151 – How to start optimizing your Ads today, to rake in 3X more REVENUE for the upcoming holidays!

In this episode, you’ll discover how your advertising spend will be more effective using our tips! With the holidays just around the corner, this season is a make-or-break game plan for businesses who compete for their customers’ attention. We’ll show you how to keep up with powerful tactics and strategies that will win them over to your side.

You want aggressive action to prepare and rev up your AdSpend early to gain more traction for your practice. Our Best Models include the right offer and eCommerce maximization to bring in more customers. We talk about all these topics and how data is key to marketing your medical practice in this podcast episode.

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October 28, 2020

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MATT COFFY: Hey, it’s Matt Coffy with PracticeBloom, and I am going to be doing the September review. So we had a lot of activity in September. September is usually a very, very busy month. As things sort of change from one season to another, we saw a lot of increases in business with some of our practitioners who came out of the August sort of tail end blues and picked up a lot of business. In September, in fact, we had some record months for some of our practices that started to sort of hone in on that second week of September, when things really start to pop. We’re starting to see a lot of aggressive action being taken in the markets with ad spend as well. We see clients started to really rev up their spend for September, October, and into the Black Friday area where there’s an obvious opportunity to take advantage of people spending and getting lots of cards.

Let’s just say some people are getting pre-discounted strategies built already and starting to rev up for this Black Friday event, which will come up very quickly if you’re not ready for it. We’re already in October, and that means we’re only about four or five weeks away from really pushing that number out there. So that’s one of the things you might want to consider is, “What is your Black Friday strategy?” Now, September obviously was a monster month, and we found that a lot of the clients who had pent up demand from August were starting to get those people rolling over. So as those people came off of vacations, especially in the Northeast, they started to roll back in to some of the practices. Now, you know, different areas have different quarantine strategies and different ways to get through sort of the guidelines.

But what we’ve also seen is that the, some of the States have relaxing some of their guidelines. So we started to see upticks in some area. What’s fascinating as we expected is that the CoolSculpting marketing has been picking up in amazing ways. We saw it sort of slow roll through June and July as people kind of got back into it, but they weren’t ready to buy yet. But now, at the end of August, through the beginning of September, we saw a massive uptick. And I think that’s because people are getting a little bit more used to getting outside. They’re getting a little bit more used to or having that experience of doing more, larger procedures. It seemed like there was a little bit less extent in August than we expected. We thought that would be a big month, but I think people are generally having a little bit more fatigue of the restrictions.

And so they’re starting to become a little more susceptible to going out and not being as concerned even though there still is obviously some presences available where we’ve had some challenges in some States. A lot of States are starting to sort of flatten out and that makes people feel more safe. The other thing that we noticed right away in September was the change of guard of some of the ways that the med spas especially, that we work with, were marketing. And what I mean by that is that they were taking advantage of looking at different ways to use sort of language in a way that would make sense for the client if they’re in a safety type of format. So, we started to use different types of ways to present a logical case to the customer. So we did a lot of AB testing on our ads to see which ones were performing better.

And we found that there were some interesting attributions to how patients made the decision. It seemed like they had a little bit more time on these ads. They would spend more time looking at the things on the ads that were related to not only the discounts but the ways that the shops handled some of their safety procedures, which is interesting. So we do notice that we need to present a logical, safe environment to present the customers when we do the ad sets because there’s a subset that are going to be at some level of mentally prepared for that discussion. So if you have to think about your ad sets, think about the different variables of each individual client. So different clients will have different avatars, and avatars really means that there are different ways that they look about the view of the world.

So there might be some that are safety conscious. There might be some that aren’t safety conscious. There might be some that are just looking for money discounts. There might be some that are looking for prestige. So, if you can build different avatars into your marketing, you’ll find out that you need to run different sets of ads to those people. Since we started to segment an AB test, some of these ads, we found that some worked better than others based off of certain areas. And also based off of certain types of criteria within those ads. So you could run a safety plus a additional discount if they came in before a certain time. And that worked really well because it gave them a reason to come in. Plus it gave them an additional incentive because there was a tied up benefit and bonus if they came in by a certain time. That worked really well.

Of course, we’ve got Oregon out there running some certain specials that have, you know, done a little disruption in the market, but those are actually adding a little bit of flavor to some of the offers that are out there. And some people are combining offers. They’re combining a couple of different procedures into one offer, which has been really successful. And that’s working really well for some of the places that are looking to get multiple revenue spins from one client off the bat. So there are lots of new opportunities to work through. especially now we’re going to be going into this Black Friday area to think about what your strategy is going to be. We’re imploring with all of our customers because there’s been so much online buying that customers are very used to purchasing services now online that they would normally do in person.

That means, if you don’t have an eCommerce store on your site, you should really consider it. We’re seeing a lot of the eCom business for our med spas pick up, especially now that we’re going into the fall season and we’re going to start to see people pick up product. And one of the things that they’re going to pick up is gift certificates. They’re going to have the gift certificates that they’re going to buy for Christmas presents or for holiday presents. So to also consider, starting to ramp up your dialogue around: ” Hey, would you like to have a gift card for your wife, husband, sister, brother, cousin, mother?” And think about how you do that in your referral business when you start to do your outbound servicing. So, when someone’s leaving, you want to think about, how about having a gift card pickup. And also one of the things that we’re finding, speaking of eCom, is that the services that people are buying are started to diversify. You know, back in the early, spring and summer, we saw a certain amount of products that’s being sold.

But what we found is that as people started to become used to buying from like a non-Amazon or a non major outlet, they got used to buying stuff from their med spa to support them through the challenges that were happening when everything was shut down, is they’re used to actually buying now from that store, that eCom store that’s hooked up to the side of a website for a business, very simple for us to do this. And they’re buying more products that are diversified. They’re not just buying the same stuff that they did that would be normal. They’re buying additional product sets that will be featured if you actually have a store. So, consider some of the ramifications of having revenue coming from a store that you have, that’s connected to your website. We certainly can help you with this. One of the things that I want to mention as a last point of interest is that as we roll through the fourth quarter, and as we look at the losses that were incurred when there was shutdowns and when there was time where people were slowly sort of now coming out of their shell in June and July especially some of the harder hit areas.

The key right now is you’ve got a short span of time before you go to holiday time. I would say if all the time of the business, this is the time when you’re going to want to run an aggressive ad strategy for the next six weeks. Because as you know this whole thing starts to slow down right after Thanksgiving. We have a slowdown period basically right through the end of, almost through to the second week of January, but really, you only have really six weeks now to run hard and run hard at it because this is where the real revenue is going to be made for the fourth quarter; it’s from October 1st through November 25th or whatever Black Friday is. And I think this is your time when you’re going to really see the dial spin. If you can get your ad spend out there, get the clients in now, before they disappear into their, holiday, traditional regiments, because we know in December, we’re going to have sort of those two weeks that we lose at the end of the month.

So you’ve got your time now. So I just highly recommend, even if you are considering it, and you’re on the fence, now’s the time to put in the ad spend to get the client base. And here’s the key: the person who has the most amount of data, meaning that even if you’re out there advertising and people don’t come in for their appointment, or they give you their information, but they decide not to currently come in for a procedure or service, you’ve got their data. So that after the season is done, after you’ve maybe run some aggressive ads in this period of time, you can go back in January, February, March, and you can use your database and then push again for additional specials or promotions that you can run to get them to come back in. And that’s the key. Whoever has the most data wins, whoever has the most customer data at the end of the day can market, remarket, and do the best things for your practice. So we’ll see you in the next, update episode at the end of October. This is Matt Coffy, CEO of PracticeBloom. Hope you’re having a great day. We’ll talk to you soon.