Just Start: The War On Gonna’s

In this podcast episode, Matt Coffy, CEO of PracticeBloom, talks about taking more action on things that really matter. Many of us say we’re doing this and that but are these activities really getting your closer to your dreams and goals? Find out more in this podcast episode.

Welcome to another episode. My name is Matt Coffy, owner of PracticeBloom. Today we do a journal read that takes you through some of the experiences I’ve had and hopefully this will help gain some knowledge of things that might help you through your day in improving and upgrading things that you do and your thought process. We’ve built a pretty growing business here and the things that we do to try and enhance the experiences for other people relate to my meandering through some of the thoughts that from a day-to-day perspective when we deal with clients and just try to build our structure. Hopefully this knowledge passed along will present itself with some reminders of things that you could or should be doing for your improved business or lifestyle. 

Today we’re going to talk about Just Start, The War on Gonnas. There’s all sorts of wars. There’s war on poverty, war on crime, war on drugs. My personal war is the war on gonnas. Reading, writing, watching, thinking, deliberating, thinking it over, cracking it down—at what point do you execute? Planning to plan? Is that the goal? The possibilities are out there. What the challenge is is the people who are in Gonnaland. I have a war on these people in Gonnaland.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Even with risks, the process of building is about taking on the challenges of getting rid of the gonna’s. @mattcoffy” quote=”‘Even with risks around, the whole process of building is about taking on the challenges of getting rid of the gonna’s.’ -Matt Coffy”]

So much in life is predicated on taking action. Taking a stab at the infinitesimal darkness that we see in front of us. The unknown, which is there which cannot be determined. However, like so many people, they’re afraid to take a run at it. They’re afraid to move forward. The one who has the best value wins. However, you actually have to start. With some of the customers and clients that we work with, I see this all the time. In fact, yesterday, we had another client who I literally told to leave because it had taken so long for him to make a decision over just the basic little nuances. I said, “It won’t work. Your decision-making capabilities are far too complicated for me to even understand how to put together a long-term plan.” I’ve dealt with this: business owners, other entrepreneurs, friends.

The ones who make quick decisions and begin the process of testing out, taking their actions and moving ahead are the ones who are winning. They may not get it right the first time. They may not get it right even the second time or the third time. But they’re moving and that’s really what they’re doing. They’re taking the ore and putting it in the water and starting to paddle. It may be upstream but they’re making progress. The ones who have enormous amounts of time to think, justify, concern, consult are the ones who fall behind because they’re only just trying to do one thing: battle their fears in some recognizable manner in their brain. 

This is concerned about safety so much within the framework of business. A lot of the times, it’s just all imagined. The dollar is spent. The time invested. All these things are ahead of you that haven’t even happened are all imagined. It seems to me if you tend to let the universe help you grow, because in most people’s worlds, they want to grow. All businesses don’t want to fail. They want to grow. They want to try and help. Yet, there are exceptions. But in most cases, businesses want to help you grow and other businesses want to grow as well. But the concept of trying to move ahead and letting decisions be made are really what this is about.

Yes, not everything is going to work out perfect. But this is the unnatural thriving of business and life is done by this fear process of the unknown. Due to this sort of common cold of the business model where we get hung up on trying to decide and think and lecture and read and review and watch videos and go on and on and on. There is just a certain amount of time when you got to make a decision and your best efforts have to be put behind that to make that decision to move ahead.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Those who make quick decisions and begin the process of taking action are the ones who are winning. @mattcoffy” quote=”‘The ones who make quick decisions and begin the process of testing and taking action are the ones who are winning.’ -Matt Coffy”]

When we look at nature, we look at a simple blade of grass, its purpose is to grow. That’s it. Grow and expand. We know the lawnmower is coming. It doesn’t know but it just keeps growing. In fact, it gets thicker. Every single time you cut it, it comes up again. This is really what you have to do in business. It just keeps coming back to that things are really wanting to grow most of the time and that even when the risk is out there that we have to watch out for, the whole process of building is about taking on the challenges of getting rid of the gonnas, the people who are gonna, do the things you are gonna do, the actions you’re gonna take. The war on gonna is the thing that today I think supports the biggest challenge in businesses. 

We just opened up a whole new division of our company. We’re going to be stretching out and growing and there will be new things. Never done any of these before. Are we going to make massive mistakes? A hundred percent guarantee we will. Are we going to unquestionably have problems and challenges that will arise? No question. It’s scary. I’ll admit. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to open up a whole new division of a company, some place we’ve never been before where we’ve had to invent new processes.

But I’m going to guarantee you I will succeed. The reason why is because I’ve made a decision. I’ve made a decision to succeed and move forward. It won’t be linear. It will be up and down. But just making this choice to start and to continue to process is the goal for most business owners in their daily life is to try and consistently start on your project.

[clickToTweet tweet=”You should not allow analysis paralysis to stop you from moving forward. @mattcoffy” quote=”‘You should not allow analysis paralysis to stop you from moving forward.’ -Matt Coffy”]

You see, it’s very simple. Very, very simple. Just start. Just do it. Move your body. Move the pen. Type on the keyboard. Start your project. Yes, to start the project, put down the phone. Get off Instagram and Facebook. Stop chasing Pokemon. That’s really embarrassing by the way. I saw two people out last night at nine o’clock in front of my driveway. I was like “Are you kidding me?” They were adults. Just start really. The magic is in that decision. Like Seth Golden has always said, “Go make something.”

We’ll see you in the next episode. Hope you enjoyed this. Again, it’s Matt Coffy. See you at PracticeBloom.