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Before PracticeBloom our sales were getting lower every month by about 3%. I’ve been working with the guys for six months now and they’ve already increased my Botox bookings by 10%! That’s just Botox bookings. These guys know their stuff and really produce amazing results. Thank you so much!

Dr. Gregory Stevens

Just when you think your business couldn’t get any better. PracticeBloom helped us get our current customer base interested in our new medpsa services. This is incredibly difficult especially if you’re offering something new. We were hesitant if it was gonna work at first, but it did! Double bookings by the end of our first month!

Dr. Sasha Tran

One of the challenges of our practice was getting more men to try out plastic surgery. Practicebloom told us they could help us out, and they did! They explained every part of the process so clearly and eloquently that I really felt like I was part of the team.

Dr. Alex Gamboa

10/10 for professionalism. I love that we have the option to look at our new bookings, impressions on a single dashboard. It’s so convenient! Plus you get to really see that you’re getting your money’s worth. Smart, savvy, and they definitely know what they’re talking about.

Dr. Sophie Gunner

In our street alone there are already 4 chiropractic clinics competing with each other. I came to Matt and told him about my problem and he provided a solution. I’m grateful to have learned of them through a friend. This really helped increase our practice’s popularity. Thanks, Matt. Thanks, all.

Dr. Allan Smithson

Practicebloom is one of the most efficient companies out there. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know anything about numbers and analytics, but the way they explained it to me made so much sense I just had to try it. They have a page where I could check how my business is improving in real-time so you know they’re really professional. Complete package offered! 5 stars to you guys!

Dr. Bethie Park

I feel like the reason why Practicebloom does their job so well is because they truly understand what the market needs. They’re not just in it for the money; they truly, genuinely want to help practices reach out to more patients. I’ve been working with them for a year now and it’s the best decision I’ve ever done.

Dr. Rayshan Jones

These guys know their stuff as if they were orthopedists themselves! The quality of the site, writing, the campaigns, everything! It’s amazing. Such a professional company composed of hardworking people. Incredibly professional, smart, and talented people.

Dr. Roberto Gonzales

PracticeBloom has been communicative, organized, and they've gotten me a lot of leads. I challenged them to build me a CoolSculpting microsite and get it ranking page 1 for all of New Jersey and they delivered! It's grown my practice tremendously.

Dr. Hardik Soni

PracticeBloom has been communicative, organized, and they've gotten me a lot of leads. I definitely recommend working with them.

Dr. Iris Crawford

Working with PracticeBloom has been an absolute pleasure. From branding to website design, to marketing, they've delivered every time.


My practice has never been so busy. We started out doing our own SEO for a few years (with the help of some freelancers), but our rankings never really clicked. Then we met Matt and thought he knew his stuff, and gave him a shot. Just a few months later and we’re getting more calls than ever. And people are asking for every kind of cosmetic service we provide, not just the popular stuff.

Dr. Jeff Streegan

Working with Practicebloom has been the greatest decision of my life. We’re seeing more patients now more than ever thanks to their ingenious campaigns! Now our sales are through the roof and we predict it’s only going to get better from here thanks to the team’s help.

Dr. Jameer Al-Anany

SEO in our area has always felt impossible. There are a ton of chiropractors surrounding us and they all have their own websites, so no matter what we did we couldn’t rank higher than page 3 or 4 on Google. But we heard about Practicebloom from our network and how they specialized in healthcare SEO. Long story short – it’s been three years and we regularly compete for our best keywords. Sometimes I regret it, because with all this business it’s hard to take a day off!

Dr. Kevin Booth

The importance of local outreach was something Practicebloom really understood. There are 4 other practices just within 3 miles of our clinic, so it’s really hard to be the best one in the area. Thanks to the team, we were able to get more local clients, and those local clients started referring friends and family. What a great opportunity to help out more people. 10/10 would recommend

Dr. Patricia Jung-Scott


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