Paid Advertising for Medical Practices

Effective Marketing Strategies

What is Paid Advertising?

We at PracticeBloom have discovered the quickest way to generate more patient leads for your aesthetic medical practice: Paid Advertising.

Using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to reach out to a wider audience by establishing a solid digital presence and engaging with potential customers.

Google Adwords is another platform that helps you present your business to your prospective clients by increasing its relevance. Google Adwords is a paid service that helps you curate your business Ad to target your potential customers using specialized terms and phrases.

The marketing experts at PracticeBloom specialize in identifying prospects that maximize your brand awareness generating more patient leads. We carefully select a befitting platform according to your marketing goals and practice type.

We understand that paid advertising is a science that our digital marketing team has perfected. With PracticeBloom, you get the most relevant campaigns at the lowest cost-per-click/conversions in the industry.


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The PracticeBloom Perspective

Your aesthetic practice’s marketing campaign begins with our digital marketing team analyzing extensive data and information that help them gain insights about your prospective patients. Our marketing campaign begins by chalking out a customized offer that focuses on your current and future patient’s needs.

Once we have your aesthetic practice’s offer in place, our dynamic team of experts curates targeted ads on social media and other online platforms to connect interested audiences with the exact beauty service they need.

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Facebook Ads

Our graphic design team designs your landing pages to align with your business’s aesthetic needs while maintaining the user experience a priority.

At PracticeBloom, we custom build each page on your website using WordPress and Beaver Builder. We hand code your websites to adhere to Google’s algorithm recommendations building a website that looks modern and beautiful on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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Instagram Ads

Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms with over a billion active users each month. An added benefit is that Instagram is owned by Facebook which gives it the same advertising options and reach as the latter.

The Ad Recall on Instagram is 2.8x higher than industry norms making it a robust tool in your aesthetic medical practice’s marketing strategy.

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Google Adwords

While Facebook and Instagram offer incredible value per click, Google Adwords is the revolutionary tool guaranteeing qualified leads that enables Google users to get relevant search results for the exact services that you are offering and advertising.

We ensure that your ad promotion tops Google’s search results when your prospective clients conduct a Google search increasing your brand awareness.

The costs-per-click with Google Adwords are higher, but so are the conversion rates.

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Transparent Reporting

At PracticeBloom, we ensure that every aspect of our paid advertising service is conducted keeping you in the loop. Choosing paid advertising over traditional marketing for digital platforms offers transparent return on Investment.

If you choose to place your advertisement on a billboard, tracking conversion rates and its value can be tricky. However, paid advertising with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Adwords, has transparent ROI offering insights regarding how much it’s costing to generate a lead and, more importantly, a new patient appointment.

With our ProfitEngine Premium plan, you’ll have these metrics displayed in a beautiful iOS and Android application, giving you access to your most critical marketing metrics in your pocket.

What makes PPC so effective?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a flexible marketing tactic that enables the growth of all types of businesses.

Pay-per-click marketing

With PPC marketing, your aesthetic medical practice’s website only needs to pay for the ad when it gets clicked, meaning you never end up paying for engagement that doesn’t happen.

This gives you top control over your budget and with targeted ad possibilities, you can specifically target your marketing campaigns to the exact demographics, interests, and keywords of your best audience.

Traffic is consistent and immediate with PPC, unlike other types of marketing such as organic marketing which takes months to mature and grow.
With Geo-targeting, ad scheduling, and other ways and metrics that marketing experts like our team at PracticeBloom are intimately familiar with, you can truly maximize the efficacy of every dollar spent on marketing work.

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The PracticeBloom PPC Experience: Effortless Patient Acquisition and Patient Retention

Campaign Development

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Services Involved:

  • Patients and Clients Identification
  • Keyword Research
  • Unique Copy
  • Complete PPC Ad Campaign Based on Services, Capabilities, and Location
  • Competition Research

The marketing experts at PracticeBloom assess and analyze your aesthetic medical practice’s business and overall brand to determine the best strategy to identify and reach out to your target audience.

It leads to maximizing PPC connection with potential patients and clients with every email and ad advertising your business or businesses.

We then combine our collected data and information with our marketing industry advertising and analytics tools to find the optimal keywords, topics, and images with the goal of maximizing target audience reach across all websites and channels through quality content and strategically designed brand shaping ads.

Campaign Maximizing and Editing

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Services Involved:

  • Keyword and Ad Group Bid Research
  • PPC Marketing Strategy Budget Tweaking
  • Daily and Monthly Campaign Detailing
  • Quality Assurance Review

With your brand marketing campaign developed, our team continues to tweak and enhance your ads to ensure they reach and engage with the maximum potential patients and clients across various website groups and platforms.

The start of every website PPC marketing campaign involves a quality assurance review to make sure everything that goes live on Facebook and other websites is perfect, from keywords to ad copy to images.

After approval of your aesthetic medical practice’s marketing and leadership team, our PPC campaign experts develop our post-campaign-launch steps to keep your business’s brand advertising strategy flexible and ready to evolve at a moment’s notice, depending on the needs of your marketing strategy and engagement response on your ads.

Implementation and Ongoing Support

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Services Involved:

  • Maximizing Campaigns with Efficient Match Types
  • Regular Search Query Reports
  • Shift to High Performing Ads
  • Strategic Budget Pacing and Delivery Method Selection

Developing your business’s PPC marketing campaign and performing keyword, medical practice competition, and ad research is only a small part of the work involved in a successful PPC marketing journey. The real work begins once your business’s or brand’s marketing campaign is live.

Your brand’s website advertising success is determined by whether you can turn your launch into an evolving and growing brand building advertising strategy.

With PracticeBloom, your business will have everything it needs and more. We maximize PPC marketing campaigns by continuously adjusting the parameters to ensure the ads are paired with the most efficient match types.

We perform regular search query reports to determine which keywords are working and which aren’t.

We also get the highest ROI out of every dollar spent on the brand’s marketing by strategically pushing more into the highest-engagement and top-performing ads while pulling out of ads performing suboptimally, or ads that may be generating costs through clicks but failing to convert.

Monthly Reports and Continued Marketing Evolution

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Services Involved:

  • Weekly & Monthly Reports on Basic and Advanced PPC Metrics and Insights
  • Spend
  • ROI
  • Average CPC
  • Average Position
  • Top Performing Keywords & Ad Copy
  • Suggested Plans Moving Forward

Your team and business will never feel in the dark when it comes to your business’s PPC marketing campaign if you partner with PracticeBloom.

We understand the utmost importance of transparency with our marketing services, giving your team the assurance that your med spa business’s marketing budget is being put to work.

With PracticeBloom’s PPC website marketing services, your business will receive weekly and/or monthly reports showing all the ways that the brand’s marketing campaign is working or not working.

Our reports include understandable data on the basic and advanced PPC metrics and insights, including how much your business has spent, your Return-On-Investment, the average CPC (cost per conversion), average position of your brand’s marketing, top performing keywords and ad marketing copy and more.

With this information, PracticeBloom can continue to curate maximum-performing medical practice marketing strategies that will reach prospective patients across Facebook and other relevant websites, suggesting the best ways and methods to keep expanding your marketing efforts while getting more out of your business’s investment.

Common Questions

How much should I be spending on ads?

This depends on a variety of factors including your goals and the competitive landscape of your region. We generally advise our clients to prepare at least a budget of $1,500 a month and funnel that into social media platform PPC or Google Ad Adwords, as well as lead magnet creation, for the best results.

How do you increase my search engine visibility? Will I rank on Google?

This depends on a variety of factors including your goals and the competitive landscape of your region. We generally advise our clients to prepare at least a budget of $1,500 a month and funnel that into social media platform PPC or Google Ad Adwords, as well as lead magnet creation, for the best results.

Will you teach me how to target the right patients?

This depends on a variety of factors including your goals and the competitive landscape of your region. We generally advise our clients to prepare at least a budget of $1,500 a month and funnel that into social media platform PPC or Google Ad Adwords, as well as lead magnet creation, for the best results.

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