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Our Medical Marketing Strategy is a carefully crafted blend of everything listed below.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing and Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Strategy

Website, EMR, Online Scheduling, 
Funnel Marketing, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our
Medical Practice Marketing Services

Will you Increase the number of patient testimonials for me?

Yes, our ProfitEngine Pro and Premium plans both include Reputation Management, which leverages our automated system to reach out to your patients after their latest visit and ask them about their experience with your medical practice.

If they respond negatively, their feedback goes straight to you without ever reaching the open Internet.

If they respond positively, the system automatically follows up and politely asks them to copy/paste their feedback to your medical practice's Google Business Listing, your Facebook page, or a variety of medical review sites that you can select. 

Is online marketing the most efficient form of medical practice marketing?

100%. Online medical marketing is the most efficient and transparent way to market your medical practice for two main reasons.

  1. First, your prospective patients are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. They're skipping TV commercials and they're scrolling through their social media feeds as the billboards lining the highway go unseen.
  2. The second main reason is that you can see exactly what you're getting in return for what you're spending for medical marketing. ROI is cut and dry as you know what you're spending, you'll know exactly how many leads were generated from your spend and with online appointment booking, you'll know how many of your leads converted into bookings. 
Will you teach me how to get more patients online?

Definitely. It's crucial that we educate you on how modern medical marketing for practices works before we get started so you understand the process and why it works.

The best results we see come from medical practices who have an owner or manager who is eager and willing to be involved in the medical practice marketing process.

Will you help me stand out from other physician practices?

Of course! From a branding perspective, we'll facilitate photo & video shoots then use that content in medical branding campaigns on social media, building your personal brand and medical practice brand into the authority in your market and industry.

When it comes to organic visibility in search engines like Google, our Search Engine Optimization packages are world-class.  We see about 90% of our clients hit page one for their most important and lucrative search terms with a three to six-month investment. 

How will you increase the visibility of my website in the search results?

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) for practices is an extremely complex process that involves work on both the back and front ends of your website as well as the building of quality links from relevant sites in your industry.

Great SEO begins with in-depth research into the competitive landscape, the key terms and phrases that your potential patients are using in search engines, and the correlations between the sites currently ranking on page one for your target keywords.

Once those reports have been created and analyzed, our technical team will get started rebuilding the architecture of your medical practice's website. We do this to align with the way Google and other search engines want to see the information on your site. We'll optimize the code of your website to include the needed metadata and schema markup, as well as to increase the speed at which your site loads. 

Lastly, our link-building team will develop powerful backlinks from other websites relevant to your medical practice, consistently increasing the authority of your website in the eyes of search engines.

Additionally, we monitor the on-site changes that were made, evaluate their effect, and tweak as needed until we figure out exactly what the search engines want to see. As these elements come together, you'll see your medical practice's website raise through the search results and past your competitors, resulting in a steady stream of organic leads month over month!

A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Program

Fast. We quickly get you started.

Our trained implementation team gets you up and running fast, usually in 3 days or less. Then, your customer success manager will provide strategic direction based on your specific needs, and our support team will provide continuous web support for your medical practice.

Beautiful. Make an exceptional first impression.

As people search for providers online, they find you more often, thanks to your new, high-performance website, top visibility in Google, strong social media presence, and in your new patient's email box.

Simple. Allow new patients to schedule appointments online.

Now Offer 24/7 online scheduling to your patients, wherever they find your medical practice.

Smart. Get more patient Reviews.

Your automated system will send patients an option to share positive testimonials about your medical practice on Google, Facebook and other review platforms.

ProfitEngines Dissected

Each ProfitEngine Is Comprised Of A Variety Of Online Marketing Elements

Paid Advertising

Every medical marketing campaign we launch starts with an offer that you create. Once your offer is set, our Paid Ads team gets to work transforming your offer into perfectly targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

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Facebook Ads

Our graphic design team is world class. We custom design every landing page to look beautiful, modern, and, most importantly, with the user experience top of mind. A lot of marketing companies will use a landing page builder, where you end up with a templated design full of stock imagery. We custom build every page using WordPress and Beaver Builder, hand-coded to look and function great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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Instagram Ads

Instagram is undoubtedly the hottest platform going right now. With over a billion active accounts each month, Instagram has the highest engagement rates across all social media platforms. And better yet, it's owned by Facebook, which means advertisers have access to the same depth options when it comes to targeting. Another interesting statistic about advertising on Instagram is that Ad Recall is 2.8x higher than industry norms, which is why you definitely want your ads running on this platform in addition to Facebook.

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Google Adwords

Where Facebook & Instagram deliver incredible value per click, Google Adwords is the undisputed champion when it comes to qualified leads, which makes sense as Google users are searching for the exact services you're offering and advertising. If you're a MedSpa in Manhattan, we'll make sure an ad for your Botox promotion shows at the top of the page when someone in your area searches for "Botox near me." The costs-per-click are higher, but so are the conversion rates.

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Transparent Reporting

The most beautiful aspect of paid advertising on these digital platforms when compared to traditional marketing is the transparent return on investment. It's impossible to really know how much value a billboard is delivering but with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Adwords, you'll know exactly how much it's costing to generate a lead and, more importantly, a new patient appointment. With our ProfitEngine Premium plan, you'll have these metrics displayed in a beautiful iOS and Android application, giving you access to your most critical marketing metrics in your pocket.

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High Converting Landing Pages

Once we've got your ads targeted to your new potential patients, you'll need a beautiful landing page designed to convert the traffic into leads by claiming your offer. It's crucial that your medical practice's landing page looks great, loads fast, and calls people to action.

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Beautiful Design

Our graphic design team is world class. We custom design every landing page to look beautiful, modern, and, most importantly, with the user experience top of mind. A lot of marketing companies will use a landing page builder, where you end up with a templated design full of stock imagery. We custom build every page using WordPress and Beaver Builder, hand-coded to look and function great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Lightening Fast

When it comes to online marketing, speed kills. Every millisecond a page takes to load costs you conversions. Our development team always builds using best practices when it comes to WordPress and speed. If we're building landing pages on your server, our dev team prides itself on building the fastest pages your server will allow. If we're hosting your site, prepare for ludicrous speeds!

Conversion Focused

The goal of a landing page is to convert traffic to leads, so a crystal clear call to action is paramount. We specialize in presenting your offers in designs that draw the users attention through a very clear path, straight into a specific instruction on how to claim your offer. The result - industry leading conversion rates and cost-per-conversions.

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A/B Testing

Even the most proven design techniques should be validated by science, which is why we A/B test the landing pages we build for our ProfitEngine Premium plans to ensure that you're not leaving any money on the table.

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Split Testing

Split Testing is another term for A/B testing, both which mean creating two versions of a landing page where only one element is different on each page (element A and element B). Once we have two versions of the landing page, we send half of your ad traffic to one and half to the other, then measure which performs better.

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Science Never Lies

Once enough traffic has visited each landing page to reach statistical relevance, we'll know with a high degree of scientific certainty which version of the two elements being tested improves conversion more. Once determined, we'll dub the landing page containing that version the winner and send all future ad traffic to the winning page.

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The Result

A/B testing different elements on landing pages ensures that your landing pages are converting at the highest rate they can. Things that might seem basic or simple such as button color, left vs right alignment, font, and especially headline copy can drastically impact the rate at which a page converts.

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In a perfect world, everyone who hits your landing pages would convert into a lead right away, but the reality is that the large majority of your paid traffic is not going to convert after seeing your offer just once. This is why it's critical for your marketing to use retargeting.

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Works Like Magic

According to industry studies, people who see an offer more than once are up to 70% more likely to claim it. This is why it's absolutely critical to retarget and remarket to your potential new patients who visit a landing page but don't convert into a lead right away.

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Retargeting is made possible by placing a tracking script (or pixel) into the code of your website. This code "tags" everyone who visits your landing page so Facebook/Instagram/Google knows who that person is the next time they visit those social media sites, enabling us to show those very same people another ad about your offer.

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Cost Effective

Not only does retargeting work extremely well, it costs significantly less that running regular ads, driving your overall cost per lead and cost per conversion numbers way down. We've generated Botox leads for as low as $3!

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Lead-To-Conversion Automation

Generating leads is essential to a medical marketing campaign, but it's not the end goal. What you really want are more conversions (appointments). Our automation takes new leads and turns them into appointments without your staff having to do anything!

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Know Your Goals

A lot of marketing agencies will generate you leads but stop there. We understand that having someone's email address doesn't mean much if they never respond and never actually book an appointment.

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Staff Challenges

We've found that the reason most agencies stop a lead generation is because the process of converting a lead into an appointment can be challenging for front-desk staff. They're usually busy/distracted with other tasks or lack the training and/or confidence to close leads. We fix this by removing the staff from the equation.

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Claim Automation

When a new lead is generated, our system automatically engages by redirecting them directly to a "Book An Appointment" page with clear instructions that the next step is to go ahead and choose a time & date for their visit. The system also sends them an email and/or text message thanking them for claiming your promotion and instructing them to go to the Book An Appointment page to complete the next step.

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Artificial Intelligence

Our system knows when a lead actually requests an appointment, which allows us to send your leads automated booking reminders three days in a row and the system turns itself off once they do book.

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Nurture Automation

Some people will jump at an offer (becoming a lead) but aren't really ready to book. These people require nurturing. When someone claims one of your offers but doesn't request an appointment within three days, our system will shift them into a nurture sequence that will send them emails/texts every other day containing varied types of information such as personal messages from the doctor, patient testimonials, videos of celebrities endorsing the relevant service, etc. These nurture sequences ensure that you're not losing leads who were on the fence and just needed a little nudge.

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The Result

Our automations make sure you're not leaving money on the table. They drastically increase conversion rates without your staff having to be involved.

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Reputation Management

Did you know that 90% of your potential patients will look you up online and read your reviews before deciding whether or not to book an appointment with your medical practice? It goes without saying that your online reputation needs to be stellar and the best way to build a great reputation online is to have a system in place that continually generates authentic, positive reviews.

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Automated Followup

If you use smart online scheduling, our ProfitEngines can see exactly when your patients visit and will automatically follow up with them after their appointment asking them about their experience with your practice.

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Review Screening

If someone responds to our automated outreach with a negative comment, the system captures the comment and sends it directly to you before it every hits the open internet. This allows you to follow up and address the comment, defusing negative feedback from damaging your online reputation.

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Positive Lead Generation

When someone responds to the automated outreach with positive feedback, the system automatically follows up and politely requests that they post their feedback tot he review platform of your choice (Facebook, Google, HealthGrades, etc.).

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The Result

Our Reputation Management systems prevent negative feedback from damaging your online reputation while simultaneously generating a stream of new, positive online reviews that, in turn, generate you more appointments.

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SEO Bonus

Additionally, industry studies show that a steady stream of new & positive reviews boosts organic ranking in search engines like Google!

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Transparent Reporting

The best thing about digital marketing vs traditional marketing is the transparency. With our ProfitEngine programs, you'll know exactly what you're spending to generate a lead and an appointment. And if you go with our Premium plan, you'll have this information at your fingertips via a beautiful iOS and Android app!

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Critical Metrics

When it comes to reporting, most agencies will try to bury you with lengthy reports full of endless spreadsheets and graphs, reporting on metrics that mean very little to your bottom line. With our reporting, we focus on the metrics that matter: How many leads were generated, how many bookings were generated, what did it cost to generate the leads, and what did it cost to generate the appointments.

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Lead Review

Including in your reports will be a recap of all the leads generated that month, ensuring nothing no leads slip through the cracks. With our ProfitEngine Premium program, our account managers will actually listen to the phone calls generated and send grade your staff on how the leads were handled.

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Other Metrics

If you go with any of our SEO, Social Media, or Reputation Management add-ons, you'll also receive clear reporting on the improvements to your rankings, the growth & engagement of your community, and the amount of new positive reviews generated each month.

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Mobile App

Our ProfitEngine Premium clients receive all of these critical metrics via a beautiful dashboard that lives in an app (iOS and Android) so you have access to your data in real time, right in your pocket. We promise you've never seen reporting like this!

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SEO Bonus

Additionally, industry studies show that a steady stream of new & positive reviews boosts organic ranking in search engines like Google!

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