surgery. They still need to get that call. Oscopy it’s not going away. Right. So this is, this has been a great, a great way to pivot. You know, I, I, the, the industry was going this way, this just kind of accelerated it, like super speed. It’s nothing new. Telemedicine has been around forever, for years and years and years. But yeah, now it’s a necessity and I guess necessity is the mother role.

Matt Coffy: It’s a combo, right So, and this depends on what state you’re in. Because we have companies and practices in every state. We’ve got different modalities. We’ve also got different ways that people are taking advantage of. So they might be doing, an ad for telemedicine, but ended up with an acute case because they need to bring them in. So in the case of, you know, a very mustache, it’s something that’s creative, mustache city or, or some sort of element where they have to go in. there is that sort of, now maybe this’ll be the time for them to get serious cause they’re like, Holy crap, I don’t want to have this problem during this thing, so I got to get this done now. So there’s also a lot of, this is the thing that people should really take out of this podcast.

Matt Coffy: I’m going to tell this secret people are more serious about their health then anytime we’ve ever seen it, the closing rates are sky high because people are not fooling around right now. They get a little bump, a bruise. God, the dermatology guys. Holy cow. There was actually a co, there is actually a Corona virus rash. That’s one of the symptoms that we just signed. We just signed on a dermatologist and you know, it’s, I say it’s very topical right now and I pardon the pun, but it is, you know, but that’s the thing. So people who are watching this just take this one thing. If you have a practice and you’re not doing this, you’re missing a meat of the market because the meat of the market is serious now. They’re not tire kicking. They’re not guessing, they’re not. They’re Googling the hell out of themselves to scare themselves to death and then they’re going to come to you and say, Hey, I need an expert.

Matt Coffy: I’ve just found out like 70 ways I’m going to die today and you better prove to me that I’m not going to die. I mean, I don’t mean it to be that serious, but I’m, I’m, I’m just, what happens is that people get so concerned about something that they’re going to have to go to the hospital about or they’re going to have to go to a specialists about. Wouldn’t it be better if they came to you first and they thought about having a real discussion with real answers as opposed to Googling themselves into the abysmal front of thousands of answers that don’t get them anywhere where you could basically say, Hey, I’m the expert. Let’s jump on a call and talk about it. And that starts the conversation whether it goes into a acute case and they come into the office or a mobile case where you go out to see them, which is some of the practitioners, so many different things.

Matt Coffy: To do, but not running stuff right now. I always, I look at the the practitioners that were there and we have some that stopped with us. We have a lot of practitioners that say, Hey, I need to be a gold. I’m concerned. I’m going to, you know, just take some time off. We’re not saying that’s wrong, we’re just saying like, don’t forget that the market never went anywhere. Just because you stopped the market didn’t, yeah. And you eat my messages, you, to the extent you can by being aggressive marketing, especially on social, you’ll control how you come out of this. You can either come out in a bottomless pit or you can come out in some kind of little ditch that is real easy to jump out. And once everybody starts, you know, the market starts to come to life. That’s what I kind

James King: of been telling all the clients is, you know, you decide that it’s not on the market. You are going to, you’re going to make that happen. And then, you know, you’ll just, and as, as business owners, you’ll adjust accordingly. There’s like, we always do, you know So yeah, they’re killing it. I would highly advise and not because I’m, you know, slightly towards social media or anything, but another tip for owners, there’s thinking about how to work

Matt Coffy: this marketing thing. If there was ever a time to really cut the dead weight of traditional marketing, this is it. This is it. Right Cause I know some, I know some business are very, very keen on their 2000 flyers and you know their malice, which are fine and they’re great. But if you have to think, all right, what do I have What, how can I maneuver some around money around to get on social That’s where you want to cut it from. Just a little tip from the practice bloom team. Yeah. Good. Thank you James. We’ll do another one of this. Maybe we’ll do it even weekly. We can give people new highlights about things that you know, which would help them sort of see the light. I can’t wait. We’re going to launch this dermatology thing this week, so I hope we will do it next week. We’ll show everybody how it’s working. Yeah, that’d be cool. Let’s see what happens with that one too. Great. We’ll, we’ll maybe we have a bunch of other ones that just came aboard this week, so we’ll talk about those next week. Great. Thanks James.

James King: You got it.