162 – The 2 Secrets to Maximize Profitability From Your Leads

Get ready for more profit in your pocket as we take you on a journey of how a few changes in your marketing campaign can maximize your profitability. In this week’s podcast, we learn about using your own content with less ad spend, and how our client successfully upgraded their business and profit because of it.

Marketing isn’t about luck. Chances are, you’re doing something right now that can be hindering you from getting the most out of your practice. But with a little help from us, you’ll be able to maximize your profitability in a short amount of time. Just like our featured client today, you too can get great engagement at less cost per lead, set up your own branding campaign with your very own content, and more. Check out the podcast today, it’s time to level up your business.

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July 26, 2021

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Matt Coffy: So today we’ve got a story about Central Texas Spine

Matt Coffy: I really liked this one. And I’ll tell you why. It’s interesting. First of all, we’ve had this customer with us for a long time. They started as, a very interesting account because we had to sort of go in and, shoot some video, refresh their website, do some, some general kind of cleanup. But now it’s gotten to a point where, Dr. Dryer, who’s been a really, a really good candidate for us to help support the strategy of how we use the pain assessment tool and how we get patients to come through. You know, you can see how well he’s doing because one, he, he does the things that we’ve always asked people to do, which is just gives a simple little snippet content, which is great. And, and that’s all, we, we don’t need to bother anybody with content other than just giving us some, some basic stuff and what they do, on a daily basis or weekly basis or whatever.

Matt Coffy: And he likes to do it, which is good. But the other thing is, is that when you look at a guy like this, who, who does a lot of surgeries and has a lot of active action, for his, clinic or his, his practice, he, has really begun. And I think this is where James can come in. He’s really begun to have a good cost per lead acquisition strategy, right So we really narrowed this guy down to having a tremendous, acquisitional target costs lowering over time. And it’s been that way ever since, even with Kobe, which we can talk about today, but what’s really cool about all of this is that, you know, for very, very low costs, this degeneration of activity is, is amazing. And this is because we’ve been building content over and over and over. So James, why don’t you take it away Talk a little bit about what you’ve been up to, and we’ll go through the Facebook ads and what, we’ll talk a little bit about what, what he’s done, and cost per acquisition and so forth. Sure.

James King: He runs, we run shoe campaigns, we drive traffic to his site and we also are doing an ebook download for him. it’s how to choose a spine surgeon. It’s kind of a way to introduce himself to the, you know, new eyeballs that we’re running ads to. and it’s worked really great. we run into the same audience. Now here’s the kicker to all of this. He spends you ready, $500 a month in ad spend. And he’s generated multitude of, clients, patients from these ads. so money very well

Matt Coffy: Time to get there. I mean, it wasn’t like that all the time. That’s the thing, right We’ve, we’ve, don’t just down over years, you know, so that he’s gotten such a, such a big audience he’s built that’s the key,

James King: Correct Correct. Correct. Correct. Cause remember, like you said, we, how long you’ve been with us a few years now, more than a few years. and we’ve built up to this. What I’m showing you right now is from the first day pandemic really started first week of March and to today. and like I said, with the minimum budget we’ve been running, the web traffic, which has driven over almost 3000 people to his site, which like you said, have filled out the pain assessment forms have driven phone calls, just direct contact sign-ups right. And that is really a branding campaign that is driving those conversions. Right And then we are running what they call a, lead ad set, where they kind of easily submit their name, email and phone number. And it triggers a, ebook download that gets emailed to the person, you know, submitting their information.

James King: And it just had to choose a spine surgeon to understand like what, how he operates, you know, his, his, way of doing business. So to say, and introduced to them, to him because he’s a spine surgeon with medical doctors, you know, they first come up on your feet, you know, who is this person What do they do And what, like you alluded to before One of the key things he does is he does testimonials and he does that, which a really cool way of doing it. You know, instead of just putting the patient in front of the screen, he sits there with them and has a conversation. So it kind of humanizes the spine doctor. So, you know, between the web traffic and, you know, the download and his videos and a really website that’s humming along, it’s worth it. He’s been one of our top clients, you know, and he’s been a great, a great case study, which we’re doing right now, you know,

Matt Coffy: Could you open up like a 30 day window for us to see like, what happens in like the last 30 days So this is take an example. So if someone’s watching this, they can say, oh, well, that’s great. But what happened in the last 30 days

James King: So we drove 110 unique people to his website. Okay. And at 90 cents per visitor, and we’ve driven 34 leads into his CRM, at $11 per week lead for that ebook download that we discussed. So, I mean, you know, and look at the spend right here, 4 95 and yeah,

Matt Coffy: I mean, it’s amazing to get to $11 per lead for a spinal surgeon is, is unheard of, I mean, if you’ve run pay-per-click ads for spinal surgeons, I mean, it’s two to $300 a lead. And, I mean, for a solid lead, obviously these are downloads of eBooks. So they’re there in the maybe middle funnel, you know, they’re in there. So you just do have to call them afterwards. Obviously they have a front desk that calls them. And you know, when we start translating this to revenue, we know that he’s super active and that he’s actually, you know, tapered his spend because he’s so active with his coming from the consistency of this, meaning that if he’s getting 34 leads just off of $500, when he was spending $3,000, he was getting, you know, six X that. Right. So, and I think it was excessive and that’s why we pulled it back a week.

Matt Coffy: We throttled the budget until we found a sweet spot. Like you said, it took time to get there. I think it was about all in all, about six months we were going back and forth with a budget. And then we finally found a sweet spot of a budget and the amount of work that he could absorb. And it was around the $500 mark, which means that our conversion rates will ha right, right. You know, obviously sending him six times this, he can only do X amount of operations in a months time or, you know, two months. So we throttled it back to the point where he could absorb that work. And this is where we landed. Yeah. And obviously we’re doing other things for him. it’s just not the ad spend. We’re doing, you know, a little bit of SEO work for him from a local perspective, we’re doing a little bit of content


Matt Coffy: We’re doing a little bit of everything. So

it’s, it’s sort of like all those things combined.

Why don’t you show, maybe

if we can find one

of those examples of a testimonial video that show or use it showing up. Cause I think that’s the key is like, why are these things popping I think what’s happening is we’ve got a whole bunch of them. You can see that there’s, you know, w w we’ve got, we had a different version, the one that’s performing best, the best ad is at $9 that one’s coming in at $9 a lead, which is crazy. but let me give you an example right here. Hold on. Let me, while I’m on for you,

Speaker 4: I’m starting this video a little bit differently than some of the ones I’ve done before. This is Dr. Dryer. This is the x-ray of a patient that we’re going to talk to. He’s found a fusion from Tito to the bottom of the spine. That’s what it looks like from the front. And that’s what it looks like from the back there’s alignment is excellent. He had multilevel degenerative disc disease and have intolerable rapt pain. He couldn’t puncture, you works in the oil field, our production supervisor. Tell us a little bit about what your pain was like before your surgery. My pain was getting to the point it was unbearable. It was, I couldn’t even walk. And you went through physical therapy and medications and all that sort of thing.

Speaker 4: We’re able to function at work well or not No, it was called some big problem at work. My head down rushing angles so bad. We’re since nights out, you’ve started going back to the gym. You’re working at work as a construction supervisor. What’s your pain level now, compared to what it was like before the surgery pain level now is nothing like what it was before. Right now, late in the day, I might get up to a three. Okay. Takes up latch or no clue. Okay. And what are, what, what are you doing on the gym Get on the treadmill. Get on the treadmill, treadmill, working for working on treadmill, particularly just working on the leg, strength a little bit on a bag. How far can you go on the treadmill I’m doing a mom. I have two moms I’ve ever done that before the surgery. So you’re working on your leg strength and you told me you’re working on leg press and she, oh yeah. How much are you pushing on that 500 pounds I couldn’t do.

James King: So that that’s, that’s basically, then he wraps it up from there. So, I mean, not the dryer, you know, he’s, he, he really takes the viewer on a journey, right Shows the shows, the operation shows the patient and then kind of walks them through it real simple, but so effective. And it shows obviously, because the re the way you get to this $9 a lead isn’t just because, you know, it’s because of the content that basically Facebook rewards you and says, listen, there are a lot of people that are engaging with this, which means they, they are interested in the story, you know, and you get rewarded by getting these kinds of low cost leads right here like this.

Matt Coffy: Right. Well, there’s two other pieces to this. As one, you know, we’ve been, we’ve experimented. You can see there’s not, or 10 different ad sets. And so 10 different times we’ve tried different things. And we’ve, we we’ve learned over time, what works the best and what we’re putting the most effort towards. It’s almost like, you know, we’re leveraging what he’s given us. And then we work the details out on what works best within Facebook. We figure out its algorithm, and then we turn it around to get the best performance at lowest cost.

James King: You have to understand that the feed is not a static, medium. It changes in sort of the people, you know, so a video that works 12 months ago may not work two months ago. Right New people come on, old people drop off. So that’s what we do. We, we keep it, we keep an eye on which ones the audience is gravitating towards. And then we kind of serve it up to them until they’re sick of it or leave. That’s basically it, you know,

Matt Coffy: One of the other things, if you open that back up, and I know we didn’t talk about it before, but if you open that ad back up and obviously, you know, this goes into Instagram and all the different feeds mobile and desktop, but we’ll get the amount of comments on that, on that, on that ad. Yes. Yeah. So what you’re really also seeing, and I know you might not be able to display it

right away, but what you’re also really seeing is engagement. And I think a lot of the marketing companies, don’t what the value of engagement is. And the value of engagement is, is more important than even your views because what’s happening here is that people are going to now click the button. It’s a soft sell for a download. and, and that’s the, that’s the key is you don’t, you you’re, you know, this is all middle funnel activity.

Matt Coffy: People have made a decision that they’re looking around. Now, they find this doctor and you can see this is this dozens and dozens of comments. What that’s triggering is a very simple, psychological, trans transition for someone, which is that if they’re doing and people are talking about it, then I got to know about it, right And when you run these ads, enough times, you can see there’s 239 people have liked it. There’s 63 comments. People are going to say, what the heck is going on Why am I not in here I have bad back. Why do I now, obviously not everybody has such a dire situation. So there’s other ads that are running that are going to be a little bit different. And then we just kind of run them all together and you come up with a mixology. And this is sort of the, I would say the alchemy of, or almost alchemy of gold in this world of, of marketing is to, is to find these snippets of content that play well.

Matt Coffy: And that use the forces of the algorithm of Facebook to sort of deliver the right type of mechanism for someone to make a decision. And usually that’s what’s happening is that they’re getting that download of the e-book and the download of the ebook is just more of a, you know, sort of a, okay, great. They get the content and they might peruse it, but really what’s happening is that that’s the first sign that they’re saying, okay, I’m going to reach out for help. And then, you know, they get a call from the office and then it’s on its way. Right.

James King: Correct. That, you know, it’s yeah, it’s a combination, plus, I mean, if you look at his common thread, Matt, it’s all wonderful. There’s nothing, we’re not blocking anything out. You know, this is all real people. Pain-free, pain-free wouldn’t choose anyone else like that sells that’s what’s, it’s, it’s the, it’s the social media version of a referral. That’s what you’re looking at. And referrals still are the strongest form of marketing, right. So it’s just being propagated by a social media ad, but, and that’s why he does so well.

Matt Coffy: Yup. Yup. And it’s, it’s proven the point that, you know, you can get decent leads through Facebook for spine and Instagram for spine. You don’t have to pay through the nose. Like we know other people do to just buy the leads from a Google. You can do both, obviously. And then we started that way, which is that we were running a pretty extensive budget. And pay-per-click when we first started at many years ago and we were running an extensive budget, but we we’ve honed it down. And it really proves the point over time. You know, there’s some advantages of leverage of, of learning and having a good team behind you to help support your growth and really, to, to make a shortcut of the whole discussion. It’s really understanding mechanics of all this stuff. And we try and help people understand this, but it’s best to have a professional work with you on this, because you’re going to just end up fighting your own battles of trying to solve Facebook’s challenges, which might be, you know, at some point we see a lot of people who can’t even run ads because they they’ve, you know, they’ve tripped up so many wires within Facebook and they’ve gotten themselves Xed out of the ad campaigns because of the ways that you have to be very careful about presenting the doctor material on, on, especially nowadays when there’s, you know, things that have to be considered in, in Facebook’s a proprietary system that trips off all these sort of, I would say, woke alarms.

James King: Yeah. And they call it, they call them community guidelines. But yeah, that that’s, you know, generally it’s, you know, they, they want you to stay away from certain things, but it’s always changing. And that’s the point, you know, at what, what was, what, what worked last week, you know, is not working this week and so on and so forth. That’s how, that’s how Facebook is not very good at telling you when they make the changes. So you have to be on it almost every day to understand it.

Matt Coffy: Yeah. And that’s the, that’s sort of the end of the rope. James is wonderful talking to you about this example and we’ll do other examples. And I think this is a shining a bright star of the ability to really maximize profitability for these, leads that are coming through. So thanks for your help. And we’ll talk to you on the next episode.