Getting To Why – The Ultimate Journey Of A Business

In this PracticeBloom podcast episode, Matt Coffy shares that getting to your why in life is not as hard as what most people think. Learn the steps you can take to know your why and how to make it happen on a daily basis.

Alright. It’s Matt Coffy here, the CEO of PracticeBloom. It’s another journal entry reading. I do this from time to time during the week usually a couple of times to go through what’s on my mind, and hopefully some of this information can help you through your entrepreneurial journey. This one we’re going to be talking about getting to why. Why it’s not so hard? Let’s delve into this and talk about getting to why.

Being on CNN earlier this year really was a wake-up for me. It made me think about why we’re here. It’s very short time we have in life to pursue greatness. The significance is a big challenge for me, and it’s also a big challenge for other people to figure out why we’re doing it. The short answer is really I’ve been circulating around this for a while. After seeing myself on TV and understanding the ramifications of having a voice where millions of people can hear you, the question is, what am I going to do with this platform, right?

It’s not about really being an agency where what we do here as a marketing company, but really it’s more about getting myself out there. I was thinking that being able to take it up a notch and provide the value in the uptake in my positioning was really a big, huge whim not in an ego level, but the point where the connections with my people who I know increase.

A lot of people came to me and said, ‘Hey, you’re on CNN.” But the point was what was I going to do with that? The validity and the presence to work at this platforms and to gain a following and what do you stand for, so this is where I connect the why.

What’s the point? These questions are valid and they help us offline and online and they may change. Your viewpoints may change. But overall when I get my jollies from the general significance of being onstage and being in the media, I was thinking maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s just delivering the message whether that message is today about marketing or tomorrow about self-improvement.

Ever since I got onstage when I was younger being in bands and being obviously now a marketing guy getting up on stage and talking about marketing events, I get this stepping out and being recognized gig. I get that. But everyone wants to pursue this feeling of appreciation. But how many people actually do it? That’s where I was thinking this is where it is. It has to be somewhere around the confidence factor.

How do you habitually set yourself up to do this? I was thinking about the crossroads of delivering value and showing this ability to have scalable wealth because that’s sort of where people get. They get confident. If you have scalable wealth, you’re like “Whoa, okay tomorrow it’s going to get better.” This is building out this confidence and this is the theory I started to get around this why for myself.

That’s a pretty cool why. Getting to why is the ultimate journey. It’s not again about wealth. It’s about the value of bringing this ability to help other people bring the confidence forward that they can be secure and their families and so forth. I think that’s where this ends up being. This learned experience is really how I’ve been able to transfer this knowledge base. This does not come easy and it takes real discipline to make it happen.

Slowly as the wheels are turning and the shift of this paradigm of this valued trusted communication that gets through me by being on stage and doing these activities, it starts to help me deliver this why. But I need to shave off parts of my day so that I have this. Like today, doing a video. So think these are the critical components that I’m thinking about that are very important.

My why is really about continually fulfill the why and planning around it. Sometimes a clear windshield makes a better place to see through, and I’m starting to see some of this as it was an early indication when I finally reached that first pinnacle of being on the media network.

These things I’m thinking about, and what I wanted to help you think about was how you get to your why, so sort of five steps. They’re who are you, what do you do, who do you do it for, what do they need or really want, and how does it make them change or transform. I’ll give you an example for me. Who am I? I’m Matt. I own a marketing company and I’m an entertainer. What do you do or what do you love to do? I love to entertain and perform and keep people qualified within the range of those spectrum.

So I’m qualified to do some marketing strategy. I’m qualified to entertain as an entertainer. Who do you do it for? I do it really mainly for small businesses and other entrepreneurs. What do they want or need? I really think they need the information to be confident about their decision making. How do they change and transform? Well, they get stronger and grow.

If you put all that stuff together in a sentence, then you can do this yourself. Think about this. Who are you? What do you do? Who do you do it for? What do they want or need, the people you serve? What happens and how do they change and transform because of what you do? Think about that. Think about those five pieces when you go today to do your daily duties. We’ll see you in the next episode. Hope you enjoyed it.