161 – How we grew a business from $30,000/month to $200,000/month in One Year!

Massive business growth is what you’re about to hear as summer brings us not only the season but some hot and sensational stories from one of our successful clients. In this week’s podcast, we ride along with the ups and downs of her practice and how they’ve managed to thrive from their usual monthly revenue to a whopping 600% increase in just a year.

Success is not a straight-up journey and is comprised of uncertainties and challenges. But these never bothered our guest for this week as she never gave up on her dreams of achieving 10x of her average sales before PracticeBloom came into her life. Can you imagine a business emerging from $30K/month to unbelievably $200K in 30 days all within a year with us? Follow our podcast for this week and unlock the keys on how to step up your business big-time with us.

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June 10, 2021

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Matt Coffy: Okay. I have got a returning guest to today’s episode, and I’m super excited to have Teresa on again. Teresa say, hi.

Teresa Camden: Goodmorning, hello!

Matt Coffy: Yeah it is morning here, and we have a wonderful morning and success stories that we really want to talk about today are going to be, you know, what things are happening in your practice, which I’m super excited about because I’ve seen you since the first day I called you and you answered the phone and said, hello. And now here we are in a second episode and some really great growth. So I’m excited about that because I’m a real human interest person. I really like to hear the stories of the ups and the downs , and we all go through battles to get to successes. It’s not a straight line. You all know this, and if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re listening to this or watching this, probably if you’re listening or watching this, you are probably going to be just excited to hear about the ups and downs and the eventual success that we’ve now seen you catapult towards. So Teresa, why don’t you just give us a quick overview of you, your practice, and just a couple of seconds about, you know, how it started and then we’ll get into the questions I’d like to ask about, you know, the players that come from.

Teresa Camden: Yeah. So before PracticeB loom came into my life, and I’d been trying to run the med spa by myself for six months and do the marketing for myself. So this has been my, the med spa has been my full-time gig for the past year and a half. Would you believe we just came up on our one year anniversary and so love some great numbers to share with you on that. Prior to that, though, I had a traditional day job, traditional medical job and had been through a couple of tough, tough, tough years, bankruptcy, where I had to bankrupt my traditional medical practice because of changes in insurance, a terrible divorce, I was hit by a truck and broke 14 bones, remarried had to resuscitate my own husband, do CPR on him several times. But it just, I mentioned all that to say, to talk about staying grateful and stay in touch through those ridiculously difficult times and staying faithful and know that you got to get crushed, the rocks got to get crushed and the diamond comes out of it. And so if you’re going through the tough times there there’s hope at the other side of that tunnel, and I’ve got some good information and numbers for you on how that happens.

Matt Coffy: So glad you mentioned that because I think a lot of people, go in through their journey, don’t understand that it never ends meaning that there’s always another dip and there’s always another mountain. And that you’re going to just up and down based off of just the things that happened. And I think you’ve kind of, you’ve highlighted some crazy stuff that happened to you, but there’s also a lot of highs in there that you know, are coming out. So, where were you before? Maybe we could just start there before you kind of got involved with Practice Bloom, with our team. You mentioned that you were just trying to do the marketing by yourself, and I’m just curious, you know, how that whole thing, you know, because we, we run into this quite a bit and I understand this because a lot of people don’t want to spend money on marketing and it’s difficult because you’re hiring some unknown. Tell me a little bit where that was and what really was the catalyst to sort of say, Hey, what was the thing that was like, that got you through this and really where you were from a financial standpoint. Cause that’s probably what more people are interested in.

Teresa Camden: Yes, yes, yes. So doing the marketing on my own was extremely fragmented and I went back and counted. How many other social media marketing, or how many digital marketing companies I had been with prior to you And it’s a half dozen. So I had been with, I had been burned by every digital marketing med spa company I could list anyway. The med spa was doing okay. I was seeing five to 10 patients a day. Growth was flat. My marketing was fragmented. It was “Oh, crud, Sunday is Mother’s Day, l et’s put out an ad today.” And so it was fragmented and it was flat and then came the catalyst and the catalyst was, I’m going to say it was two-fold. One it’s from changing the mindset. And then two, just this incredible trust that I was able to unfold with PracticeB loom.

Teresa Camden: So the mindset, you know, you’ve gotta have the first class mindset shop in the first class doors, fly first class when you can, when you can imagine your business being first class. And then it just became so easy to trust PracticeB loom after just a couple of weeks with them. W ould you believe for the last year we have average 20 new patients per week from you guys? Because of the way ProfitE ngines works. It has given me this incredible trust to let you guys roll forward with what we need and with a sales cycle. And we have a short sales cycle, right These people are coming back every eight or 12 weeks, or even more for other services. With the math of 12, you can imagine that exponential growth. And so that’s going to continue to catapult us to the next level. You guys have just been exponential.

Matt Coffy: Before we got started with you guys, where were you from a revenue standpoint on a monthly basis?

Teresa Camden: Oh dude, we were like happy to be getting 30 to $40,000 a month.

Matt Coffy: I remember having the conversation with you because you were upset that you were around 30,000 and I said, you should be double that plus more. I mean, I remember the conversation with, I said, how can you be at 30,000 I mean, that’s for you as a, and I could call this, you are a superstar, meaning that I think of you as one of the people that when we interact with, you know, you’ve got a bright and cheery personality. You’ve got almost like what I would consider the perfect, optimal reasoning about this, which is that it is not like anything is possible, right? Everything is figureoutable. And so at 30,000, and so where are you today just so we can benchmark it.

Teresa Camden: We have had a, so Q1 of 20 21 was 300% over 2020.

Matt Coffy: WOW!

Teresa Camden: And so that’s how much growth we’ve had in March. I have weighed to my 10 X goal. So in March, our revenue was 200,000

Matt Coffy: Right So from 30,000 to 200,000 in a year, I think t hat’s the real story. And I always tell people that, you know, sure, PracticeB loom is a good marketing company, but I think we’re also in a way, a coach, a mentor, a partner, a team member. And I think that’s the missing special sauce that we find with us versus a lot of our other competitors are or conspiracies or whatever you’ll say. You know, we really, I think we, we sort of have a lot of the mixed ingredients that, especially for the aesthetics industry, because, you know, we’ve had a lot of the play in this industry for a long time. We don’t have to, we don’t have to ask you what you want. We will come up together with the strategy. And I think that’s where, you know, you become a team member and we look at your growth as an outgrowth of the fact that our team has got some history and maturity through this process of spending 10 years in this business.

Matt Coffy: But other than that, you’ve got great team members that support you and I think have, have rallied around your applause, especially because, we really see that the models that you did, which was that you made it through COVID without a problem. Now, everybody can say that they’ve had challenges with COVID, but I see what you did was you stayed strong through the entire framework. You never really stopped. And what that was is a catalyst as the second before towards your growth, because a lot of people didn’t make it. And a lot of people gave up and a lot of people also didn’t have the mental perseverance to really do what you’ve done. So tell us a little bit about that. I mean, I’d love to hear what sparked things into overdrive for you.

Teresa Camden: Yeah. Yeah. Once I signed on — good question — with you guys, your marketing people are so professional and have such a good background in this. When I talked to Morgan or James, I feel like I’m talking to my business advisors. They’ve been in the industry for so long and the marketing looks so darn professional and so sexy and sleek, and like a well-run machine that when people come into my office, then the first time and actually meet me, they think this is some multi- location, giant, giant industry, a giant business. And then they are no, no, ma’am, this is a one man show. Like, it’s me.

Matt Coffy: I know. I know. You know what. I’m glad you mentioned that. I just wanted to take a stop at that. We have a couple of other practices who’ve said the same exact thing, which is when we’ve talked to competitors of the people who are, let’s say your competitors, or some of the other competitors, they think there’s this monster, you know, huge machine behind these med spas. And I’m like, it’s really just positioning, authority, good strategy, good call to action and taking advantage of just human psychology and that, that whole ProfitE ngines model, is that model, which is really looking at from A to Z or from 1 to 9 which are the steps in ProfitEngine. You know, taking in psychology, building right l anding pages, coming up with a right language on the landing pages, getting through to the customer by getting the right ad sets up, getting the right mechanisms behind that, then following through and optimizing those mechanisms, getting the reporting done so we can see what we’re doing and then tying it all together with a great sales strategy, which is what you really have as well, which is you, you’re a born salesperson to a degree from me.

Matt Coffy: I’ve, I’ve heard you with customers before, and it’s just fantastic. And it’s such a key thing. Can you talk a little bit about that and why you think this is probably a piece that might be something that people can consider when they are going to, if they’re in this entrepreneurial world to really study up on getting good sales.

Teresa Camden: Yeah. How interesting, because you really need to keep that confidence that you know, you are, the listener, is the medical professional and the patient is there to hear what they need, tell that patient what she needs and then give it to him. She’s not there to bargain with you. You have a white coat on, you accept your own words is what that patient is going to get today. And there’s no questioning that. And I try to teach my nursing staff that, and as you know, mid-level providers, it’s been a tough lesson. You want every patient to think that not only is she the most important patient in your life, she needs to think she’s the only patient in your life. You’re answering her text, you’re answering her questions in detail without giving the science cause nobody really wants to get the science.

Teresa Camden: For example if she wants to know, how does the Botox work You just say it softens the muscles. She doesn’t want to hear about the neuro receptors. And it’s not because I’m killing myself and working more s o for anybody who’s thinking of doing this and taking the leap of faith with your team, Matt dude, I’m working banker’s hours, I’m working banker’s hours like 15 days a month now, which I wasn’t definitely wasn’t doing before. So, you know, there’s 300% growth d idn’t come from killing myself o ne bit. It came from your team of Morgan doing my social and James, making publishing it that just made it, made it happen. So now I’m able to have a whole team of nurses doing the evenings and weekends, and I can train them on the sales technique so I can just focus on the higher spenders, the VIP patients.

Matt Coffy: I think that’s a good thing to remember. And I just want to mention this because I think it’s important sales process a nd having that down is the difference between a really good med spa and a marginal med spa. And we, you know, and we’ve actually understood this and you know, this is that we’ve come to the conclusion that some people are gonna need help. And some people are gonna need appointment setting. You know, we’ve built that into our structure now that we can help if people don’t have a good sales staff and they don’t have people to support the growth of the lead flow, you need to book the patients, meaning that we can bring in 20 to 40 patients a week, but you gotta book them. You gotta put them in a chair. So if you’re not picking up the phone to support that, you know, so I think, you know, we’ve got the outsourced, you know, customer care center to pick up those calls and book them, which is part of the reason I think why, you know, it all works together if you don’t have the resources.

Matt Coffy: So I think because a lot of people in the entrepreneurial world don’t know where to find a resource. And I think that that’s really one of the things why I keep saying, I think we’ve , we’re trying to help and coach and mentor and bring people through this entrepreneurial experience, especially in this industry of aesthetics, because it’s a huge business. There’s so much opportunity as, as you’ve grown from, you know, 30,000- 200,000 and going beyond that, and that’s sort of what I wanted to sort of get to the next stage of this discussion, which is where do you see this going. And obviously, look, I know, you know, this is a time horizon. And not everybody wants to, you know, own a practice forever. And, we have a lots of our practice owners w ho’ve started other businesses, who sold their businesses, because they’ve been successful enough to move on to other worlds, but we also have lots of people who, you know, let them med spas run on their own with a person that they’ve hired. So where do you see yourself taking the med spa. So maybe someone who’s watching this now and they say “Boy in one year from now, I could be doing that,” but then what’s after that?

Teresa Camden: Yeah. Good question. Good question. I’ll start with the longer term. So the kind of middle term goal, which was in the next 2-5 years, stop doing this full-time.

Teresa Camden: So in the next two to five years, I would love to sell the practice and just work here very part-time. And so if there’s a buyer out there who is interested in a very l ucrative business, you know, we’re going to be for sale, and then you’re in the moderate term, but the more short term, you know, I continue my 10 X goals and write your goal down and then freaking figure it out. Don’t try to figure it out first, write your goal down. I remember a year and a half ago, we had a really good week and we had, we had $10,000 in sales in one week. And I thought it was really good. And I met my husband and I said, do you think we can do that every single week And he said, “absolutely!” Well, then I 10 X to that goal.

Teresa Camden: And we want a hundred thousand now, every single week. And that’s the new goal. And so I’m halfway to my 10 X goal already, but there’s two new services that we’re adding. And, and I think Morgan, my CustomerB loom contact is just amazing, has been amazing and helping get these off the ground. So the one new service is going to be the IV hydration bar. So have people come in on Saturday and Sunday mornings and get them hook up to their drip and then two, believe it or not, we’ve had all this growth without having body contouring. We don’t have body services here. Can you imagine what the growth is going to be once we had the body contouring and you guys are experts in that.

Matt Coffy: Yeah, we’ve seen, you know, the 400,000 range with some of the people who are doing the body contour, right. And they can get the machines up and running and full speed. it’s a life changer, and I love the IV. Let me tell you, if there was a way to park outside of casino on a Sunday morning, I would just do mobile casino IV. B ecause the casino would probably pay you to stand there, get these people back in line.

Teresa Camden: Yes! Get’em back in the casino

Matt Coffy: Exactly. What’s interesting and I , we see sort of fluctuating services through the aesthetics space with different, the things that people gravitate towards. Obviously body contouring is super hot right now. And you know, this industry is growing very very wildly this year because of the release of obviously a lot of people from, you know, being afraid to go out and, you know , the expenditure level is off the charts.

Matt Coffy: And I’ve talked to a lot of our clients and they are experiencing their best years ever because t hey’re literally rebounding from last year’s tidal pool. Right. Which was the tide goes out, but now the tide comes back and I want to ask you, you know, what specific operational flow has helped you. And I know this is part what we do well, which is we help people organize their lead flow and manage that process. Is there anything specific that really has helped you catapult yourself through the operational aspects because obviously people are interested in who are listening to this, or a person who might be watching this might say, well, that’s great, but how the hell, how the heck do I do that Like, that’s so much stuff, right?

Teresa Camden: Yeah. So the, the one answer is that there’s the obvious physical answer that you can answer for me, which is you guys manage the leads and we have an incredible call center. And if there’s a med spa out there, who’s interested in getting contacts for the, for the call center where everyone speaks fluent English and just really does follow up on the leads. And that’s, that’s actually the easy part. I’m hands off on that. I can’t even tell you the details of the step by step, how the patients gets booked. What I care about is the end that I got 22 people in front of me every week. But then besides all that is, my PracticeBloom coordinator a nd I just agree that perfection is the enemy of progress. We’re not shooting for perfection on every single idea. And we just have so much fun on that.

Teresa Camden: Of course, we’re remote, she’s in New Orleans. She’s not even close to me. I’m on the phone. We just have this sisterhood where we can mention an idea to each other, that you just crazy and terrible, because every idea is crazy and terrible at first, and then go with it because that’s how progress happens. And so I’m completely confident that this trust in the sisterhood is a big part of that operational flow. Apart from the real answer that you’re probably looking for, which is the physical, how the patients go through that, go through that step there. And this just allows thoughts to become your destiny. You know, your thoughts will become your actions and your habits and your destiny, and that allows these thoughts and all the thoughts are stupid at first to really happen. And so, so much of it is this incredible trust that I’ve been able to put into PracticeB loom to allow that growth

Matt Coffy: Well, and I appreciate that, and I think that’s a really good sign. And I wanted to sort of wrap up this. We’ve been speaking for a while now, and I really am excited to see your growth. What makes you feel confident about these goals?

Matt Coffy: What drives your seemingly unending I guess you could say exuberance is the best way I would say. I’m just curious because with a lot of people obviously have got different ways to get themselves to be positively positioned, might have some sort of habits that they do or things that, maybe exercise, what is it that gets you to be, and this is for again, a human interest story. I’m curious, you have a lot of customers. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes and colors and whatever. They’re all different. And I always wonder what makes the customer who goes from zero to a hundred much faster, than a client that goes from zero to a hundred much slower. Because to me it’s all mechanics, right and you just said like, you ` have, you get the ads running yet. You have a good coordinator and you have a good account manager and, you know, you just sort of run. And if you’re closing your closing, but what makes you feel more confident maybe you could give some assistance to people out there to give them that confidence that they could do it.

Teresa Camden: That’s really interesting. which throwing me off here, cause I wasn’t really ready for that one. And my answer may be a little more food for you. And I’ll say it kind of in a secular way, say it in a secular way. And then I’ll say it in the more religious way, which I believe actually I’m going to do it backwards. I’m going to tell you th e r eligious way first, which is pray like it’s done. Pray like God’s already blessed you with this. And so then the secular way is I do write down my goals still every single day. So right now I’m still at that 10 X goal of $100,000 a week. Every day. It says that I’m, you know what, my weight is, my goal, my what my weight is, which is maintaining my weight, not, and, and that I am making.

Matt Cofy: We don’t want to 10x our weight.

Teresa Camden: Right, okay, so it’s not a goal. It’s an, I am the business is making $100,000 per week. And I can’t talk to her because I probably have patients waiting on the other side of that wall. And so, pray like it’s done and write it down daily, like it’s done and visualize it as you write it down, say it in your out loud voice because those thoughts really do become your actions, which becomes your habits, which becomes your freaking destiny. And so visualize it pray like it’s done, write it down like it’s done and, believe it.

Matt Coffy: That’s awesome. And I think that that was one of the answers I was going to say, that, you know, if you have a plan, you’re actually a lot further ahead than a lot of people who just don’t have anything but just play it by ear or in a lot of the cases that we run into, which is unfortunate that they’re just off the cuff and they’re spinning in circles because they haven’t really figured out even the basics of trying to understand how to get to a number. Like what are you going to do stuff , you want a hundred thousand dollars a week. Well, how do you get there? Well, if you need help, go find a resource, find someone like yourself. I think, you know, you’re a great resource that maybe even people could speak with. And that, again, as I said, your mentorship and your coaching and your ability to help, you know, your own team puts spread out to others who would be interested in talking to. So please, if you’re listening to this and you need help and you need some coaching, I think Teresa would be a great person to speak with in that regard.

Matt Coffy: And I think you’d be welcome to that as well, because you know, we all try and help each other. And sometimes I just get on the phone with some clients that may not be the right fit for us. And I just try and help them make better decisions and help them with some better buying habits that they could maybe, maybe not from us or maybe not from my company, but maybe from else who can help. And that’s why I’ve always felt if you help people out, no matter where you are in life, they will come back.

Teresa Camden: Amen brother, along those lines, i f anybody wants to get ahold of me, if you go to the contact us on my website, it actually comes straight to my inbox, the website is NewM edica lSpa USA.com. So it’s new spelled out n-e-w, NewMedicalSpaUSA.com go to contact us. I’m there to help you.

Matt Coffy: Good. Well, we’ll see you in episode three. I’d like to get back in maybe, the end of the year. And let’s see if you are at a hundred thousand per week, I would love to have that story as our next journey for you to complete. Teresa, it’s been wonderful talking to you a nd again, thank you so much for being on this episode and I can’t wait to learn in the next one.

Teresa Camden: Thanks, Matt.