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ProfitEngines®- The One-Stop-Shop For Perfect Healthcare Marketing Solutions

ProfitEngines is a platform designed to automate the lead-to-patient conversion process for medical and aesthetic practices. By capturing leads from your marketing initiatives and automating the follow-up process, ProfitEngines saves you time, converts prospects to patients, and provides everything you need to MAXIMIZE YOUR MARKETING!

ProfitEngines automatically captures 100% of phone and digital inquiries and manages those leads right away.

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What is A ProfitEngine?

medical practice marketing

Do you find yourself stranded in the deep waters of healthcare marketing with no clue how to navigate the uncharted territories?

With ProfitEngines, your team can perform multiple functions and automate tasks, freeing up much-needed time to serve new clients and current patients.

Schedule a long-term nurturing email sequence and relevant, high-quality information with just one button.

With ProfitEngines, your digital marketing strategy is as easy as sending an email to your patients. Our dedicated marketing analysts decide the plan for you while ProfitEngines helps your practice implement it with just a few clicks.

PracticeBloom offers you the digital advantage to work more innovatively by helping you:

Boost your practice with PracticeBloom

Improve patient relationships

Boost your practice with PracticeBloom

Enhance your online and social media presence

Boost your practice with PracticeBloom

Reach new patients

Boost your practice with PracticeBloom

Motivate team members

Whether you’re a growing plastic surgeon or a more extensive aesthetic medicine practice, we can create a solution that works best for your budget, organization size, and goals.

Never Lose Another Lead Again With Practice Bloom!

PrafitEngines captures and engages leads from:

Landing Pages
Sign-Up Forms
Phone Calls
Lead Generation
Email Campaigns
Social Media Advertising
Google Paid Search

ProfitEngines Grows Your Medical Practice by Driving Increased Conversions

Access your practice sales funnel:

Medical Practice Marketing

Number of Incoming leads

Medical Practice Marketing

Where the Leads are coming from

Medical Practice Marketing

What stage the leads are in

Medical Practice Marketing

How leads are being managed

Medical Practice Marketing

Which ones are converting into paying patients

Profit Engines Dissected : C.L.O.C.K.W.O.R.K.

Each ProfitEngine Is Composed Of A Variety Of Online Marketing Elements.

How It Works

Profit Engines: The Ultimate Link Building and Content Outreach Tool For Marketing


  • 1. Conversion and understanding copy

  • 2. Learning your market and planning

  • 3. Offer and Sales letter landing pages

  • 4. Content Planning and SEO strategy

  • 5. Knowledge distribution, Paid Ads

  • 6. Working Assets and Communication

  • 7. Optimization of Journey and Sales Process

  • 8. Reporting, Analytics and Tuning

  • 9. Keeping Your Reputation and Loyalty

Medical Practice Marketing

1. Conversion and understanding copy

Boost conversion rates by understanding the fundamentals of marketing and how to write copy that drives inbound traffic.

2. Learning your market and planning

Familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the aesthetic medical market and the elements that make a medical marketing strategy effective.

3. Offer and Sales letter landing pages

Plan your offers, discounts and packages depending on the needs of your target market.

4. Content Planning and SEO strategy

Learn how to use SEO strategies for content creation and marketing.

5. Knowledge distribution, Paid Ads

Enhance your knowledge about aesthetic medical services and products through content created by experts in the field. Opt for Paid Ads to improve your brand awareness.

6. Working Assets and Communication

Improve your patient communication by refining your skills and working assets to improve patient engagement for your medical facility.

7. Optimization of Journey and Sales Process

Understand your target audience and their needs to maximize patient retention and conversion. SEO and marketing tactics to boost sales.

8. Reporting, Analytics and Tuning

Google MyBusiness and other valuable insights using advanced analytical tools delivered at your doorstep to help you fine tune and perfect your marketing strategy.

9. Keeping Your Reputation and Loyalty

The catalyst that makes or breaks the success of your medical practice is how the general public perceives it. Learn to manage reputation and foster loyalty in patients.

Conversion and understanding copy

Boost your practice with PracticeBloom

High Converting Landing Pages

  • The goal of a landing page is to convert traffic to leads, so a crystal clear call to action is paramount.
  • We specialize in designing your website to draw the user’s attention through a streamlined path providing specific instructions on how to claim your offer that results in industry-leading conversion rates and cost-per-conversions.
  • We custom build every page using WordPress and Beaver Builder, hand-coded to look and function great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Learning your market and planning

Boost your practice with PracticeBloom
  • Plan your offers, discounts, and packages tailored to the needs of your target market.
  • With a long-term email sequence, your clinic can stay in touch with patients and keep them updated with the latest updates and promos, one automated email at a time.
  • PracticeBloom improves every aspect of the patient experience, ensuring they get incomparable experiences that other practices can’t match.
  • We foster patient trust in your doctor and specialist teams by developing high-quality content and information from our top-level writers.

Offer and Sales letter landing pages

Boost your practice with PracticeBloom


  • Retargeting and remarketing your offers to potential new patients who visit your landing page but don’t convert into a lead right away can help maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


  • Retargeting is made possible by placing a tracking script (or pixel) into the code of your website.
  • This code “tags” everyone who visits your landing page, so Facebook/Instagram/Google knows who that person is the next time they see those social media sites, enabling us to show those very same people another ad about your offer.

Content Planning and SEO strategy

Boost your practice with PracticeBloom

Search Engine Optimization For Medical Websites

  • The first step to successful online marketing for your medical practice design website is earning your visibility online.
  • Your practice can increase its patient base and generate brand awareness organically with proper search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, tools, and experts.
  • Years of experience optimizing medical websites for search engine algorithms have taught us the various factors and variables involved to get any clinic to the top of the front page of their desired keyword searches.

Knowledge distribution, Paid Ads

Effective Marketing Strategies

Paid Advertising

  • We launch every aesthetic practice marketing campaign with an offer created for new and existing clients and patients.
  • Once your practice’s patient offer is set, our Paid Ads team gets to work transforming your offer into excellently targeted ads on social media and online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
  • We use data and information to get into the mind of each of your potential patients, connecting them with the same beauty service they need.
Effective Marketing Strategies

Instagram Ads

  • Instagram has the highest engagement rates, with its Ad Recall being 2.8x higher than industry norms, which is why you want your ads running on this platform in addition to Facebook.
Effective Marketing Strategies

Google Adwords

  • Google Adwords is the undisputed champion for qualified leads, which makes sense as Google users are searching for the exact services you’re offering and advertising.
  • If you’re a MedSpa in Manhattan, we’ll make sure an ad for your Botox promotion shows at the top of the page when someone in your area searches for “Botox near me.” The costs-per-click are higher, but so are the conversion rates.
Effective Marketing Strategies

Transparent Reporting

  • The most beautiful aspect of paid advertising on these digital platforms compared to traditional marketing is the transparent return on investment.
  • It’s impossible to know how much value a billboard is delivering. Still, with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Adwords, you’ll know exactly how much it costs to generate a lead and, more importantly, a new patient appointment.
  • With our ProfitEngine Premium plan, you’ll have these metrics displayed in a beautiful iOS and Android application, giving you access to the most critical marketing metrics in your pocket.

Working Assets and Communication

Medical Practice Marketing

A/B Testing

  • We conduct A/B Testing on the landing pages we build for our ProfitEngine Premium plans to ensure that you’re not leaving any money on the table.

Split Testing

  • Split Testing is another term for A/B Testing, which means creating two versions of a landing page where only one element is different (element A and element B).
  • Once we have two versions of the landing page, we send half of your ad traffic to one and a half to the other, then measure which performs better.

The Result

  • Things that might seem basic or straightforward, such as button color, left vs. right alignment, font, and especially headline copy, can dramatically impact the rate at which a page converts.

Optimization of Journey and Sales Process

Medical Practice Marketing

Lead-To-Conversion Automation

  • Our automation takes new leads and turns them into appointments helping you achieve your business goals effortlessly.
  • We fix the challenges faced by your front staff by eliminating their role in the lead conversion process.

Claim Automation

  • When a new lead is generated, our system automatically engages by redirecting them directly to a “Book An Appointment” page with clear instructions that the next step is to go ahead and choose a time & date for their visit.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Our system knows when a lead requests an appointment, which allows us to send your tips automated booking reminders three days in a row, and the system turns itself off once they do.

Nurture Automation

  • These nurture sequences ensure that you’re not losing leads who were on the fence and just needed a little nudge.

Reporting, Analytics and Tuning

Medical Practice Marketing

Transparent Reporting

  • With our ProfitEngine programs, you’ll know exactly what you’re spending to generate a patient lead and appointment with utmost transparency.

Lead Review

  • ProfitEngine summarizes all the leads generated in a particular month, ensuring no leads slip through the cracks.
  • With our ProfitEngine Premium program, our account managers will listen to the phone calls generated and send grades to your staff on their handling.

Critical Metrics

  • Opting our SEO, Social Media, or Reputation Management add-ons give you access to transparent reporting on the improvements to your rankings, the growth & engagement of your community, and the amount of new positive reviews generated each month.

Mobile App

  • Our ProfitEngine Premium clients receive all of these critical metrics via a beautiful dashboard that lives in an app (iOS and Android), so you have access to your data in real-time, right in your pocket.

Keeping Your Reputation and Loyalty

Medical Practice Marketing

Reputation Management

  • Our Reputation Management systems prevent negative feedback from damaging your online reputation while simultaneously generating a stream of new, positive online reviews that, in turn, cause you more appointments.
  • Using our smart online scheduling, our ProfitEngines can precisely see when your patients visit and will automatically follow up after their appointment asking them about their experience with your practice.

Review Screening

  • If someone responds to our automated outreach with a negative comment, the system captures the statement and sends it directly to you before it ever hits the open internet.
  • It allows you to follow up and address the comment, defusing negative feedback from damaging your online reputation.

Positive Lead Generation

  • When someone responds to the automated outreach with positive feedback, the system automatically follows up. It politely requests that they post feedback to the review platform of your choice (Facebook, Google, HealthGrades, etc.).

ProfitEngines Increase Patient Leads and Conversions through:

Boost your practice with PracticeBloom


Boost your practice with PracticeBloom


Boost your practice with PracticeBloom


Boost your practice with PracticeBloom


Boost your practice with PracticeBloom


Boost your practice with PracticeBloom


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