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As a chiropractor, you spend all day muscling out the jukes and kinks in your patients.
Now it’s time for us to do the same for your online presence.

Losing patients to your competitors, but not sure why? These days, it’s less about that great new furniture in your lobby or the funny Tweet you sent from the company account. The difference between being your next patient’s first choice or never being seen at all is your position on the search results when they Google your business.

Those few centimeters on the screen might be the most important digital centimeters in the world when it comes to your business’s growth, and knowing how to get on top? That’s where we come in.

  • "SEO in our area has always felt impossible. There are a ton of chiropractors surrounding us and they all have their own websites, so no matter what we did we couldn’t rank higher than page 3 or 4 on Google. But we heard about Practicebloom from our network and how they specialized in healthcare SEO. Long story short – it’s been three years and we regularly compete for our best keywords. Sometimes I regret it, because with all this business it’s hard to take a day off!"

    Dr. Kevin Booth

  • "The importance of local outreach was something Practicebloom really understood. There are 4 other practices just within 3 miles of our clinic, so it’s really hard to be the best one in the area. Thanks to the team, we were able to get more local clients, and those local clients started referring friends and family. What a great opportunity to help out more people. 10/10 would recommend"

    Dr. Patricia Jung-Scott

Medical Spa Dominates Local SEO In 4 Months

This medical practice now owns the search rankings in NJ

This practice owner challenged our medical website design team to build a microsite and initiate a search marketing SEO campaign that would push the site to the top of Google's search results for both local search and state-wide queries and generate leads organically. The result? After three months, the website ranked at the top of page one for all the major keywords and now generates an appointment a day! We can do the same for your chiropractor website.

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The SEOptimized Chiropractic Website: Optimizing for Chiropractic Marketing

Whether this is your first time reading about chiropractic SEO or whether you might be a chiropractor with digital marketing background looking for tips, it’s important to know the first rule: SEO always changes. Doing keyword research one time five years ago when you first launched your website isn’t nearly enough to keep you on top. Not only do search habits and keyword preferences change over time, but the search engines and your competitors change as well.

From back to front, your chiropractic website needs to be designed, structured, built, and continuously updated with rock-solid research and expert planning. Here are just some of the pieces of the SEOptimized chiropractic website:

SEO Audit: What Works and What Doesn’t

The first step is the invaluable seo audit, where we run a magnifying glass over your entire website and related online practices. We study your website analytics and fill out a baseline report to figure out what works and what doesn’t work for your site. We then work towards understanding the digital area around your site—your industry, your competitors, your market. This helps us learn how your top competitors are climbing on top, which gives us the key insight on how to beat them.

How? We use this information to understand Google. With industry and competitor analysis, we can deduce the best practices in terms of word count, site structure, WordPress security, relevant keywords, and more. After combing through all this information and picking out the most important details, we hand these reports over to our web designers. With them, they put their keen artistic eye and fresh writing to work while implementing our recommended SEO strategies and practices. This creates a website that looks great, works efficiently, and sticks on top of the rankings, giving you new leads every single day.

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Search Engine Optimizers: Keywords, Architecture, and More

A huge majority of the websites we’ve worked on for search engine optimization were far from perfect. In many cases, these sites were even counterproductive to naturally producing organic searches, and worked against the business they were meant to advertise. One of the most important components of chiropractic SEO process is making sure that your site’s information architecture jives with the expectations of top algorithms.

We do this by beginning with extensive keyword research. This gives us an inside look on what people are typing in a Google search when they want to find a business like yours. If your potential patients are searching, “My back hurts and I need help”, then that’s something that needs to be optimized on your site, word for word.

With this list of keywords, we will pepper the best phrases across your web pages—from your navigation to your metadata (meta tag and meta description) to the content on your site. Only a handful of SEO expert companies around the world can do the kind of top competitive analysis reports you need to perfect this process, and that’s exactly what we do.

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Site Speed: Load at the Speed of Light

SEO for chiropractors is much more than just keywords. The battle for the top spots on search engines is gruesome, and using every little advantage to edge your competitors out is critical. One key factor that we haven’t mentioned yet is your site’s loading speed. While you might think you can test your site’s load speed simply by pressing refresh, you will need expert third party SEO tools to gain a true understanding of your site’s loading speed.

Our experts in WordPress website development understand code like the back of their hand. We are intimately familiar with the top speed onpage optimization practices that will shave milliseconds off even the top websites out there. Your customers might not notice the difference, but Google will. And remember: being mobile friendly is just as important.

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The Big Boss: Authority Stays On Top

It’s not enough to create the perfect website these days. Google judges websites the way we judge people: no matter how great a candidate might be, if you can’t find a single reference willing to vouch for him, it’s going to be hard to give your vote of confidence. Simply put, Google factors in your popularity with other websites: how many other websites have links to your site on their pages, and the authority of these sites themselves.

This is known as offpage SEO or link building strategy, and it’s one of the more difficult services we offer in our complete SEO package. This involves identifying the right websites that you need your links on and creating the connections to place your links on their site. This also includes proper set-up of your Google Maps and Google My Business accounts.

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Smooth Sailing: Your User Experience

You would be surprised at how effectively Google can “see” your website these days, and this is just another method by which Google evaluates your site. Every time a user clicks a new page, watches a video, starts a chat, presses another button, or does anything on your website, Google records that as a signal.

The more efficiently your site is laid out to allow for users to send these signals, the more Google will think that you have an effective user experience. Create a user experience that is simple to understand and easy to navigate, because Google is looking over every one of your visitors’ shoulders.

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Content Creation: Leave it to the Pros

You can’t have a great user experience without giving your users any content to experience. A world-class team of writers, video producers, and editors who have spent years creating top content marketing is exactly what you need to fill your site with quality content that transforms your page from just another chiropractic business website to a source of fun and informative content.

For example, video testimonials made by a team of pros can turn any patient testimonial gallery into an immediate source of authority. The better your video marketing, the longer your visitors will spend on your site. And of course, the higher your Google ranking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SEO for chiropractors really work?

Of course! Every potential patient out there will be searching terms that will lead them to your business. It’s our job to figure out what those terms are and get to the front of those results pages. Our team of chiropractic SEO specialists will fast-forward you to the front, opening up a waterfall of organic traffic.

Wouldn’t I be better off with more traditional types of chiropractic marketing? And what about social media?

More traditional types of marketing still work, but the question is: is it still worth the time and energy tradeoff? These marketing efforts such as advertising on television, radio, or other kinds of campaigns might feel more effective in the short-term, but they might also end up costing you much more with no real long-term value. A well-planned SEO campaign generates long-term organic traffic with no major long-term cost.

Social media marketing is also a service we include whenever necessary. Check out our case studies on social media advertising.

Is SEO different for local SEO?

There are some differences when optimizing nationally or internationally as opposed to optimizing for a local audience with local citations. We offer both services, but for chiropractor SEO practices, we recommend focusing on local search to truly get the most out of your target audiences.

Is your chiropractic business based in Chicago? Then we’ll hyper-focus on Chicago local SEO.

Is this going to add more work to my long list of daily tasks?

Not at all. We will handle everything.

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