Review or Recede: Why You’re Losing to Your Competitors

In this episode of ProfitEngines, PracticeBloom CEO Matt Coffy discusses the importance of online reviews in today’s marketing and walks through the customer journey. If you aren’t getting reviews from your customers or patients, you are missing out on an opportunity to acquire new business.

Okay, welcome to another episode of the Profit Engines. We are going to talk today about reviews. So what we’ve found is that there is a propensity of people to really overlook the importance of the review criteria. There are four main things to think about and why reviews are important. We’re going to go through them quickly but really think about the most important one which is the customer journey.

No matter what you do, the psychology is that the customer is going to make almost 7-10 different hops between review sites to the website to social media to a video. There are so many different hops involved in the customer journey now. And if you haven’t set yourself up to have the proper positive reinforcement from your customer base, real customers that is. You’re challenging your own integrity as a business. And that’s where things get competitively interesting. You see when people make decisions because of the hyper-connectivity today.

They are going to be on their phone. They’re going to be looking around. They may have even have gone to a computer, gone to a tablet multi-modalities but they’re always going to be looking for a thread of what they want is integrity from the company. There’s a lot of different ways for that to happen. But today it really involves looking at things that are happening in real time especially with Google reviews, Facebook reviews and in some cases Yelp reviews. For medical professionals, there are other medical places such as the health environment depending on which healthcare service you’re providing.

But really those types of things like RealSelf and some of the other doctor related review sites, those are really important because they’re actually reading what the patient is saying and not just looking at the number of stars or a number of reviews. They’re actually looking at what has been the experience. So we really want to talk about the customer journey and the experience of the clients or if you want to call them the customers of the company.

So what they really want to look at is what other people are saying. There’s always going to be one bad apple in the bunch. We know that that’s that’s pretty much the world. But if they can see consistency in a very true review. Meaning that there are very easy ways that people can tell if these reviews are faked or they are let’s just say sort of plant. The reality of the situation for most people is that they can read right through if it’s a true review because the authenticity comes through. So really think about that as the most important thing about this.

The number 2 thing is really what’s happening now in the space with SEO as well. So for a lot of people, if you do a search in Google. Especially for local businesses. And you get the three pack which is the three map listings and there are three different candidates to choose from, whether you’re a plumber, whether you’re a spine surgeon, whether you’re an electrician, whether you’re a small manufacturing company, anything that’s out there they’re all the same. People are looking locally and they’re going to look for an experience from previous customers.

A lot of people haven’t taken the time to really start to format that process. So if someone on top you has 55 reviews and you have none. Obviously, the eyes are going to gravitate towards the stars. That is causing Google to seek clicks go to those people who are listed with the greater amount of reviews. So that’s always going to be an important thing in SEO because people are people and Google is trying to figure out why someone would go to a particular business based off of click through. So think about that.

Number 3, This is more of a psychological impact and something that you can take to sort of think through the process of why. We look at the top, best, number one and on and on and on. There is a body of people who are searching for a relative winner in the market. They’re not looking for near me. They’re looking for a number one top best and just think about it. Most people are looking for the primary candidate in their market to service them.

Again doesn’t matter what industry you are in. So all of the searches that are top, best, one, are buying ques. Those are people who are in buying mode. They’re past the information stage, now they’re into I need to find the number one person who provides this service. So think about this number three as the psychological winner in the space.

The last thing and this is for you, is consistency. So consistency allows you to have a follow-up mechanism to your customer. So especially what we’ve been doing in the medical field and even with any of our other businesses, consistency of getting back to the client who purchased from you or has had service from you, whether you’re in the medical industry or you are in a contractual industry or even manufacturing or any of these in areas where there is a transaction involved. You have to think about consistency of getting back to that customer client and getting a review. That way you’re actually reinforcing and saying to that customer “Hey you’re important. I would like to have your feedback.” It’s going to help you get better. And it’s also going to make the customer recognize that you’re looking for something positive from the relationship and those even lead to testimonials.

So these are four things to think about a review. customer journey, SEO, top and best, and consistency.

Hope this helps. We’ll see you in the next episode.