Rewards Of Contribution: Reach Out And Share Your Story

In this daily podcast episode, PracticeBloom CEO Matt Coffy talks about the rewards of making a contribution and sharing your story. As you grow your business, there’ll be something inside in you that wants to share what you’ve been through so others can profit from it as well.

Hey! It’s Matt Coffy, founder of PracticeBloom here for another journal reading. I do these a couple of times a week to go through some interesting tidbits that you might be interested in learning about. Obviously we’re a marketing business here in New Jersey. We’ve been at this digital marketing for a couple of years now. We’ve grown to a seven-figure entity. We’re trying to pass on or I’m trying to pass on some of the lessons I’ve learned and some of the things I think are important as you start to go through if you’re an entrepreneur or someone who’s looking to get some experience that I’ve wandered through in this last couple of years of my entrepreneurial journey and to transfer that knowledge base and hopefully glean some of your own interpretation of my experiences that can help you.

Today, we’re going to talk about Rewards of Contribution. I really like this one. This was one that I actually just re-read a couple of times as there’s so much information here that I think is valuable. Let’s talk about it. Rewards of Contribution, how fast the time flies when we are contributing our efforts, what rewards we have down the line is more the question of our mind from a structuring myself on a base of life of contribution.

When we see the setup of the day and how we can help others instead of how we can help ourselves get ahead, we think different thoughts. Even the simple thought of reaching out to someone and saying “Hello, I hope you’re making it great day” to a far-flung contact can start a process of a movement. The rewards from helping other people and driving a better way of consideration from others and our position in their minds is the real trick.

But what I’m talking about here in this entry  and really thinking about when you’re engaged with someone, telling your story and seeing how you can impact and listen to the other person and trying not to necessarily be on one side of the other, but really listening to the engagement of a process of understanding what potentially you can solve for someone.

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We all are here to live in harmony with each other, and the more you prepare to fight mediocrity and connect and teach, the better the feelings of self-fulfillment are. This is really where I realize this goal. A lot of the times when you start to progress forward, you start to make money in business, you start to get to a certain point, there sort of becomes this repetitive edge where there’s a fulfillment issue.

What I mean by fulfillment is you can buy a car, you can buy a watch, you can buy whatever, but at a certain level, this self-fulfillment like what is the purpose and that’s where this reaching out process and this is where this rewards of contribution is. It’s a continual fulfillment. Let’s go into this.

As we move through the passages of time, you’ll remember the ones ahead, people ahead of you and the ones that you pulled up and helped because those are the things that are going to come back to you. You’ll remember, sure you can buy a car and you can have a nice ride. But at the end of the day at a certain point it kind of wears off, but you’ll always remember the people who you pulled up and helped, and those are the people that follow you.

Your assets are not necessarily assets that are hard assets like a car, a house, a boat. It’s more of the assets of the people around you that you’re pulling up with you, and that’s a really interesting theory about fulfillment.

These trifle and fleeting moments when you have hard assets versus the long-term benefits of having people assets, the people that you brought along with you and pulled up. But to just respect and prosper from your advice is not the only thing that is part of the teaching requirement. It’s basically the path along what you’re doing and you’re bringing along that are the real assets. So it’s bringing what pathways that the teaching that you’re doing from the execution that’s bringing along the process. So there’s a two-folded approach here.

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Our higher self knows this. So searching time and sacrificing the time to connect is extremely important. The pressures of the day are many. We all have to reach out and accomplish our daily goals and get through the work, but not that there’s not enough time on your schedule on your plate to not reach out and connect with at least one person per day that you haven’t been able to reach in a long time.

This is a really interesting prospect. Think about this if you had 20 people that you connected with that you haven’t talked to in a long time each month. Think about the possibilities of those discussions. Especially for those who are in dire need of assistance, that one contact can be amazing.

So what I really look at is the accomplishment of this giving time to others in order for all of the boats to rise. Basically by giving out, it comes back. I see this so often where the enormous amount of time and effort I’ve made to try and even get these videos or these podcasts out. It still comes back. People say, “I watched your video. It was great.” Blah, blah, blah. But I think the element is the execution of doing these things. It’s actually the doing that presents itself as you get through the process. So it’s that combination of the execution plus the teaching plus the reaching out. So we have like a triad here.

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All boats rise on the experiment of having yourself out there and sharing your story. Without a doubt, taking the ego off the deck. This does not have to be about me. It has to be about the process of learning together and educating together and not with an ego-based mentality. That’s being humble. This friendly approach is the true master of a pathway to greatness.

We’ll see you in the next episode. I hope you enjoyed it. Make it a great day.