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Improve Your Patient Relationships with PracticeBloom’s Stellar Reputation Management Service

Did you know that 90% of your potential patients will look you up online and read your reviews before deciding whether or not to book an appointment with your aesthetic practice?

At ProfitBloom, we proactively generate a steady stream of positive reviews, which is easier said than done without a system in place. That’s why our Reputation Management program is so powerful.

Your practice’s online reputation needs to be stellar, and the best way to build an excellent reputation online for your practice is to have one system in place that continually generates authentic, positive reviews from actual patients.

Five Benefits of Online Reputation Management (ORM) for Aesthetic Medical Practices

Reputation management
  1. Reputation management helps your aesthetic medical practice maintain its relevance and appear in the top results.
  2. Medical practitioners must top local search results; reputation management helps manage your practice’s visibility.
  3. Reputation management helps aesthetic medical facilities appear in search results, acknowledging the uniqueness of every prospective patient.
  4. Reputation management for your aesthetic practice enables your clients to connect with you making your practice more approachable.
  5. Comprehensive reputation management enables an aesthetic practice to manage public and private feedback.


Reputation Management

Building and maintaining an immaculate online reputation is easier said than done. That’s why Reputation Management is a critical piece of our ProfitEngine Pro and Premium plans.

  • Our system will automatically follow up with your new patients after their first appointment asking them how they experience at your medical practice.
  • If they respond negatively, our system screens that feedback and sends it directly to you before it ever has a chance to hit the open web, allowing you to follow up now with that person.
  • The people who respond positively receive an automatic reply politely requesting that they post their feedback to the review platform of your choice (Facebook, Google, HealthGrades, etc.).

The result: an ever-increasing amount of positive reviews, which steadily increase your conversion rates. And as an additional bonus, industry data shows that a consistent flow of positive reviews has a significant & positive impact on your organic search rankings!

Gain Topflight Online Presence For Your Aesthetic Medical Practice With PracticeBloom

Specific industries require certain practices, knowledge, and experience. In the medical industry, showcasing your specialized expertise is the difference between gaining your audience’s trust and attention or just looking like every other website online. We have worked with countless clinics and medical teams before and can help you set the foundation of a complete online presence with absolute ease.

Promote Your Medical Practice

Smart Online Scheduling

Using smart online scheduling, our ProfitEngines can see precisely when your patients visit and will automatically follow up after their appointment asking them about their experience with your practice.

Promote Your Medical Practice

Review Screening

If someone responds to our automated outreach with a negative comment, the system captures the statement and sends it directly to you before it ever hits the open internet. This allows you to follow up and address the word, defusing negative feedback from damaging your online reputation.

Promote Your Medical Practice

Positive Lead Generation

When someone responds to the automated outreach with positive feedback, the system automatically follows up. It politely requests that they post their feedback to the review platform of your choice (Facebook, Google, HealthGrades, etc.).

Promote Your Medical Practice

The Result

Our Reputation Management systems prevent negative feedback from damaging your online reputation while simultaneously generating a stream of new, positive online reviews that, in turn, cause you more appointments.

Promote Your Medical Practice

SEO Bonus

Additionally, industry studies show that a steady stream of new & positive reviews boosts organic ranking in search engines like Google!

The system makes it easy – all they have to do is tap a button, and their positive feedback is copied. They’re taken a right to the “leave a review screen,” and all they have to do is hit paste. No efforts.

The result is a steady stream of new positive referrals and an online reputation to convert more potential patients into actual appointments.

Promote Your Medical Practice


Most new patients rely on reviews from previous patients before deciding to trust any practice. A consistent stream of five-star reviews is a great way to improve online authority and attract new patients. For busy medical clinics, our no-fuss reputation management system is ideal. Your staff can source out recent reviews and respond to existing comments with just a touch of a button.

Promote Your Medical Practice


Building an effective website for your practice requires familiarity with the aesthetic medical culture and its products and services. PracticeBloom’s in-house aesthetic medical practice experts are well-aware of the nuances, especially what patients need. We can ensure that every element — from site copy and CTAs to visual assets — are optimized for your target audience.

Promote Your Medical Practice


With programs such as our medical website Reputation Management system, we can curate your patient outreach to follow up with patients after clinic appointments, allowing you to respond to negative feedback before it goes online.

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