137 – Take Advantage of LOW Patient Cost Per Lead NOW and Out-Market Your Competition!

It’s tough out there today for small and growing practices. Not only do you have to juggle multiple hats to meet your organization’s operational needs, but you also have to do so while facing the fact that customer expectations have never been higher.

Preserving your share of the market comes down to many things. It’s making sure your business strategy differentiates your company from competitors. It’s taking care of your buyers by investing in customer success. And – perhaps most importantly – it’s about building the marketing, branding and community building campaigns that make it possible to out-market any competitor.

This podcast reviews campaigns we have seen success running as things slowly open up which resulted in a low cost per lead and high conversions rates during a time where the competition is not marketing.

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June 24, 2020

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Matt Coffy: Hey, good afternoon. We are talking with James today about some cost per leads. We are in what, June 12th today, right Yeah. So we’ve got a lot of challenges in the marketing department for a lot of clients because they’ve had to rethink how they do business. Paramount to this is that some are doing better than ever. And what we’ve also noticed is that there have also been opportunities. So we see some clients who have challenges, but we also see some that have opportunities driven to them.

The area’s springing back to life or they’ve taken new initiatives. We’re gonna go through a couple of different ones today. Let’s start right now with this particular doctor who’s down in Florida. So tell me a little bit about the history, James, and then let’s go into the numbers because I’m just fascinated with how the numbers are off the charts here.

James King: Sure. So Dr. Ryan Whelton runs Sport & Spine Physical Therapy in the Tampa area of Florida. He finally got going, he had stopped at the beginning of the lockdown in March, and we picked back up around the first of June again because Florida was opening up. We are running ads for physical therapy but he also offers an online course for physical therapists. He has a certain approach to how he does what he does – the Whelton method. And he has a bunch of online courses.

He did have an initial rush when he first opened up, but he kind of knew it would slow down. So we wanted to start selling this online course again. We started running ads, web traffic ads and conversion ads, and it’s basically talking to physical therapists and chiropractors for a $199 downloadable course.  Since we’ve started June 1st, he’s had over $7,500 in purchases on basically a $400 ad buy. So he is overwhelmed. And what that has done is it’s kind of compensated for the loss in the clinic end of things. Right. It’s making up for some of those people that are just slowly getting back or whatever the case may be.

Matt Coffy: Right. And what’s interesting about that is that he is an enigma in the fact that it’s not like he’s doing anything that is outside of the box. The patients are coming through too. They’re typical break-fix patients in this sort of chiropractic, physical therapy, pain management,  physiotherapy world.

James King: I got a call this morning. He’s like “You know, there’s a demand in Scotland, Ireland, and England for I’m teaching.” So we just opened it up and now we’re in 4 countries. He’s putting out there and I’m sure that he’ll do great. Take a look back in a couple of days, but you know, from what we’ve done so far, he’s absolutely killing it in the web traffic conversion campaign. This approach is getting a lot of people in his target audience. And then we’re doing a bunch of retargeting on the conversion end of things and he’s absolutely crushing it. Yeah. So for his typical conversion campaigns for the physiotherapy, it’s about 37 bucks a lead, it looks like.

And then his downloads, they are around 24 cents per lead. They are also purchasing off the web traffic campaign. So even though there are eight conversions on the conversion campaign, he’s getting a ton of them just going right to the site and signing up. So those aren’t tracked as direct conversions, but we track as link clicks. So in the dashboard it says he’s only got 8 checkouts, but that’s just a portion of them. He said he actually had 30-35 purchases from it. He’s gotten like a 12:1 return in less than a week. So that’s part of the deal, right, so when we tell people “look, your competitors aren’t typically running ads right now.”

Matt Coffy: They’re scared. They’re under their pillow, under their blanket, you know, with their mask on where there are other people who are out there running ads and taking advantage of a market that’s springing back to life. It’s like the stock market, right, you gotta make hay while people are scared.  Find new revenue streams. Well, not new ones. This one actually he had, and it just kind of sat by the wayside, never had anybody manage it. We can make a prime to restart this revenue stream again. He had tried and he did all right, but you know, I’d sent you over the email you sent and he’s like, “Oh, you’re really good at what you do all day.” It’s just, it’s different people and the ability to sell your ideas as well.

James King: And so this, and this is what this podcast is about to look outside the box about things that you can do to make revenue in some trying times, in some cases, there’s just more than just what you could potentially think about on the table. You can sell ideas. There are courses to be sold. There are tons of opportunities. People are looking for things to purchase with their revenue and their check that they purchased from, or they got from the government. So let’s move on to the next one. Why don’t we talk about, another outside of the boxer –  Key Clinics. This is an awesome story. We have a spine doctor in the Cleveland Ohio area. He expanded out to North Dakota last week or two weeks ago, but he’s having the same issue that all spine doctors and all surgeons are having at this point, which is people are fearful of coming in and getting the surgery done at this point, which is understandable.

What we’ve been doing is promoting a pain assessment tool – an online pain assessment tool. So it’s not a hard sell – sign up, get an appointment. It’s a conversation starter.  Just from this month alone, they’ve got 25 at $6 per submission. Granted, not every $6 lead is a potential patient. But he’s been able to have a lot of conversations on top of that, to get people more comfortable with going to the doctor. We also promoted and hosted a zoom cast about a new spinal approach that they’re using, not super new, but using that to educate people. Some people are still not really sure if they want to come in yet so this is a great time to educate them on what they can do.

The goal here is to host multiple zoomcasts so people feel more comfortable with him and willing to come into the office for a check-up, surgery, etc. We have 25 people at $2 an event response, $2 for every person. And we had signed up for some $50 to have a really good zoomcast. People ask you questions, they get engaged. These events actually picked up people that they’re going to follow up on. People are kind of scared, we knew that they were going to be some people in the zoom cast. They’re not sure they want to go back to the hospital or have surgery.

This is the next phase of COVID everybody, all the governments have phases. Right, So marketing has phases also. So we have noticed that the lockdown phase people went through it and now we’re opening back up and now we’re going through phase two of “Hey, we’re open”. And especially in the medical field, we’re safe. Come on in, you know. So that’s what this did.  And I think this is the issue, your face on a zoomcast telling people it’s okay is 10 times better than us running pay-per-click ads right now, or us running any like offer or cause it doesn’t, it’s not gonna work. The sad thing is that I’m just seeing a lot of money thrown into the market where the market’s not ready to purchase yet, but you could start to collect patients.

Matt Coffy: And get them ready to come in, maybe a couple of weeks or a month or whatever, this is like a bank account. The more you show yourself and the more that you put trust into the market, the better off, and the simpler it will be to get those people to commit once that they have lessened the fear, and this will happen. Things will eventually get back to normal, but the question is who are patients going to go to the person that they found online a month ago on a click or someone they saw had an interaction with asked questions was in a group where they felt comfortable or they didn’t need to necessarily be one-on-one, but they felt like they’re part of a group. And maybe they didn’t even ask that question. They wanted to ask, but somebody else asked it, these are all the things that are happening today that have changed in that, that the dialogue needs to go into a direction of education, safety, engagement.

James King: Yeah. The medical field has a new challenge put in front of them, which they didn’t have before COVID – reintroducing patients into their practice. It sounds crazy. Right. But here’s where we are. So now we’re finding interesting ways to engage with patients. Another thing that we recognize is that the zoomcast is not for everyone, some doctors are just really not video friendly. So start an email list, capture people’s email addresses. You can also do that and do kind of a follow up using our ProfitEngine system, a kind of nurture system of emails and text message, basically educating them like you would do in a zoom cast, but doing it via email or a text message. So there’s a couple of ways you can do this educational approach to medical marketing too.

Matt Coffy: And it can be a post, right So you can take that zoomcast now and use it as a piece of content, which is what people could do with the email list. So let’s just say, you could double up and do a zoom cast, whether there are people who are on it or not, but then you use that as a pivot point to get people to come back, do it from an email blast. Or you could just do a video and talk about the things, safety, precautions, all this stuff that you’re doing, and then blast that out. Or you could take that and put on Facebook. There are so many variables, but that’s the challenge. I think for most of these individuals who are maybe holding back on these decisions is that you just can’t throw money at these solutions anymore. It doesn’t work like that.

James King: Here’s the other learning curve everybody’s learning over again. This is not March 14th, right The way you advertised then is not now. It will get back to that at some point. But for the foreseeable future, you’ve gotta be known in this particular niche for sure.

Matt Coffy: So let’s move on to the next one, which is more traditional for us, which is an aesthetics clinic that is just bombing the crap out of the market right now and getting a ton of leads. They are able to take advanced noticed appointments that are going to be booked at some point, you know, when re-opened. I think we’ll probably be opening in the next couple of weeks here in New Jersey. But I think that the game plan is that this is all about data capture. Yes, this is all about…

James King: Data Capture. You’re looking at June 1st to June 12th, 162 CoolSculpting opportunities that were sent their way at basically $5 an opportunity, we’ve only spent $900. These are services that cost $2,500 – 4,000. So we’ve given them 162 opportunities and the return on this is astronomical, just closing a handful of these. At this point, it would be a 20:1 return on what they are doing, and this is what you’re going to find out. There are certain services coming out of this lockdown that are going to be vital and key – like CoolSculpting. Trimming off the lockdown fat. That’s what this is. Especially here in New Jersey and States that have been really locked down and stuck at home.  Which is New Jersey is one of them. You can see it. I mean, literally the first day we turned this on, I think we had something like 25 leads submissions. It was up for like five hours. I had to look at it again. I thought it was a glitch. And then we followed up in ProfitEngines. I’m looking at it and this is real. Right. So here we are with the 12th day in and it’s still going at that pace. It’s not even a thousand dollars in on the spend yet. So like I said, there are some services, no matter what, in the med spa or the medical field that people need the most.

And I think that’s what you want to do, you want to market your low hanging fruit. This is not the time to market some niche service that nobody knows about yet. This is not it. You’ve got to find another way to do that. But stuff like CoolSculpting, physical therapists, chiropractors, and so forth, people still spraining their ankle. People still go back, so it works. We’re just absolutely crushing it. And we’ll see the ups and downs, what people want, what they need, but overall, you know, in the medical field and med spa field, just a basic kind of understanding of your market. Let people know you’re following guidelines. Now get the hell back in here. That’s basically what we’re saying to our clients. Just let their patients and customer-base know and they’re getting a great response. We’re still in this kind of demand that’s going on right now. How long does pent up demand last… a week? a month? two months? Then we’ll adjust once the demand kind of teeters down and we’re back into normal.

Matt Coffy: You know, a discussion which we’ve been talking about, which is out-of-the-box thinking of great opportunities and really just allowing yourself to not be scared to get in and jump into the market with some opportunities that are really going to be unique right now. They’re not going to last forever building the database that I keep telling people is that you may not get the the client today or you might not get the sales today or the revenue today, but it will come. And we know this because there’s a summer, there’s a winter, there’s a night. There’s a day. There’s a COVID. There’s a non-COVID. I mean, this is going to happen. There’s going to be a turn and it might take a little bit of time. But the data that you collect during the times when other competitors are not collecting it is the gold – it’s literally building a pile of gold underneath you. As the people who make decisions to come out and get comfortable, then you have the ability to remarket to them cause you’ve got the list, their information, and that’s why this ProfitEngine is working really well. We time it up so that we continue to talk to the client and emotionally engage with them. So James, thanks so much for being on the podcast today. We’ll do another one of these certainly. And we’ll go through some other numbers and it’s great stuff and glad to talk.