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Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting

Their Problem:

Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting’s official website had an outdated design, which wasn’t attracting the attention of tech-savvy millennials. The few site visitors – who were curious enough to learn more about the medspa – faced difficulties navigating through the pages and waiting for the site to load. The medspa also incurred unnecessary monthly costs because of the incompatibility with the systems used.

Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting GMB screenshot
Our Solution:

Our team of web developers and designers decided that the best course of action for Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting is to rebuild the whole website and give it a modern facelift. Website visitors now enjoy a quicker loading speed and easier navigation when exploring the services offered by the medspa.

The Result:

Establishing a strong and credible online presence is the key to attract more customers and turn leads into sales. Potential clients tend to judge a business by its website, which is why revamping the old site was the best solution for Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting. Our team of skilled web developers and designers rebuilt everything – from using low-quality service images to modifying inefficient codes and systems.
Thanks to their new and improved website, Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting experienced an increase in their engagements that eventually became a steady stream of converted leads. They also managed to save up on monthly costs incurred by the double booking and systems incompatibility on their old website. Now, more patients are lining up to get the best body sculpting treatments at Bello Voi Health & Body Sculpting after learning about them online.

Venus Rising MedSpa

Their Problem:

Venus Rising MedSpa’s old website was only built using a poorly developed page builder, which gave it an outdated design and low-ranking results on Google’s page. Site visitors also had difficulties navigating through the featured services on the webpage. All of these problems resulted in tarnished online credibility and lower engagements for the medspa.

Venus Rising MedSpa GMB screenshot
Our Solution:

We decided that the best solution for the website’s problem was to rebuild it from scratch using the Oxygen builder. With full control over the website’s various elements, we were able to boost the site’s loading speed, improve user experience, and remove unnecessary div stackings. Lastly, we redesigned the website using high-quality service images and gave it a modern look.

The Result:

The internet is the number one source of information that patients use when searching for health information, which is why healthcare websites should make their best effort to maximize their online presence.

This is why we proposed to rebuild Venus Rising MedSpa’s website from scratch. We revamped everything, starting from replacing low-quality pictures to removing unnecessary div stacks.

With a rebranded website, Venus Rising MedSpa immediately experienced an increase in its site engagements, which eventually turned into a steady stream of converted leads. Thanks to Venus Rising MedSpa’s newfound online credibility, more customers are coming in to experience high-quality aesthetics treatments.

Puar Elevated Beauty

Their Problem:

The PÙAR’s team had already launched ad campaigns that were successfully bringing in interest from new leads. However, despite the increase in appointment bookings, they lacked a final push to get their new leads to show up for their scheduled appointments.

Puar Elevated Beauty GMB screenshot
Our Solution:

Lead Conversion Elements: With a successful ad campaign already drawing in new leads, our team understood that their problem was in the final steps of the process. We assessed their current campaign and funnel and identified the missing element to keep leads committed to their appointment.

ProfitEngines Stripe: We integrated a CC file request for every booked appointment on their site. Our team created a clear disclaimer explaining why this was required and explained how the credit card was going to be charged.

The Result:

The PÙAR’s new CC file protocol resulted in an increase in clinic visits and no “no shows”. In just a month, we were able to eliminate all no shows, encouraging clients to show up to their bookings.

With just one tweak, we were able to increase clinic visits and boost staff morale.

Completely eliminated no shows, from nine missed bookings in the month before our adjustments to zero missed bookings in the month after

Increased sales conversions and revenue with zero missed appointments

Appreciation From Our Clients

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Before PracticeBloom our sales were getting lower every month by about 3%. I’ve been working with the guys for six months now and they’ve already increased my bookings by 10%! These guys know their stuff and really produce amazing results. Thank you so much!

Dr. Gregory Stevens

One of the challenges of our practice was getting more men to try out plastic surgery. Practicebloom told us they could help us out, and they did! They explained every part of the process so clearly and eloquently that I really felt like I was part of the team.

Dr. Alex Gamboa

Just when you think your business couldn’t get any better. PracticeBloom helped us get our current customer base interested in our new medpsa services. This is incredibly difficult especially if you’re offering something new. We were hesitant if it was gonna work at first, but it did! Double bookings by the end of our first […]

Dr. Sasha Tran

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