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PracticeBoom’s precise and specific knowledge of radiology marketing can help you and your clinic reach new audiences. Using our award-winning marketing strategies, we establish your practice as a top online resource, turning your facility into the go-to clinic in your area.


Trust At First Search

Fast turnarounds and few repeat clients are the bane of every medical clinic. At PracticeBloom, we understand that your business is reliant on securing regular bookings for your imaging services. Our goal is to build you up as a leading resource on all things radiology - from symptoms to diagnosis to common imaging mistakes - to encourage patient trust and drive up online bookings.

With a custom digital marketing package, you can grow your practice through targeted ads, irresistible site offers, and SEO content. With PracticeBloom’s marketing campaign, you can give your practice the boost it needs to become its very best.

Make every year its most profitable yet.

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Meet Your Lead Magnet Machine

The days of stressing about effective marketing strategies are over. Our exclusive ProfitEngines program is designed to make marketing easier and more cost-efficient. Instead of spending all your budget on ineffective paid campaigns, we’ll set you up with targeted ads on social media that will not only increase landing page visits but also generate profit.

Access to the ProfitEngines platform gives you a bird’s eye view of how your business is doing. Track every new lead that enters the funnel and get notifications when patients make bookings. Improve your customer’s online experience with your imaging service from the moment they click an ad or visit your website.

ProfitEngines is about giving both your radiologists and clients a more seamless business experience. Become the go-to imaging practice in your area, one marketing campaign at a time


Radiology Marketing In the Online World

The ProfitEngine marketing programs will jumpstart your radiology clinic’s online presence, making you the top search for patients in your area.


Reach More Patients
With Social Media Ads

Connecting with your potential patients means knowing how to find them, and these days, it’s all about social media and search engines. With meticulously targeted ads that pinpoint your best potential patients, we create the most effective online ad strategy imaginable.

Crafting the perfect offer means catching your patients effectively and thoroughly: getting that tight balance between casting a wide enough net and targeting patients your imaging clinic can best serve.

Our online marketing and social media team begin by working with you to create unique videos and photos that stand out from the stock image world that most companies rely on. There is no better way to maximize your click-through-rate than with images and ad designs that make your patients stop scrolling and look.

For Google, the key pillar of a successful ad is your copy. Every word is crucial and knowing how to write copy that sells is the difference between a flop and a killer ad. Our ProfitEngine copywriters are intimately familiar with what works and what doesn’t work when writing Adword copy.

And finally, our years of experience and in-house testing provides us with the ultimate resources to tweak your radiology ad targeting parameters, getting the most out of every dollar you send. Maximizing ad configurations is a science, and it’s one that we’ve mastered over the years.

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Attract More With
Beautiful Landing Pages

The look and beauty of your radiology clinic’s online presence is just as important as your personal experience and certifications. Patients naturally trust clinics who have taken the time to build simple, elegant, and ultimately beautiful landing pages.

There needs to be that instant connection of trust between your page viewers and your clinic: a clear and present call to action, an informative and educational content experience, and an attractive and pleasing landing page design.

Many of your radiology competitors and others in the healthcare industry use cookie-cutter solutions, such as stock images, landing page builders, and generic copy. While it might look nice at a glance, online viewers can sense the lack of effort put into the site, and that reflects on your clinic.

At PracticeBloom, we custom design and build each medical landing page natively on the WordPress platform, and we assist clients in producing authentic promotional material that centers your brand online. We make sure every landing page is sprinkled with trust-building assets, such as before and after photos, important FAQs, team information, and more. Not only does this make your radiology clinic unique, but it shows that you are a clinic your patients can trust.

From top to bottom, every landing page we create has been carefully designed and built to convert. Utilizing design trends and engaging copy, we direct your viewers to book appointments and call your office.

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Protecting Your Reputation,
Maximizing Your Popularity

Patients want only the best, especially when dealing with costly services like radiology imaging services. Most patients base the choice of their radiology clinic on expertise and reputation, rather than convenience or affordability. This makes protecting your online reputation more important than ever before.

The ProfitEngine team utilizes fair and strategic medical marketing tactics to get the most out of your radiology clinic’s online reputation. Our marketing naturally generates an increase in patients, giving your business a fresh influx of new reviewers. We follow up with these patients after their visit to your radiology clinic and make sure they had a satisfying experience. We assess their feedback accordingly, directing both negative and positive feedback to the appropriate channels.

For negative feedback, our system connects it to you immediately, allowing you to address the patient’s concerns before they have the chance to post any reviews online. For positive feedback, patients are actively encouraged to post reviews reflecting their true feelings online. We make sure to cover all the top platforms of choice for radiology clinics: Facebook, HealthGrades, Google reviews, Yelp, and more.

With higher reviews, more stars, and a general positive vibe around your online presence, patients from miles away will be rushing to your radiology clinic for their next appointment.

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Be the #1 Search for Radiology
In Your Area

Repeat business is necessary for a radiology practice, which is why it’s crucial to maintain a steady stream of new patients every month. The difference between having a good and a bad month relies on who searchers see first when they look up local radiology services.

Dominating the market means having a strong online presence. With PracticeBloom’s proven SEO and marketing techniques, any imaging clinic, hospital affiliated or not, can become the top radiology practice in their area.

With hypertargeted ads on social media and Google Ads, you’ll be the very first imaging practice patients see when they look up radiologists within their radius. Pair that with a content marketing strategy crafted with great care and you have unbeatable authority over your toughest imaging competitors.

Great service alone isn’t enough to keep your practice alive and booming. Upgrade the way you acquire leads, book clients, and conduct business. With the ProfitEngines program, you can watch your revenue increase with your bookings and page visits.

Your radiology practice doesn’t have to be in a big hospital to be #1. Become the medical expert on all things imaging. Start attracting more patients with an offer they can’t resist. Give your imaging practice the PracticeBloom advantage

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Frequently Asked Radiology Marketing Questions

Will you teach me how to target the right patients?

You don’t have to have any experience with lead acquisition to get the right patients. With ProfitEngines, you have an organized tool that does the job for you. ProfitEngine sifts through your leads and categorizes a profitable patient from one that’s just wasting your time.

This will help your practice with time management, which means you can attend to those with the most urgent health concerns, and save less urgent readings for another time.

With ProfitEngines, you can provide better health care for your patients and let us do the tedious parts of marketing a business.

Will radiology marketing help generate more appointments?

Increasing patient bookings is our number one business goal. With a saturated market, we want to ensure your radiologists get back-to-back bookings as regularly as possible. By combining the power of our targeted ad services, traffic promotion, and email marketing, we create a series of interactions no patient can refuse. Our marketing strategies have been tried and tested for other medical services, and will generate profits whether you have a clinic or a hospital.

Can you help my practice stand out from the crowd?

Standing out from the local market is the one way you can be sure to have a consistent business. Our ProfitEngines marketing team specializes in turning your radiology clinic’s online presence into a unique and one-of-a-kind experience that patients can trust. Instead of stock photos, we work with you to produce authentic and real images and videos to be used as marketing material, and we custom design and build every landing page to maximize conversion rates.

Do you make ads that follow people around?

This practice is called retargeting, and is a crucial aspect of the ProfitEngine marketing programs. Most prospects won’t care the first time they see a medical ad. On the other hand, retargeted prospects are 70% likelier to convert than people who only see the offer once. This practice helps you increase bookings for your services, without having to strain your marketing budget.

Will you protect my practice from negative reputation?

Of course. Aside from building up your online presence, part of our work at PracticeBloom involves giving your imaging service a fair representation online. This means keeping your online image at optimum health.

We do this by highlighting all the good reviews provided by other customers and ensuring that the negative ones aren’t seen by the rest of the market. With great care, we execute different marketing techniques to make customers see your radiologists for what they are: as expert, professional providers of customer care and medical imaging services.