142 – Observing a Better Mindset in Today’s New Society

In this episode of the ProfitEngines podcast, Matt shares valuable insights from an 80s series and relates it to our society today.

It’s still best to see the positive in our environment despite the current battles we are fighting.

As we go through this pace on our life, we should keep it together and guide ourselves until everything gets back to normal soon.

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August 6, 2020

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MATT COFFY: Alright story time. This is a discussion around today’s environment where we try and think about things that are positive. And it’s very difficult to framework up a positive scenario when there is so much strife going on in the world. And I want to talk to you about a series that was in the 80s, a television series, and I want to relate it to today’s world and some ideas on how to compensate for driving better behavior and better mindset in amid a lot of the chaos, or perceived chaos, that we have today in the pandemic world, as they might call it, or we just call it in today’s new society. So this series was called “Touched by an Angel”. Back in the 80s, it was very important for a lot of people who were watching some of the traditional series on television to watch something sort of different that was more along the lines of less, let’s just say racy.

There was a lot of 80s sitcoms and production that was based off of what they would consider, not racy now, but back in the day, it was sort of a, let’s just say a little bit avant-garde, and it was important for the networks to provide quality programming. And there wasn’t a lot of quality programming that related to religious content that would make it through. So the producers in the 80s had to be thoughtful about how they were able to step over the borders to not seem sort of pious, but more thoughtful. And one of the scenarios that was out there was a show called, this “Touched by an Angel” and what ended up happening, if you’re not familiar with the show, is that the Charles Landon, who was the main character, and Victor French, who was his sort of sidekick, where they came from, sort of the demise of little house in the Prairie.

But what ended up happening was the clandestine meeting of those two individuals as characters worked really well and the plots of all the series, but the general gist of this was that: Landon was put down into the world as an angel. And he was put on the Earth sort of solve general problems that were occurring, that were not recognizable by the people that were the problem makers. And in addition to that, he had a sidekick who again, Victor French, who was the one who was sort of watching this as a human, not as an angel. So you had an angel in a human sort of working together to sort of be a Batman and Robin of solving, you know, sort of self confliction, self challenges with individuals problems in society, where there was seemingly no way out. So the angel had certain powers that he had sort of granted to him.

And the angel was able to do certain things that were, let’s just say superhuman, or in addition to being superhuman, they were sort of a mystical. And there was always a plot twist through these episodes where they ended up sort of in a precarious position, but through some sort of miracle, things turned around and the angel was always providing not necessarily spiritual guidance, but corrective guidance on being aware of people’s misgivings, but not correcting them by telling them that they were being incorrect, but guiding them. And this guiding is what you see in a lot of movies, such as Star Wars, where you have Obi-Wan Kenobi and the people who guide the, let’s just say hero through the journey of their awakening to a better place. So why I’m saying this is that it really relates back to awakening ourselves to guide ourselves.

So if you can pretend that there’s two people inside you, there’s the person who is the human being sort of just watching everything and trying to figure out what’s going on. And the whole sort of digestion of today’s congestion of social media news, and reports, and things that just basically add up over time and time and time to just, you know, clogging the brain. And then you’ve got the angel on the other side, who can somehow have a miracle and get out of this. And it may not always be exactly perfect, but this angel is the guide that will take you through and get you to the other side where there is resolved. And I think you have to make these two people in your head today. You have to have the angel that has super powers that can see above and beyond this, but doesn’t try and correct the matters.

Doesn’t try and go and tell what’s wrong or what’s right or blame, but to take the actions that are needed to get to the other side. So for instance, I think a lot of people are starving right now for some sort of resolve to their own situation, but very few are making the concerted effort to solve that problem. There are certainly obstacles that’s for sure, but obstacles are part of life and being distressed and being challenged is part of life. And the sedimentary world that we had before COVID, you really do understand that you have a different set of circumstances now that are not going to be sedementary, that there’s going to be effort. And I had mentioned it before that I thought this is basically like the training period. Right now, you should be thinking about all of the aspects of life and training on all of them, whether it’s educational, financial, mental, health, they go on forever. But you should really be thinking about how you can be the angel and guide your human that’s your other side through this. Guide. You don’t have to say right, wrong or indifferent, you have to just guide. And that means not choosing sides. That means not being presumptive or assumptive, that you’re right or you’re wrong, or the other person’s right or wrong. But it’s being you and being the best you can be and be the angel that takes you through this. As we get to the other side, there will be resolved at some point. All things come to an end. This too shall pass.