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Venus Rising MedSpa

Their Problem:

Venus Rising MedSpa’s old website was only built using a poorly developed page builder, which gave it an outdated design and low-ranking results on Google’s page. Site visitors also had difficulties navigating through the featured services on the webpage. All of these problems resulted in tarnished online credibility and lower engagements for the medspa.

Venus Rising MedSpa GMB screenshot
Our Solution:

We decided that the best solution for the website’s problem was to rebuild it from scratch using the Oxygen builder. With full control over the website’s various elements, we were able to boost the site’s loading speed, improve user experience, and remove unnecessary div stackings. Lastly, we redesigned the website using high-quality service images and gave it a modern look.

The Result:

The internet is the number one source of information that patients use when searching for health information, which is why healthcare websites should make their best effort to maximize their online presence.

This is why we proposed to rebuild Venus Rising MedSpa’s website from scratch. We revamped everything, starting from replacing low-quality pictures to removing unnecessary div stacks.

With a rebranded website, Venus Rising MedSpa immediately experienced an increase in its site engagements, which eventually turned into a steady stream of converted leads. Thanks to Venus Rising MedSpa’s newfound online credibility, more customers are coming in to experience high-quality aesthetics treatments.

NJ Center for CoolSculpting Case Study

Their Problem:

Due to their site’s outdated design, some navigation functions on the site were inaccessible and customers had difficulty practically using it. This prevented many potential customers from exploring their services, which reflected negatively on their credibility and pulled down their customer engagements.

NJ Center for CoolSculpting GMB screenshot
Our Solution:

One of the easiest ways to build up a business’s immediate professional look is through developing a sleek, modern, and flawless website. Our team of veteran web designers and developers planned and executed a complete facelift for NJ Center for CoolSculpting’s online presence.

The Result:

These days, a customer begins judging a business by the first second they spend on their site. Poor website design leads to customer distrust, which is why we decided that the best way to help NJ Center for CoolSculpting was to redesign their website and revamp their online presence, from replacing low-quality pictures on their pages to reworking inefficient code on their back-end.

With their new website, NJ Center for CoolSculpting experienced an immediate and sustained boost of site engagements and converted leads. With a new systemized lead conversion booking system, more customers than ever were walking through the doors of NJ Center for CoolSculpting after finding their site.

How To Generate $3 Botox Leads and $37 Botox Appointments

Our Solution:

We worked with the staff at Ethos Spa to ramp up their video content creation and used that content in Facebook ads to dramatically increase the amount of traffic going to a custom Botox landing page we created that had strategically placed, crystal clear calls to action: “Enter Your Email to Claim A Botox Promotion.”

Once someone claimed, our nurture automation took over providing the claimer with a steady stream of Botox FAQs, testimonials, case-studies, and other useful information – each containing its own call to action: “Click Here To Book Your Discounted Botox Appointment.”

The Result:

$3 Botox Leads and online appointments being made at as low as $37!

Could your MedSpa use more Botox Appointments? Contact us below!

Appreciation From Our Clients

Our Services Speak For Themselves: Learn how Practice Bloom breathes life to your medical marketing strategies!

Before PracticeBloom our sales were getting lower every month by about 3%. I’ve been working with the guys for six months now and they’ve already increased my bookings by 10%! These guys know their stuff and really produce amazing results. Thank you so much!

Dr. Gregory Stevens

Just when you think your business couldn’t get any better. PracticeBloom helped us get our current customer base interested in our new medpsa services. This is incredibly difficult especially if you’re offering something new. We were hesitant if it was gonna work at first, but it did! Double bookings by the end of our first […]

Dr. Sasha Tran

One of the challenges of our practice was getting more men to try out plastic surgery. Practicebloom told us they could help us out, and they did! They explained every part of the process so clearly and eloquently that I really felt like I was part of the team.

Dr. Alex Gamboa

Build Your Aesthetic Practice’sPractice’s Effective CoolSculpting Marketing Plan With PracticeBloom

CoolSculpting has become the most well-known non-surgical procedure for getting rid of stubborn, unwanted fat. Brand management and marketing are as critical as the technical expertise required to perform the CoolSculpting function.

PracticeBloom specializes in enabling med spas, plastic surgery centers, and cool sculpting practices to reach more potential patients, book more patients, and beat their local competitors. If your aesthetic medical facility could use more Coolsculpting patients each month, let’s talk strategy.

PracticeBloom specializes in combining SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content marketing, and Funnel marketing to grow MedSpas like yours worldwide.

Our ProfitEngines programs leverage the power of Facebook, Instagram & Google advertising to deliver a steady flow of new CoolSculpting leads that our automation converts into booked consultations while you sleep!

Are You A Medical Spa Interested In A Coolsculpting Marketing Campaign To Sell More Coolsculpting Procedures?

Better Than Social Media – Drive Business By Dominating Other Med Spas In The Search Engines

While the cost of FB & Instagram leads can be below, the price for an organic lead is zero for those who rank at the top of the search results.

There are very few companies globally with the knowledge and skill to rank websites at the top of the search results for highly competitive terms like “CoolSculpting Near Me.” Still, we started as a search engine optimization company (SEO) and have marketing case study after case study full of proven results.

Local & Hyperlocal SEO for CoolSculpting Marketing

PracticeBloom marketing experts use local and hyperlocal SEO to ensure that your aesthetic practice gains maximum recognition locally. We conduct in-depth competitive research analysis and turn it into a gorgeous mockup for a new micro-site targeting CoolSculpting in your area.

Our development team then builds a mockup into a custom WordPress theme that loads lightning-fast and looks great on all devices. Our conversion rate optimization team makes a clear & enticing call to action.

ProfitEngines Marketing Automation

Our in-house designers build a beautiful website for your aesthetic practice that features a customized marketing ad prompting interested patients to click the ad link.

The process of automated marketing reminders continues over three days via a string of emails, text messages, and voicemails that encourage them not to let their discount expire and request a CoolSculpting consultation.

Generating Qualified CoolSculpting Leads Is An Art

  • ProfitEngines ties together email, text messaging, phone calls, and even Messenger, so however/wherever someone replies, the system knows to stop sending the marketing automation.
  • When someone requests a consultation, a new pending appointment shows up in your scheduling calendar, and a notification goes out to your staff that there is a consultation waiting for their approval.
  • Once approved and marked confirmed, the system sends out a confirmation email & SMS to the patient.
  • If someone misses their CoolSculpting consultation, your staff needs to move them to the “No Show” stage of your Lead Management Pipeline. A new series of automated emails and text messages will go out and direct them to reschedule.
  • It automatically converts 5% of leads, on average, and we haven’t worked with a practice yet that was thrilled to alleviate their staff of that responsibility so they could focus more on your CoolSculpting patients.

Are You Ready To Take Your CoolSculpting Marketing To The Next Level?

Coolsculpting has been gaining traction with the public with an exponential increase in demand, which means the time to switch up your marketing game and dominate the local market is now. You need to establish your practice as the authority on CoolSculpting in your area as soon as possible with the help of our expert team at PracticeBloom. To know more about our services contact us here.

Featured Practice Bloom Medical Spa Marketing Services:

Medspa Marketing

PracticeBloom is the marketing partner your spa business needs to truly conquer the online world with efficient and trusted marketing, from Facebook to Google ads. We are masters in the ways of online brand marketing for medical spas: let us boost your spa brand today.

PracticeBloom has enabled the growth of countless medical spas across the country, with a team of medical spa business marketing experts, industry-standard data analytics tools, and tried and trusted proprietary conversion methods that equip our partnered medical spas and other health businesses with the marketing they need to truly expand.

Coolsculpting Marketing

Our ProfitEngines programs leverage the power of Facebook, Instagram & Google advertising to deliver a steady flow of new CoolSculpting leads that our automations convert into booked consultations while you sleep!

The perfect non-invasive way to get rid of extra fat is coolsculpting. With your medical expertise combined with our proficiency in effective coolsculpting marketing techniques, PracticeBloom can help you dominate the market.

Laser Hair Removal Marketing

Give your practice the best shot at grabbing the biggest part of your global laser hair removal market share and outshine your competition almost overnight, with PracticeBloom’s tried and tested laser hair removal marketing strategy.

Whether you and your team are local laser hair removal industry veterans or first-timers in the aesthetic field, our aesthetic marketing team at PracticeBloom can get the word out about your laser hair removal services — and keep it there.

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