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Funnel Marketing Driven By Social Media & Search Traffic

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Personalized and Budget-Friendly Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing has become an inalienable part of a sturdy medical marketing strategy. To most agencies, it means posting updates on your Facebook page a few times per week. To us, social media is a critical piece of a much bigger puzzle called funnel marketing.

A great medical practice marketing campaign always begins with an offer. That offer gets turned into an ad on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. Those ads drive targeted traffic to a beautiful landing page that our seasoned designers diligently create. It allows potential clients to claim the offer, transforming it into a “new lead.” This is the first step of our marketing strategies. With the help of the marketing powerhouse, ProfitEngines, we devise a customized marketing strategy that immaculately creates a robust social media presence that serves as the perfect platform for targeted ads.

We at PracticeBloom, understand the importance of having a robust social media presence for your aesthetic medical practice. After years of research and analysis, our adept team of digital marketing experts has found the exact balance of representing your medical practice’s unique voice with a hefty dose of professionalism, perfect for your social marketing efforts.

Social Media Planning For Aesthetic Medical Practices

social media marketing

Create an effective online presence with PracticeBloom’s Social Media Planning

Our in-house social marketing team is well-versed in creating engaging, relatable content for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. The medical practice marketing strategy we’ll employ takes all your goals into account, like growing your online following and building your unique voice as a business.

Your marketing budget can break even through social network ad optimization. When paired with an active online community, compelling content will get you the most out of your marketing spend. Let PracticeBloom help you make your presence felt on every social network.

We offer impeccable social media marketing management for medical practices that add wings to your aesthetic medical practice helping it soar to new heights.


The Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Medical Practices

Your social media account serves as a platform helping curate your brand’s voice, instilling trust in interested customers. It is the place where your aesthetic medical practice comes alive, encouraging prospective customers to engage with your brand by leaving feedback, suggestions and gaining insights about your practice.

The benefits of social media marketing include:

  • Lead Generation,
  • Conversion Rates,
  • Engagement Levels,
  • Offering Insights to your Followers,
  • Fosters Customer Communication,
  • Generates Trust and Confidence in Prospective Customers.

Before you know it, your social media followers become an integral part of your life, allowing your practice to keep them informed about your new offers and packages. Striking a balance between relevant, informative, and captivating social media posts helps your aesthetic practice retain existing customers and attract new ones without seeming desperate or overselling.

Leveraging The Power Of Social Media, One Post At A Time

Do you feel your medical practice marketing strategy is missing something? That “something” is social media.

In the healthcare and med spa industry, having a website is not the golden standard. Enough aesthetic practices have their beautiful websites. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to help your medical practice stand out from the rest of the competition.

At PracticeBloom, we combine a website overhaul with a comprehensive social media strategy to increase visibility for your medical practice and attract more attention for your services and products, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.

How Social Media Can Increase Brand Awareness For Your Aesthetic Medical Practice

  • Share discounts, promos, and special offers on your med spa services
  • Cultivate a loyal online community through targeted ads and by sharing relevant information
  • Attract more patients and clients by sharing photos, videos, and testimonials of treatment success

Turning Shares Into Profit

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the great equalizers of the digital world. With these platforms, businesses like aesthetic medical practices can rise above the competition by using available tools.

  1. As an aesthetic medical practice owner, building an active online presence on Facebook is a great way to create buzz around your practice.
  2. Make your clinic accessible to potential patients and clients by sharing your contact information on Facebook.
  3. Adding a link to your website and landing pages will make it easy to track down leads and send out effective email campaigns to secure more bookings.

And that’s just the beginning. At PracticeBloom, we’ve mastered the art of social media marketing and advertising to give you the ultimate advantage of telling your story online.

From Design To Execution: Our Social Media Strategy

A great social media marketing strategy focuses on three areas: ads, community building, and community management.

Ads on social media are the quickest way to generate new business, but building a community around your brand is critical to paid Facebook & Instagram campaigns as a good percentage of people who see your ads are going to click through to your profile pages to see what you’re posting and who is interacting with it.

Having a solid community is a trust factor that increases the conversion rates of your paid traffic.

A strong community will also pay long-term dividends if you manage and nurture it properly. Your community will produce advocates – repeat buyers with high praise for your brand facilitating word of mouth marketing for your aesthetic practice to the rest of the community, keeping them engaged and buying.

We specialize in monitoring your community and quickly responding to their questions, comments, and interactions to ensure the community never loses momentum and continues to grow. Not to mention the validation and trust positive feedback instills in prospective buyers.

Promote Your Medical Practice

Strategy Planning

With social media strategy planning, our social media team figures out the best content for your target audience based on the success of previous posts and campaigns.

We understand who your clients are and what makes them click, share, and book.

We use website metrics to map out customer behavior to replicate on-site success in marketing your spa services on Facebook and other social media sites.

Content Curation

Content Curation

In the world of aesthetic practice marketing, consistency is everything. Potential patients want to know your clinic is alive and buzzing before booking an appointment.

Our team curates videos, photos, graphics, articles, and other content to post on your Facebook, Instagram, and other online accounts.

Community Building

Community Building

Customers of businesses in the healthcare and aesthetic medical industry turn to Facebook and Google for reviews before booking any of your services.

Prospective customers look at videos, photos, and other content from other customers to understand what your aesthetic practice offers and why they should choose you over your competitors.

Community building is a passive form of marketing and advertising with limitless ROI.

Promote Your Medical Practice

Email and Website Integration

Correct email and website integration ensure that every lead is utilized to the fullest. If a potential client discovers your business on Facebook and finds your business’s landing page, they’ll be redirected to your website, where they can share their contact info.

Leads from targeted campaigns and other paid advertising efforts get funneled to your website, where growing your email list becomes a seamless part of the process.

Promote Your Medical Practice

Targeted Ads

We combine organic, in-bound strategies with carefully constructed paid methods such as Facebook ads to usher more potential patients to your website.

We turn to Facebook metrics and keyword research in designing an effective Facebook ad campaign, ensuring that your resources are well-spent.

The PracticeBloom Social Media Experience

Facebook and Instagram: The Goldmines To Social Media Success

Each platform has its strengths. At PracticeBloom, we target more than just online presence. We help businesses in the beauty and spa industry reach new success, visibility, and productivity levels with the world’s most popular free marketing and advertising platforms.


  • Reach new patients with targeted ads
  • Funnel traffic organically to your website and landing pages
  • Collect and display online reviews to set your spa above other local spas in your area
  • Increase website visits by sharing high-quality articles from your blog
  • Share exciting videos and photos for brand building
  • Direct engagement through Facebook Messenger


  • Engage prospects with before and after pictures from patients
  • Create a visual storyline for your brand
  • Reach new patients with targeted ad campaigns
  • Direct engagement through DMs and website linking
  • Effortless marketing for your spa services

The inception of Social Media paved the way for humans to digitally communicate and connect with people in a modern age over the interweb. Social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube enable people to post media to socialize in various communities.

It wasn’t long before Savvy marketers identified the unique platform social media presented to market your brand’s services and products with the maximum reach and engagement level.

Additionally, the time spent by your potential patients and competitors socializing on these platforms has created an unprecedented opportunity for your medical practice marketing, given that you have the right strategy.

So, are you ready to take a leap and dominate the aesthetic practice market? Enhance your online and social media presence RIGHT NOW!

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