How To Build A $700,000 a Month Digital Marketing Business With Kotton Grammer Part 1

Matt Coffy: My favorite episode so far is my good friend here Kotton Grammer is allowed to see inside his head for the first time this year. I think this will be the only podcast you’ll probably do so please if you have the opportunity to listen to any of my podcasts, listen to Kotton. He is an SEO guru. He is part of OMG machines if you don’t know OMG Machines please go look them up. The real story here is his mindset. I’ve had to split this in two because it’s worth really looking at relaxing in between sort of sections here and letting this all flow through so we’re gonna have a two-part session here. We’re gonna go through some of the mindset training Kotton has in the second one but the first thing to really understand the story where he came from, why he does what he does. Again this is a guy who’s doing 700,000 a month in recurring revenue with a very small team and it’s just amazing that this just happened just a few years. Great story. Listen to this episode. The next episode will come out shortly and this’ll be a two parter and enjoy.

So I have got Kotton Grammer on today on the podcast and what’s making me feel warm and fuzzy about this is that we know a lot of the same people. You have got the company of Fledge and Mike Long and Floyd and all these guys, we all sort of know all the same people, at least people who are in the know of SEO business. They kinda know, how did you get involved? Let’s just start with that Kotton. Because you are very well-respected and a million stories about how fast you’ve grown. Your business, where did it all come from?

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Kotton Grammer: It’s a very interesting story. I love my grandmother and she had 12 months to live and I was in the financial position at that time to where I really was stressed at my corporate job. I really wanted to take a year off spend with her. She’s very important to me so during that time while I was taking care of her. She couldn’t walk. She had to be on oxygen. I wanted to find a way to make money online so I dipped into my savings and all the money that I had at the time and I kept pumping it into these gurus that are out there that have all these courses and what I found this is a lot of them was pretty empty. You buy a course; you’ll be left alone. you buy it, you’re gone. There’s no support. There’s no explanation and I always felt like I was getting half the story, not the full story that they’re really doing because they just didn’t connect the dots with me.

So my late grandmother had passed that year and it really affected me deeply and I was still frivolously trying to find something and I ran across that guy named Alexander Packer and clicked on one of this ads and started bouncing on some of his YouTube videos and I said you know what, I wanna do consulting. This seems like this is the missing piece to the puzzle. Every business needs one thing and that’s traffic. So I went from there and Alexander Becker recommended a group called OMG Machines. A very expensive program, and I was very scared. I was literally down to my last $8000 and the program was $5000 at the time. Jumped in and basically just got my head down. It was really hard.

My father who’s very successful, in all ways wished deep down, he never told me that he would have a successful son. This is as successful as he was. So when I go to tell my father, so what are you gonna do? Well you know I’m gonna make money online and he always get this kind of disgusted look or this confused look from friends and family cause they think you’re gonna do what? And yeah, I’m gonna make money online. I want to do this and obviously without explaining too much what search engine optimization is and everything. One month goes by. I didn’t make any money. Father checks in on me. How’s it going have you made any money? No. I haven’t’ two months goes by, three months goes by, still I’m trying. I tried to get a couple of clients for search engine optimization and couldn’t.

Finally, at day 100 to the nose, I get my first thousand-dollar client. I’m so proud, I wanna go and tell my dad. His response was wow, that’s great. So when you get to straight, you spend two to three months, you’ve got a client that’s $1000 a month and you got a course you’re paying $5000 a month for. And you expect me to congratulate you. At that point in time that really kind of let it fire up inside of me and the next month, I was able to scale up to 14, then it was 26, a 100, 150, 200. In my agency, I’ve only got me and one other assistant. We’re doing close to 700,000 a month consecutively. Every month. I’ve never had a month where I did now.

To close loop on the story is, my father is very proud of me at the time and he’s so happy I didn’t listen to him at the time. He says this is one of the few moments of your life where I’m so happy you didn’t listen to me. And he was very, very proud of me right now but I got all of my background in all of my foundational information from OMG machines which as founded by David Mills, Mike Long, and Greg Morrison and since then, I’ve came in and kind of turned the whole thing upside down. They offered me a partnership inside the business so I’m now one of the partial owners of OMG as well.

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Matt Coffy: Amazing. What do you tribute that hockey stick about cause that’s sort of where I think of us as an agency. We’ve been doing this business for a couple of years. Just like you we’ve grown but we haven’t grown to that level of substantial revenue in the amount of years. That growth component. Is it because of the customers you approached or because of a mix of services and products? Cause that’s my question that was burning as I was thinking about $700,000 a month, what that would represent to the ordinary human being.

Kotton Grammer: It doesn’t even register in my mind yet either. It’s still kinda surreal. To me it’s happened so quickly. Who’s ever listening to this, I want people to understand it just didn’t happen overnight. It seems like when I’m telling the story, it goes from grandmother to boom, I’m doing this. And it’s far from that. I’ve been developing this for two decades. I’ve spent ten years reading every motivational book I could get my hands on. I was also a consultant for fortune 500 companies. Some of the biggest household names from American express to Verizon. I would go in and coach them on sales and it just kinda redesigned their whole staff and I’ve probably sales trained well over a hundred thousand people and OMG alone over 10,000 people. It’s not a quick success. It’s with everything people always look and say man you rose so quick but I used everything that I had and every piece of failure and knowledge that I’ve had over my accumulation because I’m in my mid 40s right now.

So I don’t believe I would have this same level of success if I didn’t run into this in my 30s. it’s just a lot of experience and a lot of failures. And one of the main things that I believe in that I felt that’s got me successful this quickly because a lot of people have had a lot of motivational mindset stuff that they learned in their early 20s and they’ve had a lot of business experience. There’s one key role that I’ve always had and hopefully this helps people. I made a change when my grandmother was on her deathbed. Her last words were “I worry about you.” And the reason she told that told me and it cut through my very heart was because she’s seen an average man. I never wanted my grandmother to look at me like that because she believed I was someone special and it really lit up a little fire up inside me so what I did was at first day that I got all this information about how to generate traffic and everything, what I did was is I sat and I visualized, I said, what am I living my life right now the same way that someone would be the owner of a hundred-million-dollar agency?

What would that look like? Would I wake up at the same time? Would I talk to people the same way with my confidence level be the same? So I sat down and thought about and I closed my eyes. I encourage you to do the same thing. Put yourself in the position of your very successful, that people that depend on you. Would you act any differently and I found I wasn’t living my life anywhere near that way. And what I decided to do is slowly snuff out and it sounds crazy in a way. Myself that was scared. That was scared of failure, that was scared to talk to business owners. That was scared to take chances and realize that if I listen to what I already had inside me, and how I would act if I was that hundred-million-dollar SEO agent, then everything changed. My mindset changed. How I walked changed. How I talked changed. Everything. And I decided to rely upon THAT guy for answers. And not the person that I had been for forty years. So that really helped me put clarity on everything. And when my mind sets like that, the next thing that I had to apply is just movement.

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One thing that I’ve had a tremendous amount of success with is I’ll try anything for the results. whether it’s clients, I do a lot of research development on client acquisition. I do a lot of research about SEO. I literally have about 50 to 60 research and development projects going at the same time. Testing and doing everything because if you’re not moving, then you are stagnant and you have no idea which direction that you need to go. At least if I go right, and I should have went left, I can now jot down on my journal, never go right. Always go left. And that’s my true key to success. And even though it sounds simple, the right information without the right mindset really to me is worthless.

There’s a thing I read about ten years ago, you know the you told someone where a treasure was, you gave them the location, this island in the jungle, and this guy shot a video and put that 10 million dollars in the middle of the island. What happens if you told it to 10 people, 6 of them are gonna get excited.

They’re gonna go to the store, they’re gonna look for supplies. They’re gonna look for travel. They’re gonna do all of this. 4 of them will say it’s too hard I’m not gonna do it. Of the 6, 4 will probably make it to the island, and of those 4, two will never even make it to the jungle because they realize it’s too hard. They didn’t prepare enough. One might make it to the treasure, not anybody. That’s what happens when you have the information. We’re all overloaded with information.

There’s free products out there. There’s Pinterest courses, there’s Linked in courses, there’s SEO courses. The key to success is to simply follow through and continue moving and just write down what works and what doesn’t. And now you have information to move forward. That’s my secret to how I’ve been able to propel so quickly and why I still continue to grow, grow, grow because you’re continually moving.