Backward Prevention: The Art Of Saying No

In this PracticeBloom podcast episode, Matt Coffy, the CEO of PracticeBloom, talks about the importance of learning how to say no if you want to move your business forward and have it grow to new heights.

Alright. Welcome again to another journal read. My name is Matt Coffy. I’m the founder of Customer Bloom. We do these readings off of my personal journal from time to time usually a couple of times a week. We go through a couple of interesting points that you might find useful in your entrepreneurial journey. We’re on our first seven figure year here as an agency, and we’ve grown up through the last couple of years to understand certain facets of the business.

Hopefully some of this knowledge can pass on to you and to think about things in your daily life that can improve by listening to some of the experiences we’ve had in building our company. With that said, let’s get on with today’s entry.

Today, we’re talking about backward prevention, the art of saying no. I like this one. I really thought about this journal entry as I wrote it down because it really pertained to some things that I think are critically important.

It’s hard to say no especially when guilt and the feelings of the past echoes back to you because the future is what you decide at every moment. That counts in every moment. You have to think about this especially when your habits start to form around your willingness to make change. Part of the big challenge in growing a business is changing your habits around your business models and the structure on how you basically go about your day.

When we want something, it’s very hard to unmask the elements to solve these problems by going into the past for answers. Moving forward with the people and places that support your cause is incredibly important, and looking into the rear view mirror has no place.

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘It’s hard to say no especially when guilt and the feelings of the past echoes back to you.’ @mattcoffy” quote=”‘It’s hard to say no especially when guilt and the feelings of the past echoes back to you.’ -Matt Coffy”]

I’m saying that the past doesn’t incorporate part of what you’re thinking about, but think about this. A racing car has no reverse gear. You have to really think about moving forward and not looking at the past always for answers. I think a lot of people get stuck in this sort of tide pool. This process of there’s no magic wand to create the change we’re required to move forward. Only really discipline of learning and get experience and actions from others really brings things into forward motion.

Failing to listen to others has been the biggest hurdle for me. I’ve taken advice from higher ended folks and decided to still go my own way, and it ends up hurting me in the end. So people who have already been down the path, we have to think about this and listen to ourselves, and that’s the biggest hurdle is saying no sometimes to other things that aren’t going to help you move forward.

Planning your future in these activities is the strongest weapon to achieve these results. But very few of us take these actions. We have great ideas but we don’t take the actions. So we’re not listening to ourselves properly. We’re not saying no to the day-to-day hustle and yes to the ideas that will make a big change. This is the real antidote for the malaises in life and that’s really because we need to take the effort to make these ideas actually get executed on.

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘One of the big challenges in growing a business is changing your habits and how you go about your day.’ @mattcoffy” quote=”‘One of the big challenges in growing a business is changing your habits and how you go about your day.’ -Matt Coffy”]

Why do we do this constantly? Why do we go back to old traits? In personal life, you eat this wrong food, you drink the drinks, you don’t exercise. Why do these things continue to happen? I always wonder about this. So it’s the ability to have a forward thinking idea and to visualize the horizon of that, of our intentions. This mighty why, as what I call it, where we really think around that destination and we have to get our heads around that early in the day so that as we go through the day, we’re reminded back to the ideas and things that we want to execute on because I think this is a big challenge today, this consistent reminder why to be excited and to never look back and to say no to what we know is really the wrong things to do. I think this comes from a very basic thing.

Training ourselves especially in the mornings to use that GPS, to know that you’re going somewhere, to look at the attitude and the ability to constantly remind ourselves about the objective and the future and why we need to go where we need to go.

For the first few hours, I think it’s critically important in the morning to gain knowledge and to also transfer knowledge. This is where I think the pleasure comes from the joy of knowing this destination. How often do people just immediately start to get on their email and start to jump into doing things for other people before they start to think about their own destination? I know it happens to me constantly and so I’m very cognizant of coming in early and spending two hours on building my knowledge, connecting with new ideas, and then expanding upon that and doing these videos like this or doing some other work that now brings out some of the knowledge base. It helps me retrofit sort of my knowledge base into a condensed version of thinking through what I want to accomplish.

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘You have to really think about moving forward and not looking at the past always for answers.’ @mattcoffy” quote=”‘You have to really think about moving forward and not looking at the past always for answers.’ Matt Coffy”]

The passing of the joyfulness comes from that and I can continue that momentum through the day. That takes saying no to other things, and I think that’s a big part of why I’m trying to get this backwards prevention from happening. So many days start with just the fires and the emails. You’ve got to think about how you set up your day properly.

Knowledge is where we can make an impact and planning this in our world is just critical. This backwards prevention out of anything else is critical because sure, we can do the work for the people. Sure, we can get up and start immediately into the process of working. But is that really all there is to consider when you think of the day and how you’re going to be able to get that push through to know where you’re going? I think a lot of that gets lost in the day-to-day shuffle.

Maybe once in a while, the big fulfillment is more about having choices at the end of the day. So what are we really going towards? From an entrepreneurial lifespan, we’re trying to get to freedom. Freedom is really the time. So really looking at the time of the things that you want to do and that freedom. So encapsulating that into your process, setting up your day. It’s really what we’re all after. You can’t get there by thinking backwards. You’ve got to think forward and that starts by setting your day up properly.

Hope this helps. We’ll see you in the next episode.