173 – 3 High-Performance Secrets to Getting New Profitable Results Quickly For Your Practice

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June 20, 2022

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MATT COFFY: All right. We have another session, with James today, and this is our February, 2022 edition. Of course, James and I have been at this for 10 years. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years, but, something that, you know, we have a lot of familiarity with, I think the ins and outs of this business, and we see some highlights and we love to show what we’re doing in the field. And I think to me, I look at, the variety of clients we have. And so we’ll go through a couple today. so James, let’s start with something simple. We’re going to do a screen share and let the person who’s watching, or the person who’s listening to this start to see what we’re doing. We’ve, I think what interests me is a lot of clients who are, or have trepidation who are potential clients, even some are concerned about when they get loaded up, right. They’re like, “Well, how long is it gonna take to get clients?” And, ” you know, I’m not sure.” And :you know, what am I going to make my money back?” and lecture about ” You know, what the framework is, this is going to be”, and you know, this is going to be like a 30 day window or a 90 day window, or how fast is things. So I think it’s great to do a real-time thing where we had a client came in a couple of weeks ago and let’s talk about what’s happened.

JAMES: Sure, sure. Hello everyone. Yes. So we have a new client studio, 48. It’s a med spa, offers all your typical MedSpa services, microneedling, Botox, liposuction, and even throw some chiropractic in there. We started them officially… I think the ads officially were approved and went live February 2nd. So we’re about two weeks in two weeks in, as you can see on the screen here, you have, bowed, is that 66 and about 80 leads in so far.

MATT COFFY: You’re sharing your screen because I can’t see it right now. So just to,

JAMES KING: Oh, okay. Sorry about that. Let’s just get in there and share screen. There you go. You see it now. There we go.

MATT COFFY: I don’t see it yet. There it is. Okay. Good.

JAMES KING: All right, so what’s up go. What’s going on everyone Yes. So we have studio 48. They just launched about February 2nd. So we’re about two weeks in, when we’re shooting this podcast. they’re your typical med spa offering All the typical med spa services. Mike renewing, Botox, liposuction, and a little chiropractic thrown in there too. So we started two weeks ago. they have about 80 leads in so far.

MATT COFFY: Let’s talk about the timeframe here just before we get started. So I know I spoke with the owner of studio 48, similar about mid January was interested. and he said, you know, if you guys can help me out, let’s get started and, and so forth. And we went through the strategy of what we were, I think around a week later, you decided to fill out his paperwork and then his payment came through the, around the same time to get started. So he started, he actually physically signed his agreement, around the end of the month of January, like the last week of January. So I don’t know the exact date. So he was up and running by the 3rd of February that you’re saying

MATT COFFY: That’s right. Yep. Okay.

JAMES KING: So it was about a week. So you’re getting the last week of January, he signed, he got started. And so within now, two weeks after he started, he has 80 leads. So that tells me, and that tells everybody who’s listening to this. It’s not a function of how fast does it take I think it’s a function of your spend, which he has a decent little spend. And I know you can go through the numbers with it, but it also comes down to the fact that, you know, letting us do the work and just getting running and not overthinking it, I think is the biggest thing here, because I know in the beginning he did that. He sort of stopped us in progression. And we said, look, you know, it’s just, you know, what you’re hearing is

JAMES KING: It was just two days in. We had just launched two days later, it was three days later, or three days in that’s a hit point. You got a little nervous. we had told them don’t be nervous and there was no need to be. And it shows, we met with him a week later and he absolutely loved where we were going with this. And yeah, a, he, you know, it, it takes a while to ramp up, but I’ll tell you, he has good offers in the market. the targeting is on point, you know, we’ve been doing this, like you said for 10 years. So we know how to target Botox users and liposuction users and microneedling users is what we do really good at it. just some certain markets because of different advertising spends in that particular market with competitors, you know, sometimes it’ll come hit the ground running.

JAMES KING: And then with literally within the first six hours, you’re really cooking with gas. And sometimes it takes a few days, right So Facebook and find a way to place you in their ad queue, you know, with other competitive, competing med spas and ed spends. So in his particular case, it was around day five, day six, where the system finally optimized and found his place in the queue to target, you know, his audience, correctly. And since we’ve started, you know, those 80 leads they’ve turned into what is this now, February 3rd. So we’re what two weeks and almost a little less, a little day, under two weeks, they’ve already had three people sitting in their seats for three Botox appointments and they have over 21 scheduled for the month of February already. So, you know, you’re looking at a, you know, 25% booking rate and, you know, out of that 25 that came in, you know, another 10% I’ve already just sat in the 30 paid.

JAMES KING: So, you know, they did. So like in his particular case, like you were saying the, the ramp up and getting nervous and you know, we’re not moving fast enough. It’s, it’s, there’s a lot of, factors at play when you’re doing this, you know, the offer, the, your spend, you know, the market you’re in, you know, the competition you’re up against, and we know how to handle all of that. And we’ve seen that, and we’ve done this for so long that, you know, after a couple of days, we kind of know what that factor is, you know, and then we can adjust accordingly. That’s what we did with them, which was, there was no adjustment. It was just kind of hang tight. You know, they’re just trying to optimize you right now. And that’s exactly what it was. Right.

MATT COFFY: And that’s why I was saying, I think in his case, which was interesting and not saying anything wrong, or he’s not doing anything, but he got very concerned about sales copy and it wasn’t working for this and it wasn’t working for this reason. And we had said, look, all the points you’re bringing up are valid. We’re not saying that they’re not valid, but 98% of it doesn’t matter because the market is the market and the market’s not going to care what color your ad font is or what your, you know, which way the picture’s looking. And a lot of this stuff is just sure, in the broader scope of things, when you talk about a demonstrative difference in a versus B of course, there would be a, a positive moment that we wouldn’t say that, but when it first starts out, it’s offer over everything. It’s what’s the,

JAMES KING: And the Facebook paradigm is it’s offer targeting and then creative and copy. Right, right, right, right. That’s the paradigm that, that’s the secret sauce. If you want to know that that’s, that’s how the batch, the way how you approach these, you have to have that offer if your offer is no good. You know, and, and we’ve had that with some clients recently where they went from a really good offer to a really bad offer and things started to kind of trend down and it was obvious, you know, you increase the offer of your service and, and now your competitors came in and just took all that business away from you, as simple as that.

MATT COFFY: So just for entertainment purposes here, what are the costs per leads in these categories since we’re on this screen, because you can sort of scroll over and we can see the acquisition costs.

JAMES KING: Sure. So what you’re looking at here is, and I’ll work my way up is for our liposuction, you know, these, and these particular services, they charge thousands. He’s getting them at $16, 1595 per lead. He’s gotten 20 in less than two weeks, Botox, low teens, $14, you know, right on the $15. And they’ve gotten 39 of those and they’ve been booking those. and then the chiropractic. And actually, it’s funny, we’re having a meeting with him today to talk about chiropractic because these have all been booking, you know, come in, they’ve paid. And if they haven’t come in and paid yet, they’re on the books for the med spa stuff. So we’re having a conversation on how to integrate, chiropractic into what is a med spa. Those two, normally don’t really sync up, but we have some ideas of how to make it work and actually speaking with him today and we’re going to be making those updates. So he is getting the leads for chiropractic, even though he’s a med spa, it’s just, like I said, there were med spa. So that’s where they’re focusing. We’ve gotta, we’ve got to kind of coach him around how to book these, which we also do this kind of.

MATT COFFY: Yeah. I think that that’s a very common, interwoven discussion, which is multiple multi-practice strategy, which we do really well at when people have multiple practices within their, their location. And we find this with guys like this, like these guys who have got a wellness practice and, in a obviously med spa combined, you know, husband and wife type thing. And we’re seeing this more often than not, when I think one of the practices sort of fades and then the other one picks up and most of the times, because people want the cash and carry business in the med spa side. So it we’ve seen it with, I’ve seen it with optometrists. I’ve seen it with dentists. And I, you know, obviously PT and Cairo is very common to have multi-practice, strategies. And it just doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s, something that, is a business model that, you know, people need to pursue. But I think we happen to have multidisciplinary capabilities because we’ve worked on so many different campaigns in the medical threshold that, you know, you’re right. The coaching on how to work these together and cross pollinate. These campaigns is great. That’s awesome. Yeah. Why don’t we get into the next,

JAMES KING: That was a new client, right. Brand new. So we’re going to go to one of their clients. BHRT HR T training. course they’ve been with us, since, wow. I would say, about eight months, nine months, 10 months, eight months. Right. I’m just looking here at a 30 day. Look back right now on what they’ve been doing recently in the last month. And yeah, it’s, it’s really simple. They do an ebook download for their main campaign that kind of gets something in the potential, client per patient, student’s hand cause they’re giving training courses gets it in their hands so they can learn about it. Right. they put that in there. we’re also running a web traffic campaign. Right. And we’ve kind of taken their online course, you know, and kind of broken it out into little video clips to kind of tease people, you know, and we’ve also made this a downloadable to also download the ebook, but this gives them a little bit more where opposed to, you know, our main campaign where it’s just a picture of, of the ebook that we’re doing.

JAMES KING: So we’re getting it. And here’s another thing as a strategy of using both video and photos as creatives and using two different types of ad products. One was just a photo ad. If you looked at the web traffic one, that was a carousel ad, which you have multiple ad spots in there. So, you know, you want to make sure you appeal to all potential users that, you know, some people just like photos, some people just like videos, you know, some people like to have a lot of information. So we’re targeting the same audience with a variation of creatives, approach. And it’s all for the same thing as to get this download. Right. And then we’re doing a retarget already. So everybody that downloads the book or it gets to the landing page or clicks on the web traffic ad, we retarget them again, with the same thing with an ebook download, right.

JAMES COFFY: So that that’s, that’s their strategy. They want to get that in their hand. Once they get that in their hand, their inside team follows them up, ask them questions and then gets them on the books to, do a training course. Right. And then what we just recently launched, just what is this January 25th, again, two weeks ago, they have like a subset course within there that we’re running, a campaign for which we’re using these, this re all this audience to retarget for this course. So, I mean, they’ve gotten 15 of those leads at $15 each. and I think right now on the books out of those 15, this last month, I think six or seven have signed up for the course, which is, you know, a 50% booking rate, which is great, which tells you that, you know, sometimes doing too much overwhelms people. So we took out subsets, see, we’d spoke with the client. She said, this seems to be the one that people will really gravitate towards. We said, fantastic, let’s run this specifically. Right. And it shows in the numbers and it shows in the results of them actually booking courses. So, yeah. And that’s that give and take with the client too, right? It’s learning from them and then understanding what works, what has been working for them. And then kind of reapplying that into the Facebook and Instagram is

MATT COFFY: Right. And a different subset of clientele here because we’re going after medical practitioners, nurse practitioners, medical offices, you know, people related to the business. So we’re not going directly to clients. This is a B2B strategy, which is a unique way to look at it. So they’re selling a $3,000+ course, and we know that these people who are interested, you can’t just sell them a course, you get them educated before you get them into a funnel, right? So this is really an educational funnel that then brings them to that consultation phase. then as they go through the consultation phase, they sign up and we’ve had some really good results, with this particular client who is, and it’s taken a while to figure out what’s the best thing to get that will match what the audience is looking to imbibe or consume. But because we know that just sending, you know, a general, I would say ebook download is okay, but you don’t get a quality prospect. And what we figured out is if we went, as you said to these subsets and figured it out, let’s go specific into each one of the subsets. We’re getting 50% conversions because that’s found out, you know, they’re looking specifically not generalist,

JAMES KING: Correct. I mean, Facebook ads and real life shopping. The consumer is always the same. Everyone has their own specific, product or service that you’re looking for. Right. It doesn’t change in Facebook ads or anything. And that’s like I said, that communication with the client and learning that we just apply that on, on our digital Facebook advertising. It’s just as simple as that.

MATT COFFY: Right. And then across the boards, they’ve had, you know, a hundred plus leads come through in the last 30 days. And I know that they’re proposing well because they’re very, very active with,

JAMES KING: Well, look at this. I mean, you know, since what is this, this is off right here. We, we jumped in about eight months ago. This is, this is not all of us, but yeah. In eight months time, you know, and, and to be honest with you, it’s not a big marketing budget, a couple of thousand dollars a month. Right. So, you know, it’s, it’s a, it’s a low risk approach to Facebook ads and they are definitely have made their, you know, their returned back tenfold, if more than that. Yeah.

MATT COFFY: Good. Okay. So now we’ve done somebody who just started, we’ve done someone who’s now targeting practitioners and targeting like a different set of subset of candidates that is more B2B, but still in the medical world with no hormone training and hormone related study, let’s move on to a traditional and let’s see someone who’s been with us, you know, sort of a long-term and we can see some really interesting numbers. And I love to see, like, this is, I think they’ve been with us for multiple years.

JAMES KING: Yeah, actually, yeah. I have it here for two years, but we had switched to a new ad manager. So this is actually just two years of, I think, about three and a half of four that they’ve been with us. All right. So yeah, I mean, this is a aesthetic commenced bond, Paramus New Jersey. They’ve been great steady. They are one of the clients that we’re actually not nervous in the beginning. You know, we, you know, they kind of put it in our hands. They, they knew what they were good at. We know what we are good at. And it’s been a great synergy since day one with them. And they were a startup. So we started right from the ground up. I was there shooting video and equipment was coming in, you know, it wasn’t even fully stopped yet. And they’ve been running, like I said, the typical med spa services, CoolSculpting HydraFacial Botox, laser hair removal.

JAMES KING: These have been they’re, you know, they’re, cornerstone offers. And, and really, honestly, maybe we changed these offers a couple of times. That’s more than a couple of times, I would say maybe about every quarter, if not every quarter, at least twice a year, because they work. And that’s the other thing too, that people have to understand with Facebook, especially with someone that we’ve been with for so long. And we can tell you as a matter of fact, if something’s working and the offer’s good and you’re booking, you’re getting leads and you’re booking them, never change things just for the sake of changing things, right. If you’re making your, if you’re making your return and everything’s happy, cause that’s always another downfall with a lot of businesses, things are going fantastic. And then they try to change it up. And I always pushed back from that.

JAMES KING: I go, we can try run a parallel and see how it does, but never just do it. And that’s what they’ve done. They’ve kind of been straightforward. I think the HydraFacial we’ve changed the offer twice, three times since we started with them, the CoolSculpting we’re kind of subjected to CoolSculpting as corporate offers available, but we always kind of find the one that appeals to her market. The best Botox has been $99 a unit since you know, the beginning of time. All right. And laser laser hair removal is a, is a, is quite a good, a good percentage off, for first time, customers are, that’s what we’re appealing to here. And the cost per leads have been fantastic, you know, for services that cost hundreds, if not thousands, you paying an average of what is this about 20, $25 a lead overall, you know, CoolSculpting where their total ticket price can be like four or $5,000. You’re paying $33 a lead. That’s a no brainer. same thing with HydraFacial

MATT COFFY: Ups and downs, you know, and I think that’s the key here is that they stay consistent and didn’t shut things off when that’s, when you get problems, because then you have to, the algorithm has to find you again, put you plaque slot you back in. It needs to now think about, do I put you in or the other person in or the other practicing, you know And there’s, as

MATT COFFY: The other thing is too mad is, you know, with the CoolSculpting, I’ll give you some just, you just said, you don’t shut it down. But for December and January of this past year, when the Omicron hit, there was literally no one calling them outside of our ads or responding to our EDS. People just were not going to go anywhere period for such a big exposure. So, you know, these kinds of things like HydraFacial Botox blades, you can book a month out, you know, but they just didn’t want us. My point is that we did pause actually. and we just reallocated into these and then it filled up their appointment book. You know, as soon as the I’m a chronic led up mid January, beginning of January, they, they were stocked right there. And now we just fired up the CoolSculpting again, here. This is literally just started.

JAMES COFFY: So ignore this cost per result. It’s literally started like three days ago. It’s just, it’s, it’s optimizing right now, but we throw it back into, we throw it back into place with a new offer, a better offer. So my point is you can shut it down. We don’t suggest it, but if you’re going to do it, when you come back into the market, you better make sure that offer is way better than one than it was before we shut it down. Right. That’s that’s the, that’s the strategy to something like that. And then, like I said, 99.9, 9% of the time. Yes. You keep things going no matter what. And except for health emergency,

MATT COFFY: Obviously there’s some variances based off of geographic territory and

JAMES COFFY: Correct. Correct. Correct. Exactly. But, but that’s how you do it.

MATT COFFY: I think these guys show the enormity of the market. That’s what I think that I was trying to get at, which is that 741 HydraFacial leads 513, Botox leads 408. Laser hair leads 613 general leads on top of that like 1400 lead ad campaign. I mean, these are just, you know, think of the money. Not necessarily from a perspective of that, every one of those leads turns into a patient, but you know, even a one out of three or one out of four, I mean, it’s going to be, you know, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars at the end of a couple of years. I mean, you just can see this. So yeah,

JAMES KING: And this particular client, and we’ve had multiple clients like this and I wouldn’t be surprised cause this is what happens when people stay the course, I will make a prediction on this podcast. And so make sure you screenshot this and save this within the next 12 to 60 months, they will open a second location. That’s what happens because we’ve seen this happen with a bunch of our clients where they stick it out, they make the investment, right. They book and it becomes a point where, okay, we just literally cannot fit any more people on this, on the appointment book in this location. What do we do You open up another one. So what’s that Not just

MATT COFFY: Med spas,

JAMES KING: Not just mess with us. Know if we’ve done this with chiropractors physical therapists. Sure.

MATT COFFY: We have to be careful that the audience that’s listening or the person who’s listening right now, we may say like, you, you know, this is not just only segmented into just these categories. We certainly have other, you know, we have a panoply of different medical, conditionals, but I think at the end of the day, the model is still pointing the same direction, which is consistency and give yourself the opportunity to let this stuff work. Patients and delivery will come to those who will let the systems do the job because that’s what they’re there for. And then let us hone in like sh like sharpening the knife over time. You know, we can get sharper and sharper, but it doesn’t happen right off the bat. however, you shouldn’t be afraid to get your toe wet and just jump in and get things running because you will get, you know, pretty good consistency as we saw from the first, you know, one that we shot.

MATT COFFY: So James, this is great. I, I think, you know, let’s do another one of these sessions, soon, either next month or the following month to go through a couple of other campaigns. But I hope that was enough for the listener or the watcher today to make you aware that this stuff is we’re coming up to the very, very, very busy season for all medicals, whether it’s, you know, everyone, laser hair removal season, make sure you get that laser hair, get it off your legs. Each sport in front of practice. Now have people coming out and especially in the Northeast, they’re going to be starting to injure themselves again. The PTs. Yeah. Yeah. It’s going to happen. So lots of stuff. So thank you, James. Appreciate your help. And look forward to our next one. You got to talk to you later, guys.