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Telemedicine Marketing Strategies For Revenue NOW During These HARD Times. Take Back Those Lost Patients Virtually.

Provide solutions to your patient’s problems through a two-way video visit. Reach any target market with a telehealth solution that works for healthcare patients of all ages. Telemedicine is the future of doctor-patient communications.

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Transform YOUR NEW Patient Experience With Convincing Telemedicine Marketing

Overbooked clinics and busy patients have resulted in lower follow-through rates now more than ever. With modern technology available, your clinic can adopt a brand new way of patient-to-physician communication.

Telemedicine is a relatively new approach to patient care, which is exactly why your clinic should leverage the explosive rise of telemedicine. With telemedicine and telehealth, your clinic can conduct follow-up video doctor visits, deliver lab and test results, and answer general and medication questions over the internet. This saves your physicians and patients valuable time, allowing your clinic to focus on emergency cases.

Working with PracticeBloom means you have full access to a suite of tools and marketing strategies dedicated to promoting telehealth to your patients. This makes it easier to convince patients to switch over to a telehealth and telemedicine program, using beautifully-crafted web pages, ads, and content that are designed to convert.


PracticeBloom’s very own ProfitEngines platform makes it easier to adopt telehealth into your clinic’s day-to-day. The ProfitEngines platform allows you to schedule, manage, and view bookings with just one app.

ProfitEngines is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that automatically syncs calendars among physicians, employees, and patients. Never miss another appointment again, no matter how busy your clinic is.

ProfitEngines consolidates bookings made through your website, email, or call, which gives you a bird’s eye-view of workload, both current and future.

Introducing An Automated Follow-Up System, FOR GREATER ROI!

Help patients stick through their follow-ups with an automated reminder system. ProfitEngines automatically sends texts and emails to their patients near the date of the appointment, providing sufficient reminders without overwhelming your patients.

When it’s time to go on a call, patients can simply use your platform and get connected with their physician instantly.

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Telehealth and Virtual Care Made Easy

At PracticeBloom, we use tried-and-tested techniques to give you the best results. This includes responsive branded websites, video healthcare marketing, targeted ads, and expert content creation. With these tools under your belt, we can ensure a high response rate and even better customer satisfaction ratings.

For patients, booking an online session is as easy as providing their first name, last name, email, and phone number. At PracticeBloom, we do everything we can to make the switch to telehealth as seamless as possible for your patients.

We carefully design our telehealth marketing campaigns to ease your patients into adopting this brand new technology. We effectively become an extension of your team, representing your philosophy, branding, and intent when creating the best telehealth marketing materials for your healthcare clients. Your clinic deserves the ProfitEngines advantage.

"The ProfitEngines team clearly put a lot of time into these Telemedicine Programs. As you learn the setup, you understand how much thinking, testing, and trial & error had to have been done to produce such an awesome product."

Dr. Barron Lonner
Scoliolsis Asscoiates

Functionality and Simplicity on All Devices

For any medical practice or clinic offering telehealth services, so much of your healthcare success relies on patient interaction with your online platform. If patients can’t quickly and effectively understand how to book appointments, contact your team, check their schedules, and more, you will lose bottom line vital appointments and overall patient trust.

At PracticeBloom, we specialize in optimizing your website and mobile app on all devices in every way necessary. Equip your clinic with the website it deserves: an online space as functional, elegant, and simple to use as your patients need. Giving your patients the easiest ways to work with you and your team is essential towards building long-term relationships with patients you might never meet in person.

We also optimize every individual landing page with our own conversion-driven guidelines. With years of real-world testing and experience, we understand the important yet subtle details that turn curious visitors into your next patients. With properly placed calls-to-action, functional and easy-to-find appointment booking buttons, and a transparent broadcast of all necessary information, we create websites that help your patients make that call.

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Authoritative Knowledge Hubs and Insight

Telehealth is perhaps the most revolutionary change in the doctor-patient relationship in the modern world, and many first-time possible patients are still unsure of what this means for them. Will they still get the proper care and treatment they need? If they see a doctor online, can they diagnose and help them as efficiently as possible?

Helping your patients transition to the reality of telemedicine health services is critical towards convincing them to make that next video call appointment online. At PracticeBloom, our healthcare content marketing team can equip your clinic with authority content. Knowledge hubs and insight blogs that your patients can visit online to answer all their most pressing questions.

There is no better way to build healthcare business authority and trust than with telehealth content that answers every question your concerned patients might be thinking, from video visits to doctor chats. Be one step ahead and show them that they are being cared by qualified hands

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Strategic, Data-Tested Advertising and Targeting

For immediate results, paid advertising is still the golden ticket. But with so many businesses competing for the same space with the same offers, how can you make your clinic’s telemedicine services stand out and truly connect with the audience it needs?

At PracticeBloom, we have spent years mastering digital ad targeting and marketing, with platforms like Instagram and Facebook allowing marketers to hyper-target their ads in ways that have never been possible. With A/B tested ads and a marketing team that studies every metric behind your ads, we can assure that every dollar invested is maximized for its return.

Our telehealth campaigns provide practices with the lowest cost-per-click and cost-per-conversions you can find. Retargeted ads typically yield the highest conversion rates, and these begin with tracking scripts that are encoded into your website. Connect with audiences who never realized they need the telehealth health care you offer. Enhance your internet marketing plan today.

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Reputation and Social Media Management

Over 90% of potential healthcare patients now do their own background checks into doctors and clinics before making that vital first appointment. For telehealth, potential patients will scour for the highest-rated telemedicine practices in their region, not just your local area. Your competition is suddenly several times greater than before. When was the last time your practice or clinic assessed your complete online review history, and worked towards improving it?

Even the best clinics can have the sourest telehealth reviews from disgruntled patients. Your online reputation and overall image is one of the important elements in securing every new patient, which is why our marketing team at PracticeBloom covers all the bases to maximize your online telehealth reputation.

With past reviews, current patients, and future reviews, we work towards ensuring that every review of your telemedicine service is vetted. Our marketing helps you get reviews out of satisfied patients, while unhappy feedback is sent to your team before it can go online, giving you the opportunity to address it.

With telehealth reputation management and social media marketing strategies that work towards community management and community building, your online image will be flawless in no time.

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