Matt Coffy

Founder & CEO

Boost your practice with PracticeBloom

Matt Coffy founded PracticeBloom in 2010 as an international digital medical marketing firm.  Most recently, he developed ProfitEngines® which is a proprietary sales and marketing system methodology that provides well-defined frameworks to help companies grow.

In the last decade, he has built PracticeBloom into a well-recognized, 7-figure business in the healthcare industry. Currently, he is responsible for all aspects of the company’s strategy, sales, and business development efforts.  Matt has appeared on major news networks, spoken at numerous industry events, and has a podcast and news articles that reach thousands of people every month.

The other half of his time is spent as a respected guitarist, songwriter, and lead singer in the rock group The Matt Coffy Band.  You can usually find him performing alongside national touring acts at major music festivals.