171 – Spring Cleaning Marketing Plan, how to double sales the next 90 days

We’ve helped a lot of clients throughout the years, and we know how the industry works. So, we’ll be doing an audit of one of our very own successful clients to show you amazing tools and tricks of the trade that you can bring into your own business! In this podcast episode, you’ll hear more about ad strategies, where to put your offers, and more.

How do you know if your Marketing Plan is working? Do you even know how to make it work? In PracticeBloom, we’re constantly perfecting the different strategies for marketing and advertising your business, so you know we know what we’re talking about when we create ads for you. So buckle up and listen to this podcast as we audit our very own client’s business, and give you FREE tools and tips that you can use for your very own business!

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April 4, 2022

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Spring cleaning marketing plan - podcast

MATT COFFY: Okay. So what we’re going to do today is we are going to do an audit. So I’m going to show you what it looks like when we do an audit for a client. The concept is, is that you can take these ideas for your practice and put them into play. We’re going to go through the website first. Then we’re going to look at their Facebook ads. And then we’re going to look at some of the other things that are involved in this business, such as where they’re placed in what’s going on with what’s happening. Now, one of the first things I see right away is I don’t see an offer. Right here is an absolute gold mine of people who come to this website that should be given an offer, which is 10% off your first visit, a hundred dollars off any service that’s at the door, right

MATT COFFY: So we’re missing a very clear element right away to try and capture data. This is all about data capture. So the most important thing to do is when someone comes to your website is how can we get their information to give them value So just putting a statement out there, doesn’t help. Now. Obviously we’ve got all the treatments here and again, same issue. If we just go to the Botox page here, what you’re going to see is read more… We’re missing an offer. Right We see pricing, which is really interesting. So, so we’re interested in giving some pricing, right, but we’re not interested in giving them offers. And now we’re going to be, we’re going to be brought to maybe a general pricing page. Oh, okay. So again, here’s a huge photo, Paul. you’re you’re basically saying, okay, here’s my pricing go. Find someone else who may be cheaper.

MATT COFFY: Right. because this is sort of giving away your secret sauce as a client. I mean, as a, to your client, which is that, here’s my pricing, here’s my pricing. Right So I understand that most people think that they need to, you know, be relevant, but this is where if you’re going to do something, what you may want to do here is say, even if it was this simple page, which is a hundred dollars off, first time client click here to book your appointment, right So that’s an incredibly important thing to think about. You know, one of the big issues we see all the time is not thinking about the customer journey when people put together websites. So again, just think through the basics, and this will help you. So I would suggest if you’re going to go to a page, have your offer right here, hundred dollars off your first session or 10% off, get your pricing.

MATT COFFY: And when they say pricing, I think you automatically end the story. If you bring them to a pricing page, then they click back on, they’re done. Why not get their information and then take them to a pricing page, right Special pricing click here. Okay. You get your information. I think that’s where you start to get into the process of really thinking about what you’re trying to accomplish, which is that you want to bring data into your business. Now let’s look at the next strategy here, which is they are running Facebook ads and this particular thing. So we’re doing an audit. You can see here’s their Facebook page, which is fine again, but they’re then putting their offers in their Facebook page, right So you have 30% off introductory offer, but no one sees this because this is an ad that’s.

MATT COFFY: I mean, a post it’s not being posted into, the ad strategy. But if we go to the ad management, so now let’s go to the ad. So now we can see the ads they’re running these, these, these Cryo skin ads, which are fine. But remember, one of the things that we’re trying to do is, is get someone’s attention. And you’re, jamming all these things into one little thing that’s being shown on someone’s phone. They can’t really see this. It’s, it’s almost, I can’t even really see this. What you really want to do is you want to put your offer in your language right here, a hundred dollars off or at the bottom, so that people see what you’re doing. The offer needs to be present. People buy because they’re provided value. So put your offer as much as you can to be prevalent.

MATT COFFY: If you see any of the other competitors in the market, you’ll see, they’ve always got 50% off, 20% off, a hundred thousand percent of $9 off, whatever it might be that they put it in into thing. Barely can see this little, a hundred dollars off first session, limited time. I’m like, okay, we see this again. And this is going back. This learn more is not going to a separate page to talk about learning more. And actually you don’t learn more. All you’re given is information about how to give you your, your name and your address through Facebook. So that’s not really a true statement. If you really want to take this, you take them to a landing page with the offer and the strategy. Now we can see here, this little video is probably the best thing that’s on this entire screen, because we’re actually seeing what’s what this is about, but we don’t see any faces.

MATT COFFY: So I’d recommend if you’re going to do this, zoom out, show this procedure, get rid of these pictures. Cause we understand what the concept is. You’re trying to jam so much into one little frame, Jim out, zoom out, let’s see a practitioner, let’s see a face of the, of the, of the person who’s not in pain, right They’re enjoying it. And so that we actually see the whole thing. And I think that’s a critical component again, way too much information. No, one’s this, it’s on a phone and it’s, you know, bad lighting. You’re never going to see this. this is, again, we, I get the concept of what they’re trying to get at, which is the new year’s resolution, but let’s talk about what bullet points should be here, which is that lose weight. You know, not painful, all the things that people need to see in three bullet points to make a decision with the offer, a hundred dollars off or 50% off or whatever the number is that you need to put in here, don’t make the costly mistake of running ads and not having intention built to make it simple for your patients to understand what’s going on.

MATT COFFY: And yes, these may work to some degree, but the comparison of having a very, very obvious offer, a very, very obvious strategy. Again, this is a perfect one that would have been a video. And then that would have worked real well because it would’ve got someone’s attention. We’ve seen the whole thing, but we don’t have the offer and we don’t have the bullet points up top here. So bullet point bullet point bullet point actually offer bullet point bullet bullet point bullet point that will skyrocket your conversions. Now let’s look at just the next thing, which is we want, so this is obviously this, this, this company, although they say they’re integrative health care, 90% of their business is just all a med spa business. So this is where the main business comes from. And so if we try and type in a med spa near me in the area, we see here’s your ads, but we don’t see them come up in the directory listings.

MATT COFFY: You also don’t see them coming up in the map listings below this. So their main theory is that they are listed as a wellness center. So Google’s going to completely treat you differently, then a med spa or so you have to be very careful about how you list yourself in the listings, because this will eliminate you from the map pack. So someone searching locally for this is never going to be able to find you if they’re looking for those general med spa terms, which is, if you gotta be careful about what you do, when you start to set yourself up, these things can be changed pretty quickly. Here’s another thing we also see Groupon offer. And the question is, if you’re going to be doing Groupon offers, why not run them in Facebook How much money can you possibly make off of $40 when you could run 175 in Facebook and then do a 50% off and not have to pay Groupon half of this money anyways. So you know, these are the things,

MATT COFFY: You know, when you start talking about profitability and doing things correctly, you can run goop, Groupon type ads, but run them under your Facebook ad. So that when, when you, when people are actually going to find you, they’ll be taken back to your page with a landing page, but then even have other services. So these are some basic things to think about for your own website. If you’re watching this for a way to think about doing better with your business, hope you enjoy this audit. I’ll do more of these. If you’re interested.