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Liposuction Marketing: PracticeBloom’s Strategic, Eye-Catching Web Design For Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting

Their Problem:

Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting’s official website had an outdated design, which wasn’t attracting the attention of tech-savvy millennials. The few site visitors – who were curious enough to learn more about the medspa – faced difficulties navigating through the pages and waiting for the site to load. The medspa also incurred unnecessary monthly costs because of the incompatibility with the systems used.

Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting GMB screenshot
Our Solution:

Our team of web developers and designers decided that the best course of action for Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting is to rebuild the whole website and give it a modern facelift. Website visitors now enjoy a quicker loading speed and easier navigation when exploring the services offered by the medspa.

The Result:

Establishing a strong and credible online presence is the key to attract more customers and turn leads into sales. Potential clients tend to judge a business by its website, which is why revamping the old site was the best solution for Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting. Our team of skilled web developers and designers rebuilt everything – from using low-quality service images to modifying inefficient codes and systems.
Thanks to their new and improved website, Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting experienced an increase in their engagements that eventually became a steady stream of converted leads. They also managed to save up on monthly costs incurred by the double booking and systems incompatibility on their old website. Now, more patients are lining up to get the best body sculpting treatments at Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting after learning about them online.

How To Generate $3 Botox Leads and $37 Botox Appointments

Our Solution:

We worked with the staff at Ethos Spa to ramp up their video content creation and used that content in Facebook ads to dramatically increase the amount of traffic going to a custom Botox landing page we created that had strategically placed, crystal clear calls to action: “Enter Your Email to Claim A Botox Promotion.”

Once someone claimed, our nurture automation took over providing the claimer with a steady stream of Botox FAQs, testimonials, case-studies, and other useful information – each containing its own call to action: “Click Here To Book Your Discounted Botox Appointment.”

The Result:

$3 Botox Leads and online appointments being made at as low as $37!

Could your MedSpa use more Botox Appointments? Contact us below!

NJ Center for CoolSculpting Case Study

Their Problem:

Due to their site’s outdated design, some navigation functions on the site were inaccessible and customers had difficulty practically using it. This prevented many potential customers from exploring their services, which reflected negatively on their credibility and pulled down their customer engagements.

NJ Center for CoolSculpting GMB screenshot
Our Solution:

One of the easiest ways to build up a business’s immediate professional look is through developing a sleek, modern, and flawless website. Our team of veteran web designers and developers planned and executed a complete facelift for NJ Center for CoolSculpting’s online presence.

The Result:

These days, a customer begins judging a business by the first second they spend on their site. Poor website design leads to customer distrust, which is why we decided that the best way to help NJ Center for CoolSculpting was to redesign their website and revamp their online presence, from replacing low-quality pictures on their pages to reworking inefficient code on their back-end.

With their new website, NJ Center for CoolSculpting experienced an immediate and sustained boost of site engagements and converted leads. With a new systemized lead conversion booking system, more customers than ever were walking through the doors of NJ Center for CoolSculpting after finding their site.

Appreciation From Our Clients

Our Services Speak For Themselves: Learn how Practice Bloom breathes life to your medical marketing strategies!

Before PracticeBloom our sales were getting lower every month by about 3%. I’ve been working with the guys for six months now and they’ve already increased my bookings by 10%! These guys know their stuff and really produce amazing results. Thank you so much!

Dr. Gregory Stevens

Just when you think your business couldn’t get any better. PracticeBloom helped us get our current customer base interested in our new medpsa services. This is incredibly difficult especially if you’re offering something new. We were hesitant if it was gonna work at first, but it did! Double bookings by the end of our first […]

Dr. Sasha Tran

One of the challenges of our practice was getting more men to try out plastic surgery. Practicebloom told us they could help us out, and they did! They explained every part of the process so clearly and eloquently that I really felt like I was part of the team.

Dr. Alex Gamboa

Liposuction Marketing: Helping Your Patients To Bid Adieu To Stubborn Fat

Liposuction will never get old, and the patients who turn to it looking for a new lease on life will always be there. With PracticeBloom, we can funnel all those patients to your clinic.

With liposuction marketing, our aesthetic marketing experts at PracticeBloom unravel the exact pain points behind your ideal patients and target audience and find the best ways to target them and convert them into leads and booked appointments.

Our years of experience in this field allow us to tweak and adjust your liposuction marketing campaign to fit your exact location, audience, and goals.

Give your clinic the best shot at growth and outshine your competition almost overnight, with PracticeBloom’s tried and tested liposuction marketing strategy. We help you Market the Top Life-Changing Fat Removal Surgical Procedure For Every Patient Looking For a New Start.

Knowing What Your Customer Wants: Liposuction Advantages and Pain Points

Any marketing strategy begins with an intimate understanding of your target audience’s pain points and the advantages of your service. With liposuction marketing, our strategy makes the most of:

The Best Fat Removal Treatment:

No matter what other fat removals, fat loss, weight loss, or other fad treatments arrive on the market, liposuction will always be the starting point for the most effective fat removal treatment available.

Proven Procedures and Results:

Patients want to see the results and history of the liposuction doctor they choose. We, at PracticeBloom, curate our marketing strategies to make the most of your history of results and patients by showing the most successful examples.

Local Liposuction Experts:

Our liposuction marketing efforts focus on your professional expertise and proving to patients exactly why your team is the ideal choice for the liposuction they need in your area. We showcase your liposuction device and liposuction equipment and explain why these minimize possible complication issues while removing the patient’s excess fat deposits.

A Life-Changing Experience:

We show patients how liposuction can revitalize their lives, and how your clinic offers not only the liposuction surgery itself, but also post-surgical recovery, diet, and exercise plans.It allows them to develop new and healthier habits to jumpstart themselves in their new body creating awareness on how to keep the fat cells from returning.

Simpler Than You Think:

Many potential liposuction patients are unaware of how exactly liposuction works, and everything involved in the process. At PracticeBloom, we can develop the material and content needed to explain liposuction and the exact processes involved in the procedure at the simplest level, allowing them to easily understand and digest the liposuction experience.

Increase Liposuction Bookings and Appointments with PracticeBloom

PracticeBloom’s aesthetic marketing team can help your plastic surgery clinic or medspa get the most out of your liposuction treatment.

  • Help more patients than ever before surgically remove their unwanted fat with PracticeBloom’s proven liposuction marketing.
  • With targeted marketing and a consistent vision with your liposuction digital marketing campaign, PracticeBloom can help your plastic surgery team and clinic become the number one choice for all potential patients in your area in need of liposuction and related services.
  • PracticeBloom specializes in combining SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content marketing, and Funnel marketing to grow cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics.

Acquire new leads and increase appointments with PracticeBloom and ProfitEngines. Our tried and tested marketing system is here to give you results and straightforward ROIs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can effectively market your liposuction service.

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