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Hit the First Page For Plastic Surgeons

It’s your job as a plastic surgeon to ensure that every patient has that killer smile.
With our SEO talents, we can give your site that same professional treatment.

A brighter smile, a younger face, a clearer complexion. When prospective patients look for the top plastic surgeons in town, they need to see more than your medical background and flawless history. For many in the market of cosmetic surgery, it’s the look and feel of your site that matters just as much as your expertise. And what better way to make your site look the best than by being the number one Google search?

In the world of search rankings and search engine marketing, the difference between number one, two, and three makes all the difference. And with our search traffic talent, we can guarantee your top presence, long-term.

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"The SEO team at PracticeBloom is incredible. I invested heavily in them and it has paid off ten fold. I'm now averaging at least a booking a day organically from my most lucrative service!"

Hardik Soni of Ethos Spa
Dr. Hardik Soni
Owner of Ethos Spa

Website Design: The Flawless Experience

Both the front and back ends of your website need to be designed, structured, and built from
rock-solid research and planning

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A slow site, confusing navigation, and unhelpful tips in boring articles. Sound familiar? You might be the best plastic surgeon in the world, but if your website looks and feels like it’s from 2005, no one will ever know just how lucky they would be to walk in your office. One critical aspect that Google factors in is the speed of your site; how quickly does it take to refresh?

Even an extra few milliseconds can make the difference between being on the first page of search results and being on the second. And if you’re on the second page, you might as well not have a site at all.

Our team of website developer wizards have studied and relearned web design platforms for years. With an understanding of the best practices for site speed optimization, we can bring any site up to speed. This service is available for both desktop and mobile sites, giving your customers that same flawless experience they would get if they booked an appointment at your clinic today.

Search Engine Optimization: Top SEO Practices Online

Staying on top of the SEO game is a full-time job, because SEO is about understanding the crowd. In an industry like plastic surgery, where trends and fads come by month after month, optimizing for the top keywords means being intimately familiar with what your clientele is searching. Our team of SEO experts work proactively towards keeping your plastic surgery website above the competition. This saves your client those few extra seconds on every Google search.

We work on everything, including keywords, user experience, site speed, SEO audits, online visibility and so much more. No stone is left unturned and no wrinkle left strained. With our top-quality research and forward-planning, we keep your site as fresh as it can be. Here are just some of the practices we employ in our plastic surgery digital marketing package:


SEO For Plastic Surgeons: Online Visibility

Like every patient who walks into a cosmetic surgery clinic, your site has to focus on visibility. With countless competitors online and dozens if not hundreds in your area alone, how do you ensure that your site and your clinic have the online visibility to organically generate the customers that you need?

Your online visibility begins with your keywords. We extensively research the latest terms, fads, and lingo relevant to your potential cosmetic surgery clients. After finding out what people are looking for, we then work to build pages around those specific topics. What better way to show your customers that you can do what they need than by telling them about it directly? If your patients are searching for “nose surgical solutions”, we’ll produce the relevant page right away.

By planning your site with the top keywords and architecture in mind, we create a site that Google will link to endlessly. And the more pages your site has, with the more diverse keywords onboard, the stronger your case as a leading authority on the internet. Sooner or later, Google will be auto-completing searches with your clinic in mind.

Reputation Management: Social Media and More

Whether or not you choose to take part in the conversation, there’s one nagging truth about the online world you can’t ignore: people are talking about your business and online presence. In plastic surgery, this might be more relevant than ever; one disappointed customer is all it takes to tarnish your image on Twitter or Instagram. And who knows how long that fallout might last.

Our reputation management service puts a halt to that chaos long before it gets out of hand. We monitor the general sentiment hovering around your business, and work to improve that with social media marketing strategies. This means more than just sending out funny Tweets. It involves properly maneuvering social media and creating an online brand presence that lasts.

As a plastic surgeon, your reputation can make or break your clinic. It’s time to make sure you protect it.


Tweaking the Search Engines: Combining Research and Creativity

With a sweet mix of research and creativity, we create tailored and personalized SEO strategies that work for your business. This involves studying everything around your plastic surgery clinic, including your location, your competitors, and the latest happenings in the overall industry. By gaining insight on how your competitors are ranking on the charts, we can better tweak our own practices to turn your invisible site into number one.

Word count, WordPress security, information architecture, site navigation, and so much more. Our data scientists use these details and work with our web designers to create a single, efficient strategy that will launch your site to the top. When you combine tons of research with top quality writing and awesome design talent, there’s not much that can leap over you.

Generate new leads every single day by being on top, with a website that looks great, reads great, and works even better.

Conversion Rates: Focusing on Local Search

Competing with an entire world’s worth of SEO might be difficult, but competing with the competition in your area? Our plastic surgery SEO experts understand the importance of targeting the exact audiences who would actually walk in your clinic and book an appointment. We make an extra effort to directly pinpoint our keyword research, search engine optimization, and other practices to your local audience.

This ensures that every time a potential customer searches for plastic surgery in your street, town, city, or even state, your clinic will be the first to show on their search recommendations. With further localization practices such as Google My Business, local video testimonials, and PPC for plastic surgeons, your clinic will be the first to show up.


Internet Marketing: All About the Quality Content

As they say, content is king, and content works on all fronts. Firstly, more pages and more videos give you more opportunities to target the perfect keywords and rank on Google search. But content also generates real, organic interest from users who can see that you’ve got the authority and know-how to go with that beautiful website. So why not hit two birds with one stone and start producing that quality content that no one ever knew they wanted to read?

With content marketing, it’s all about providing value to the reader. Whether you want to write a total comprehensive guide to plastic surgery, or a series of helpful tips and knowledge nuggets that your future customers might be interested in, it’s all about figuring out what people want to know. And that’s where we come in: we provide the quality content, and you benefit from the lead generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is plastic surgery SEO the best way to optimize your website?

Of course! There might be no better marketing for plastic surgeons than online SEO. This kind of inbound marketing works by itself, staying active and generating leads long after your initial work is done.

My plastic surgery plastic already has a website. What can you do for me?

Many of our clients already have websites, and we come in to provide a complete website evaluation and, if necessary, a website redesign.

Do you also have other services, like video production and press releases?

Definitely. Our team has handled it all, and we are ready to provide any digital marketing service you might need. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will see how we can help you straight away.

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