136 – Move Ahead Marketing Strategies You Can Do NOW to Boost Patient Lead Conversion

Even in today’s environment, every successful marketing campaign works relentlessly toward lead conversion. Patients need to know more than just “what” you offer. They also need to know “why” it matters to them and why they should take the next step.

This podcast explores the steps you can take that strategically designed to move the lead incrementally closer to becoming a patient.

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June 21, 2020

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Hey, it’s Matt Coffy with PracticeBloom. I will be talking today about the first week of June in the 2020 new economy. We have seen a lot of changes and updates to strategies to fit the current patient conditions. Obviously we deal with a lot of aesthetics clients as well as many different types of practices.

Back Behind Strategy

The first thing we see is the ability for practices to basically have what I would call back behind strategy. What I mean by that is they move the past behind them and move ahead. That’s been super impactful with trying to make sure that the advertising that we’re running doesn’t highlight any of the current conditions.

It talks about caution and safety. So it’s trying to get people away from the past and get them to move forward and not to really dwell too much on any of the current, scenarios that are out there with related to it, but still announcing the safety precautions to all the things that need to be done. One of the things that we’ve seen that’s been super effective with helping, patients become part of the new realm is being creative with offer strategies. This has been really predictably possible because of the fact that people are now getting out of their shells. They’re looking to do different things. So we’ve been doing a lot of combo offers, meaning that if you come in for one procedure or you’re doing one particular thing, especially in paid statics procedures and so forth, is that there’s another procedure that’s tied back to it.

The Groupon Strategy

Another thing we’re seeing is the, what I would call Groupon like strategy, where a ridiculous discount is posted to the market. Like 70% off, even though the price goes up, as part of the retail to bring it down to actually about 30% off normal, but bringing the price up to and then a 70% discount, someone sees that and go 70% off and they click on it and they’re taken to a landing page for this really good offer.

And that offer is basically only available for a certain period of time. And there’s a certain amount of offers that are available. So there’s only a certain amount you can purchase. So if a limited time and limited quantity and the FOMO around this are interesting. We see this with, especially with the Groupon strategy that we’ve been implementing for some people now where they’re actually able to get people to want to get the very, very low discounted price, even though it’s beyond the normal range, but it does bring in again, the ability to cross sale and it’s it kick-starts engagement right away. And so we’ve noticed that that’s been super effective. One of the other things we’re seeing is SMS marketing. So we’re doing a lot of SMS marketing back into the client base. People who have been inactive on a client register if even trying to email the client and we’ve been trying to do, offers, we then turn to SMS and we’re seeing some good reaction rates to SMS discounting and having people come into the sales funnel from SMS.

Be Creative with Offer Strategies

Speaking of which, the other thing that we found that’s been super effective with some of the attitudes around the marketing is been very, very positive about showing interest in gift certificate sales. I really want to highlight this cause we’re seeing it super popular as people want to be part of the community and they want to give back, they actually want to participate and they know they’re going to use it at some point. But the other thing is, is that it’s a good news story for everyone, which is that you contribute to the economy and you contribute to the local businesses.

There’s a lot of things that go around the giving back theory, where there is, a tremendous reciprocal arrangement within human communities to be reciprocal. So I think that that is a really good strategy. We’ve seen a lot of success with that. Just one email or one campaign can produce thousands of dollars of results for people who are pent, looking for an excuse to purchase something that they’re gonna use and then might not exactly be able to use it soon, but they know they’re going to use it in the future. And that also gives them something to look forward to. So consider these things when you start to do campaigns and you start to think about what you can do to help support your business. I’ve also noticed that the biggest overall theory is that there aren’t that many practices marketing yet. And although you’d think that a lot of practices would come back in and say, Oh, well, let’s get our get going strategy, our startup strategy, what we want to call it or continuation, very few our marketing and what’s that done to the market.

And we’ve been doing podcasts about this has dropped the cost of ads down by up to two thirds. So inevitably what we see is when we typically get ad costs, let’s say for an injectable like Botox or something of that nature, which typically is an eight to $15 lead cost per patient. We’re seeing them as low as two to $4 right now. And we’re seeing the amount of demand. So go out and advertise before they open. So yet you can take over their customer base, be very smart out there, be safe, be healthy, and we’ll see you in the next episode.