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May 12, 2020

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Matt Coffy: So let’s start, I have not heard of such success in this pandemic and you have provided to us. So Theresa, tell us a little bit about the medspa, where your origin came from. A couple of minutes about

Theresa:  Interesting story. I’m the child of an African immigrant, so I’m a true African American. My parents came to this country from Ethiopia with no money, no skills, and typical rags to riches U S success story, entrepreneurial spirit, not one day a formal education. It’s kind of weird cause I think formal education would have ruined them and made them too schooled and so they have that entrepreneurial spirit that I’ve combined with my medical practice into this very successful cosmetic dermatology practice.

Matt Coffy: Can you talk to us about what the market is like now in your

Theresa: Yeah, good question. Honestly, Matt, the market is booming. Billionaires are made during recessions, right from Warren buffet to Sam Walton who started Walmart during the great recession. Patients want work done now while they’re home with recovery time. And so procedures that involve some recovery time are the things you need to market. And get out there now. So a couple of examples of that are lip fillers, lasers, and Kybella. So lip fillers. For example, I’ve coined the term and invented the word mini syringe of lip filler, the mini syringes, just half a syringe of filler mixed with some white cane with epinephrin. All of these women who have always wanted their lips injected or and were too scared to go to work the next day looking like Daffy duck and all these people who were scared of the downtime want to come in and have this done while they’re sitting at home.

Theresa: Sell your laser packages now, sell them in packages of three once a month for three months in a row and you’ll be done sister. By the time the world opens up again, let’s get you laser done. Now each time you’re going to look like you’re sunburned for three to five days and she loves that she’s going to be home anyway, so he says, I’m going to turn the camera off on my zoom meetings for my banker job or my teacher job, whatever it is, and get it done. Now, hi, Bella is a lucrative injectable. It gets rid of the chin. Fat people want that done now so they don’t have to go to work looking like a bullfrog for the next few days. So the word would be take advantage of these times now or, or somebody else is going to do that for you.

Matt Coffy: Thank you for the descriptive, technology. I think you, you’ve made a point which is that the market hasn’t disappeared and, and we’ve been trying to tell a lot of the practitioners out there to understand that patients never left. It’s not like they’re on some continent somewhere that they are, you know, gone. Yeah. The study requirements, the same wants the same needs. You just have to think a little bit differently or, or deliver a little differently depending on where you are in the country. Right. And every state has a different way of thinking about their, opening up stage. and some aren’t, you know, going to open up for awhile. So there’s some variables in there. But is there been any impact on the consumer mentality Have you had to do anything specific in the practice

Theresa: Yeah, so there’s a few things we’re doing differently right now we’re wearing our masks when we inject a patient, obviously right before that I wasn’t wearing a mask, but other things that we’re doing differently now, for example, to bring the new patients and offer them your rock bottom pricing, figure out what your rock bottom is and offer them that to medical providers. Something that I always do differently and my word to them would be, get the heck out of your comfort zone. Forget about the textbooks. Forget about third party payers right now. Tell her, I’m sorry if I’m using female pronouns, but most of my patients are female. Tell her what she needs and tell her why. Like, like the iconic Steve jobs said he tells people what they need and he gives it to them. Nobody ever thought they needed an iPhone before he came around, but now everybody does, right

Theresa: No, not in a pushy, annoying way, but in a loving, caring way without bothering them. So an example of that would be like for the, for the stuff that gets rid of the chin fat, ask her, does that bother you Jennifer Of course it does. Well then take her phone from her lap, go around to the side of her and take a photograph of that piece of her body of that little double chin there and she’s mortified cause she hates that. She never actually looked at it from the profile. And then you said or would you be open to to get rid of that or to minimize in that right now I think she would date and she’s, and she’s thrilled about it. And then you say, and that’s going to give the illusion of your whole body being sculpted and then you sold her on this feeling as well. Do you want to talk to her about that as well And then another different thing that we’re doing more of now is asking for that referral and become their friend. Wow. Then with your business and then ask for that referral because otherwise, honestly, Matt, they’re not given the referral to their cosmetic dermatologist. And I make the babysitter to Botox analogy here. You know, if she finds a great babysitter or a great hairdresser, she’s gonna tell 10 people if she finds a great Botox doctor, she’s not there.

Matt Coffy: And so I think those are just such valid points. I mean, very, very, very true. You had mentioned you’re doing great and a lot of people would say, how in the world are you doing record amounts of, so what’s working for you I mean, you mentioned a couple of things right there. We’ve been helping you with ads and, and getting, you know, the process profit engine set up and all that stuff sort of part of it. Is there anything special sauce that you think is really driving a record month for you today

Theresa: As far as today alone Probably so. And of course teaming up with you guys just a few months ago has, has aided that record at more than anything. but something that has always worked for me that I think any provider needs to add is, and it’s so cliche, but just write down your goals, write down your goals, put your little vision board up where you’re going to see it and forced to look at it every single day. Mine is in my bathroom cabinet, I got to look at it when I pick up my toothbrush and make it, make it as specific as possible written in the present tense with the way it makes you feel. So something like today I feel it happy and blessed and my business is making or 50 K or where you want it to be this week. and I’m spending time with family and friends.

Theresa: So something on a special sauce there that I think every, every entrepreneur needs to add. And then the second piece of that would be kind of based on our slogan and our slogan is look and feel you’re 100% we’re selling a feeling not a look. Right. We’re not going to make her look, leave, leave my office looking like she’s 25 again. She, people buy based on emotion. They don’t base buy anything based on the facts they’re, they’re buying based on their feelings. And so you want to, your job is to make her feel like she is 100%. So that’s where the provider needs to move.

Matt Coffy: That’s great. Let’s get one small example and then let’s get into some of the sales dialogue cause we really wanted to kind of concentrate on, on good things that we could help out other people with trying to get some of the experience and your expertise. I wanted to sit with what’s a typical week look like for you now

Theresa: Interesting question that I probably wasn’t prepared to answer, but to be honest, my schedule is not completely booked at the beginning of the week, but you guys have get it filled by 72 hours before today, before this day. yeah, I’m injecting patients and working from nine 30 to four on Wednesdays is my late day today. So maybe until 7:00 PM otherwise I’m not working past that. We’re treating about 20 patients a day. We’re spacing them out, as much as we can. So we’re spacing them out every 30 minutes or so. So there’s never two patients in the, in the, in the room around each other at the same time. if another person shows up and there’s one in the waiting room, she politely waits on, waits on the patio or out in her car. people are stoked to be getting in. They’re coming in and their sweats or they’re coming in dressed up saying, I’m so excited to get dressed up and be in your office today. I haven’t been out in six weeks. And so

Matt Coffy: what I was asking like what the visuals like because I think a lot of people are stuck, you know, and I, I just, it was an off the cuff question I wanted to ask you because a lot of what happens when you go back to is a lot of people are just going to start to go back to normal across the country, sort of already there and you’ve sort of gotten through it. That’s why I wanted to ask so that people can understand the business will come back. Don’t be afraid. You know,

Theresa: she’s been living her life, so went from her daytime pajamas to her night time pajamas and she’s excited to get out of the house and you need to capitalize on that now. But like I said, somebody else will.

Matt Coffy: Yeah. And that’s a good segue. So let’s, let’s delve into the sales stuff. So I, I also agree with you a hundred percent that this business, especially in the med spa, aesthetics, plastic surgery, with all this stuff that is cash paid, it’s a positive. You know, a lot of medicals that we deal with are, are different because it’s more pain relief. This is more, you know, a positive experience for them. So let’s talk about your sales strategy and then we’ll wrap it up from there. So talk to me a little bit about what you think is the good thing that you could, you know, leave off with someone who’s watching this to say, wow, that’s a great, you know, theory around how to get better strategy around my sales and to get patients to be super excited to refer.

Theresa: Awesome. Yeah, so kind of some simple sales tips. One Oh one for physicians who don’t, who know nothing about this. There’s some very specific body language and wording that I very intentionally used that I like to share with other providers. When you walk into the room, even to do it, if it’s a follow up appointment, if somebody senior, you’ve seen a hundred times, you have your white coat on, it gives you credibility. Walk in that room. Shoulders back, chin, high, huge smile with big white teeth. You need to work on your grooming. Big white teeth, huge smile. Act like you’re stoked to make her feel good today even if you’re not, even if you’re not right, act happy anyway. You’ve heard. If you want to be happy, act like you’re happy and the emotions will follow. So act like you’re stoked today to make her feel good.

Theresa: You should be, you should be thrilled to be there today and act that way. Big smile. Use her name in the middle of a sentence, not in the beginning or the end of the sentence. Your name and the middle of the sentence. People are. People love hearing their name, especially in the middle of a sentence there. Excellent eye contact of course then. Right All right Jamie, let’s get to know your face again. Hold this mirror here and hand to the mirror in your left hand is my office. It’s the left hand because most of the good lighting is on the right side. And then you asked her this, give yourself a big hello smile bigger. No, even bigger. Big open mouth. Smile. Now all her wrinkles really come out right. So you got her smile at it herself and then you say something like,

Theresa: tell it, tell me Jennifer, tell me everything that bug that bugs you about, about this. Tell me everything that’s bothering you. And then she’ll study big sigh and then you kind of got diarrhea of the mouth and she’s going to go on and on and on about everything that bugs her and let her talk. Just let her talk until she stops and just listen, listen, and nod and listen to everything she’s saying. And then you’re going to be up to able to upsell her on things that she didn’t even I mentioned to you and there’s some specific words you want to use there. The first one is, are you open to.dot, dot. Everybody wants to feel open-minded, right Everyone wants to think that they’re open minded. If you put a hundred people in a room and said, who hears open-minded A hundred people are going to raise their hands, right

Theresa: Everybody wants to consider themselves open-minded. So don’t say, Hey, do you want to work on this area Also you say, Hey, are you open to softening these lines here Softening, not getting rid of them cause everyone then cause then you get the get the objection or Oh I’m going to be able to move my face. I don’t want to look 25 I’m 50 I need to look 50 of course I want you to leave today, Melissa looking like your best 50 are you open to softening these lines here So another one that I want you to work on, another phrase that I want you to work on using with your, with your patients is this will make you feel. Dot dot, dot. So you want her to feel lifted, healthy, sculpted. It doesn’t matter what she looks like, people are buying a feeling. They’re buying on emotion, especially right now more than ever.

Theresa: And so this will make you feel lifted, healthy and sculpted. Let’s work on this and then she’s excited about it. And then the last little phrase I want you to use is, especially when they’re going to ask how does it work or what will it do You don’t really have to answer that question against a quote. The iconic Steve jobs, when he was asked on a stage, how does the iPod really work He said, it puts a thousand songs in your pocket. Y’all know how he answered that, right And so you tell them the benefits. Tell them the feeling. Say this will make you feel sculpted, lifted and healthy. And if she wants to science, she’ll ask you about it. That’s not what she’s here for. She’s here for a feeling.

Theresa: Couple other little sales tips. One of them you guys have taken off the ground for me that we honestly weren’t able to do before. Get your review request via an SMS text. Don’t send them an email request. Everyone gets bombarded, right Everyone’s inbox is full of a thousand review requests from everything you bought on Amazon over the previous month. If she’s leaving and she’s stoked and she just made appointments for three other appoint for three, three other services, you sent her that request. As she’s walking out the door, she’s going to see it when she sits down in the car and give you the best review. So you guys were able to get that off the ground for me and that’s helped quite a bit. Couple of other points I want to make about kind of sales one Oh one there. As a provider, I get contacted personally to my own Facebook, my own phone, my own email about people I know socially who want to treatment, right

Theresa: Don’t over tell them. Call the office to make an appointment, especially if your practice is new. Now if you’re bombarded and you have too many patients, that’s an okay response. But even if you don’t know your schedule say, that’s awesome. Linda, I’m so stoked. I’m so excited to help you. Help you not see you. I’m so excited to help you. Can you come today at three or tomorrow at four or third option Tell me what works for you and I’ll do my best to make it work. So you give her the two options and then tell me what works best for you. She will always choose one of those two options. She won’t put it in a third option because she knows your provider and your schedule is swamped and then you got the appointment made done you forward. I just forward that email right over to my receptionist, to my assistant and the appointment’s made.

Theresa: I don’t have to tell her to call or worry if she’s going to call done and use those words and it has finished the email, finished the text with, I’m so looking forward to helping you explanation points. Smiley face. Now she knows she’s not getting answered by a bot or a machine. So be personal there. last point on that kind of sales one. Oh one. So cliche, please tell me, everybody knows this. Make your follow up appointments for the patient leaves while they’re there in the reception area. Everybody knows this. Couple of objections to overcome there. You know what, I’m a nurse and I work shifts and I don’t know my schedule yet, so I’ll call you. you know what, you know what Melissa, our schedule, you know, that would put us into July. So for your three month followup and that’s, that’s one our busiest months of a year.

Theresa: Doesn’t matter what my fit is, I don’t care. That’s one of our busiest months of the year. So let’s get you on the schedule now. We can always tweak the time if we have to, but this way you’re on the schedule so we don’t have to worry about it. It’s always easier to change your time than to get you on the schedule. And now you’ve got her on the schedule. She’s got to realize three months from now her tox is wearing off and she’s going to be excited and do what she has to do and get a babysitter to keep that appointment because she wouldn’t have made otherwise. So there’s one, my sales have some specific body language specific words, use them. They work great for me. If you have anything that works great for you, we want to know about it too.

Matt Coffy: Teresa, I couldn’t thank you more. That was just awesome. I mean those tips are gold and I hope anybody listening this understands that. Theresa, how do people get in contact with you if they want to connect with you or they want to just have a conversation about things that that’s on their mind that they could get engaged with or even better if your social profiles or anything you want to say that’s, you know, direct to, you know, helping people connect with you.

Theresa: So yes, please, check out our awesome website that practice bloom is doing such a great job on new medical spot, U S a.com. New medical spot, usa.com that you had contacted me. It comes directly to my inbox or contact me on Instagram at T Camden, MD. T as in Theresa at T Camden, MD.

Matt Coffy: Yeah. Terrific. Thank you so much. I appreciate the time and I can’t wait to do a follow up. I want to try and do one in about six months from now

Matt Coffy: to show where you are from where we are today, and I guarantee after this is all blown over, I think everybody’s going to be in the upstream even more from where you are, which would be amazing. I’m looking forward to that. Yes, sir.