150 – Is your marketing not working? Here’s 3 basic easy tips to help you earn more money from your marketing efforts right now

Some marketing plans don’t automatically work and some do. It takes experience and patience. In this week’s episode, you’ll learn to audit on your own, get tips on improving traffic for your website, using information to your advantage, and other winning marketing ideas that will boost your online presence and get you more clients.

An effective marketing strategy isn’t made overnight. But, finding the right plan and system for your Medical Practice is as simple as tweaking and fine-tuning what you already have. Learn how to use homepage discounts and offers, common Q and A’s, keywords, and other marketing tools to your advantage and immensely boost your online presence.

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October 16, 2020

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MATT COFFY: Alright. So today we’re going to be doing a review of how to do a self-audit. We have a lot of clients that come to us. And the first thing that we do is we take them through an audit. What I’d like to do for you is to show you how to do your own audit. We’re going to do an example of a client that we just picked up as a new customer this week. so we haven’t done anything yet, they literally just signed up today. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to show you what we’re going to help them with. There’s a lot of things that we discovered when we did an audit, and I would take you through these things and you can do this for your own website or your own marketing. So think through this, as I walk you through the steps that will help you discover some of the gaps that might be in your strategy.

Now, this company obviously does IV rehydration and they are in Amarillo, Texas. But one of the questions we have is when I come here as a potential customer, what’s the first thing that I want? Most of the time, what I’m looking for is an offer. You can see on their homepage, we don’t have any offer. There’s no reason for me to click on this if I was looking for something specific to make me take action. So we always want to see an offer on the homepage, especially now they have made an appointment which is important, and they have obviously a couple of different locations. So that’s important too. But, the real strategy is to look at trying to build a case for some of the click-on-something’ like, “Your first Hydration, 10% off,” or ” Click here to get a $100 gift card to use our services.” So there’s all sorts of things that you can do to get people to take action. You want to take a look, I’m going to just pull up a random site of what we suggest that people do. So this is an aesthetics shop here in New Jersey that we supported for a while.

We can see right on the front page, there is a claim to get 10% off your first service. This gets hit hundreds of times with people entering their information. So, you get a client lead by default, that they come to the page. If they want to engage with your business, you’re already giving them a great customer experience. And we can go back to this site, and we can see it’s good to have somebody make an appointment, but really, you haven’t given me anything of value yet. So, this is why we suggest to put a offer on the front page. Very simple, easy to do. And you start to collect data instantly as people come to your site. So let’s take a look at what’s going on with the traffic here. So naturally traffic goes to websites and I typed in IV therapy. I have my browser set for Amarillo.

And what do we see is we see an ad that comes up, it’s a paid ad. Okay. Let me see the map location. So we can see that they’re here. You can see they’re in the middle. And the question is, why are they not at the top? You’d think with all of the reviews— and it seems like they’re pretty much the only game in time. Why wouldn’t they be on top? Well, I think if you look at this closely, you’ll see they’re listed as a doctor. So the category isn’t correct. So what we’d suggest is that they list themselves as either a health spa or anesthetics, because they’re really not a doctor. They’re actually in the business of providing health services to consumers, not a physical doctor. So this is the thing you have to think about because Google’s going to categorize you based off of what you put in your Google maps location.

So we would go back in, correct this, and then they would be on the top, because they would come up— because they have obviously a lot more reviews, they seem to be more trafficked as well, and the other question you have to always ask yourself is can they provide some content on their location? So what we would also do is make sure that there’s plenty of activity going on their page. You can see that there’s no other activity on here. This is updates from hydro pros and there’s no updates. So we want to get this to be updated constantly to give Google a good sign that they’re in business. Now here’s a tool that we use all the time called ahrefs. Now, ahrefs is a tool you can click, start trial and you can get a free trial, but this will really give you an idea of what’s happening.

So this is sort of seeing inside of the inner work. And so let’s get that website again, let’s take their site, and we’re going to drop it right here on ahrefs . Again, you can just sign up for a free trial and do this. And so what we have here is a reflection of the traffic that’s going to the site. So we can click on organic search. We could see that it looks like they’re relatively active. That’s not a place that’s invisible, meaning that there is a good amount of organic traffic coming to this site. But the question is, when we start to look at this is: where is the traffic coming from? You can see there, something happened that you can see that there’s a lot of keywords that were being found and then they disappeared. So something happened just after, somewhere around January of last year where they had a lot of organic traffic and then it disappeared.

Maybe they had a website change and didn’t do the SEO properly, but what we really want to see here is we want to look at the organic keywords and what their found for. You can see that they have the number one keyword: IV therapy Amarillo, and the traffic is 28. So that’s great. But we also see that there’s a lot of standard sort of keywords that are just one-sided. So we’ve seen very, very few other keywords. So they’re sort of a one-trick pony. And that means that they don’t have a lot of keyword selections in their content. So if we go back to their site, if we go back in here, we see there’s no blog, there’s only the services and the services themselves, the IV therapy. They have a great amount of content in this, but you also see there’s aesthetics and this concierge, and there’s specialties, and none of these things are coming up organically for them. And let’s take a look at this. All right, so here’s their aesthetics page.

This is it. So really, no content. There’s no blogs, there’s no content on their pages about the topics. So we go back into looking at real pages that have got tons of information. I’ll just show you another one here. Let’s just do the same thing. Let’s do Botox here. And we can see there’s how it works, before and afters, is it safe, you know, Botox. So all of these Q and A’s that people really want to know and what Google wants to know. So you’ve got to give somebody information. So that’s why we really don’t see much other traffic coming to them. It really ends—you see that its traffic—28, 23— sort of goes to nothing after that. So all they’re being found for is either their IV therapy or just their brand name. So we want to fix that for them.

We want to get content related to their other products because they have a whole bunch of other services here that they’re just really not being found for them. They’d love to be found for this cause they have multiple services beyond just the IV services. So that’s something you can do. You can go check your keywords out and be sure to find out what you’re being found for, if you just go to this tool. Again, it’s free. You can go there and get a free trial and go audit yourself, go audit your keywords. So the next thing we want to do is check out their Facebook page. So we can see here’s their Facebook page. Looks like it has some decent traffic. It’s like almost 8,000 people follow the page. That’s great, but let’s take a look at their ads. So you can go right down here to page transparency and you can click on the ads. See more. It will say this page is currently running ads. So let’s go take a look. It says, “Go to the ad library.” So now we can go take a look at their ad library. Alright.

Okay. So we can see that they have a few offers out there. But what’s interesting, is that we really don’t—there isn’t a good direction on this. So it’s sort of not standing out to me, what the offer is. And I think that —this one’s a little bit better, cause we can see it actually has the number in there, but maybe what might be better is instead of saying the price point, maybe saying, you know, get a discount or get a offer here, or claim an offer. Cause that’s what we want people to do—claim things. So if we take a look at this, if we go to the ad detail—so let’s just go to the ad details. Let’s see, it says learn more. And that’s it. That’s a big challenge for someone. Why would you want to learn more? I think what you want to do is you want to get the offer, right? So I think you have to think about this. And it takes you to a landing page. And unfortunately, we see this landing page is very very thin with content. It doesn’t have anything other than a couple of bullet points on it. And this is fairly I would say it’s one of those things where you… Now you’re being pressured to make a decision. So I wouldn’t do these types of maneuvers, and we’re going to help them fix this landing page. So let’s take a look at how it should flow. We’ll go to a client of ours. So we just go to… this is called Ethos Spa, that’s a client of ours, and we’re going to go to their ads, take a look at their ads. So let’s just take a look at their CoolSculpting. You could say save up to $25. So now it says book now, right? So that’s a much better call to action, cause that’s what you want to do, you want to book this $1,200 off session. Again, we’re giving them an offer and we’re showing them to take the next step, book now.

Let’s go book now. Let’s see what happens. Oh, okay. So now we’re on a landing page. We see a beautiful woman. We see a staff, we see claim your discount, bunch of trust signals here, before and afters, what to expect, why choose. Really good, strong landing page strategy. So again, going back to that landing page that we just were taken to from our customer that we just signed up today. We can see when we go back to their landing page, you go learn more, right? And again, it’s not an offer. It’s just telling you how much it costs. So I think we want to think about an offer, not just telling people how much it cost. So a major difference.

So let’s go into one more thing we want to see, which is that we’re going to go to their Instagram. So again, we’ve looked at their website with calls to action on the homepage. We’ve looked at their traffic and how to get traffic better set up and how to now go through a better strategy with the Facebook. And now let’s go to the Instagram. So here’s their Instagram. And they have a lot of followers and they have a lot of posts, but what’s happening? 3 likes, 0 comments. 1 like, 0… so something’s amiss here. You have that many people. We can see there’s no hashtags. They really didn’t say too much in that. Let’s go to another one and take a look.

No hashtags, no discussion, no topics, no — really just sort of like throwing it out there, not doing too much. So let’s take a look at what you should think about. So here’s the same client we just saw before. Notice in the profile, we have to book online here. It takes it right to the online calendaring page. So that’s a little hint for anybody who’s watching this. Make sure you have your online calendar on your Instagram page. But what’s happening here? 190, 10 comments, 942 plays. 14. Why is this happening, right? Almost the same amount of followers, but a hundred or a thousand times the engagement. Well, you can see here, we talk about stuff. Look at all this stuff, all this conversation. And then, you have people who are commenting. And if you look also, we can see that there’s a hashtag strategy in there as well.

So you can go after hashtags. See all these hashtags? So you have to use your hashtag strategy when you’re going to do posts, you have to have engaging posts with videos so that people can see what’s going on here. Actually people are very interested in these services. They want to see the strategy. So these are things that you have to think about. So we’re going to help them by doing videos, like instead of doing pictures, and then we’re also going to help them with a hashtag strategy so that these posts get found. Alright, so there’s your audit. Hope this helps you in making sure that when you look at your website and your marketing profiles, social profiles, and your traffic, that you can do yourself your own audit. And if these things come up as challenges for you, well, now you know what to do with some of the circumstances that can help improve your market. You need help? Just let us know. Happy to get in touch with you and solve your challenges. Again this is Matt Coffy, CEO of PracticeBloom.