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Medical Spa Marketing: Your Med Spa Is About to Take Off

The Proven & Guaranteed Way To Grow Your Medi-Spa Practice Faster

Ethos Spa, our client
DRC360, a marketing client from Providence, NJ.
Forever MedSpa, a client that uses our program. They're from New Jersey.
NJ Center for CoolSculpting, our client that relies heavily on SEO.
Amazingly Ageless, another one of our loyal medical clients.
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A Comprehensive, Custom Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Medical Spa

Generate A Steady Flow Of Prospective Patients & Keep Your Existing
Patients Coming Back

  • Paid Advertising: Reach your target audiences with online advertising optimized for your medical marketing budget
  • Beautiful Landing Page Design: proven design elements that skyrocket conversion rates
  • Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy: Increase social engagement and decrease paid ad costs
  • Conversion-Driven Web Design: Beautiful & unique designs that get results
  • Search Engine Optimization: Invest in a long-term, constant flow of potential customers
  • Content Marketing: We produce compelling content that nurtures new leads into appointments
  • AB Testing: Increase your conversions by using the scientific method
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A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Program

Promote Your Medical Practice Efficiently

PracticeBloom has been helping medical practices and med-spas grow their patient base for nearly a decade by providing best-in-class websites and med spa marketing programs focused on providing new leads & appointment bookings with crystal clear cost-per-lead and cost-per-appointment reporting.

Our methodology is straightforward: drive targeted ads to beautiful landing pages with clear calls-to-action where people can claim your offer. Nurture these new leads with text & email automation until they're ready to book an appointment online, and retarget the people who visited the landing page but didn't claim the offer. Follow up with new patients after their appointment to assess their experience and politely request the positive responses get posted on Facebook, Google, ZocDoc, etc.

Our marketing programs, called ProfitEngines, do all this and more. We'll create an inbound marketing strategy that fits your budget, pointing all our resources and efforts into channels that work for your spa business.

ProfitEngines are the quickest way to get a positive return-on-investment, but they do require constant investment (ad spend). Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, is a more long-term investment that ultimately delivers free leads, day after day and week after week, which is why we always recommend pairing a ProfitEngine with an SEO program to form a complete, sustainable online medi spa marketing program.

Paid Advertising

The quickest way to generate new business is through paid advertising.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer never-before-seen levels of targeting, allowing you to get your message/offers in front of the exact people that are most likely to become your customers.

With Google Adwords, you can pay to show your ad to people who are searching the exact terms & phrases that relate to your business. Every medical spa marketing program starts with paid advertising.

No matter the platform, buying and running ads efficiently is an art and our Paid Traffic team are modern Picassos. We specialize in building the most relevant campaigns at the lowest cost-per-click/cost-per-conversions in the business. How do $3 Botox leads sound?

Paid Advertising in Medical Practice Marketing
High Converting Med Spa Landing Pages

Beautiful Landing Page Design

Landing pages are where your potential new patients (the ad-traffic you paid for) go to actually claim your offer and, by doing so, become a "new lead". It's where the magic happens, which is why having an effective med-spa landing page is critical.

A great landing page looks beautiful, loads almost instantly, and has a crystal clear call-to-action, meaning when someone gets to the page, it's immediately clear what the next step is (think "Enter Your Name, Email & Phone Number Here To Claim 20% Off Your Next Botox Appointment).

Most med spa marketing agencies just drag and drop stock photos into a template in a landing page builder, giving you the exact same, not-so-great landing page as your competitor around the corner. We custom design and build our landing pages by hand and specialize in helping practices generate unique and professional assets like before & after photos and patient testimonial videos to use in our designs.

We understand that to generate leads at the lowest costs you've ever seen, and to make the entire med spa marketing program successful, your creative assets need to be outstanding.

AB Testing

As confident as we are in our landing page designs, there's just no way to tell if it's achieving to its true potential without testing it. A/B testing allows us to show one version of a landing page to a certain amount of visitors and a different page version to others.

We couple this with site tracking, which shows us exactly where people are scrolling and clicking on the page, to determine which version of the page converts better.

A/B testing a landing page to its fullest potential also helps identify offers that just aren't good enough to resonate with your target audience, so you don't continually waste money on a medi spa marketing campaign that's never going to work. Once you do have an offer that is working, A/B testing gives you scientific assurance that your med spa landing page is performing at its best so that you're not leaving money on the table.

A-B testing in medical practice marketing
Web Design in Med Spa Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

It's hard to get people to convert if they don't know who you are or what you do. An easy way to solve this is to pay for targeted ad traffic, but the downside is you're constantly paying.

Alternatively, if your medical spa website shows up at the top of page one for relevant search in Google, you're going to receive a steady flow of traffic to your website - for free.

Sounds great, right? It should, because ranking at the top of page one in search engines is the holy grail of medical spa marketing. And it's not easy.

There are literally thousands of variables that factor into the algorithms that determine whose website shows up at the top of any given search result. Some of them are controlled by the code of your website (on-site factors), some of them are controlled by other websites who may or may not link to your website (off-site factors), and some are controlled by the visitors to your site and the actions they do or don't while they're on your site (user activity).

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a science that has continually increased in difficulty over the years. We were born as an SEO company and we're proud to still be at the top of the industry delivering unbeatable results - after all, how do you think we got you here to this page?

Content Marketing

You've probably heard by now that "Content Is King." It's still a true statement; the problem is it makes it sound easy. But the truth is that creating truly great content is extremely difficult. But what does truly great mean?

There are two ways in which we judge content. The first is to measure its ability to motivate or persuade someone to take an action. People are naturally fearful, critical, and/or hesitant before making the decision to take an action.

Truly great content eases their fears, answers their questions, and inspires them to take action. A/B testing determines which content results in more action and is a great way to ensure you're creating great content for your spa marketing.

The second litmus test for truly great content is to ask yourself "Is this so good that someone who sees it will be compelled to share it with someone else?"

If you ask any business owner who's been successful for decades what the best type of marketing is, he or she will likely say "word of mouth," and they'd be right.

Word of mouth costs you nothing and it's viral. Social media is platform that people use to communicate these days, and great content is the topic that inspires the communication. The most inspiring content is authentic, and we'll help you create it.

Spa Marketing Content
Web Design in Med Spa Marketing

Conversion-Driven Web Design

Whereas landing pages need to be laser focused on a single call-to-action, your medical spa website needs to convey all sorts of information about all the aspects of your business.

That doesn't mean it should be designed to convert, however. The number one mistake we see with new client websites is that there's no clear call-to-action on each page of the site. If a visitor navigates to your CoolSculpting page, there should be a clear call to action relevant to CoolSculpting on the page.

And when it comes to calls-to-action, "Contact Us" is not a good one.

When creating a call-to-action, think "what do I really want someone on this page to do?" Do you want them to just send you a general inquiry? Probably not.

You really want them to pick a date & time to pay you money, so focus your calls-to-action on facilitating appointment bookings. If the med-spa service you want them to book is expensive, you can increase the amount of people who will book by building a promotion into your call to action.

But promotion or not, any call-to-action is better than just information on a page. The focus of every site we design is to ensure your visitors know exactly what it is you want them to do on every page.

Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

"Social Media" is a term we've collectively decided upon to describe the way people communicate in a modern age. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Youtube - they're all platforms where people post media that people socialize around. Savvy marketers understand you need attention before you can push your products/services, and the time being spent socializing on these platforms has created an unprecedented opportunity for your med spa marketing if you have the right strategy.

A great social media marketing strategy focuses on three areas: ads, community building, and community management. We've discussed ads at length above. They're the quickest way to generate new business, but building a community around your brand is critical to paid Facebook & Instagram campaigns as a good percentage of people who see your ads are going to click through to your profile pages to see what you're posting and who is interacting with it. Having a strong community is a trust factor that increases the conversion rates of your paid traffic.

A strong community will also pay long-term dividends if you manage and nurture it properly. Your community will produce advocates - repeat buyers who sing your praises to the rest of the community, keeping them engaged and buying. We specialize in monitoring your community and quickly responding to their questions, comments, and interactions to ensure the community never loses momentum and continues to grow.

Reputation Management In Medical Practice Marketing

Reputation Management

Did you know that according to consumer surveys, 90% of your potential patients will read your med spa online reviews before deciding whether or not to request an appointment? With that in mind, it goes without saying that your online reputation needs to be stellar.

The easiest way to ensure a great online reputation for your medical spa is to proactively generate a steady stream of positive reviews, which, without a system in place, is easier said than done. That's why our Reputation Management program is so powerful.

Our system will automatically follow up with your new patients after their first appointment asking them how their experience was at your spa. If they respond negatively, our system screens that feedback and sends it directly to you before it ever has a chance to hit the open web, giving you the opportunity to follow up directly with that person.

The people who respond positively receive an automatic reply politely requesting that they post their feedback to the review platform of your choice (Facebook, Google, HealthGrades, etc.). The result: an ever-increasing amount of positive reviews, which steadily increase your conversion rates. And as an additional bonus, industry data shows that a consistent flow of positive reviews has a significant & positive impact on your organic search rankings!

Frequently Asked Med Spa Marketing

Will you Increase the number of patient testimonials for me?

Yes, our ProfitEngine Pro and Premium plans both include Reputation Management, which leverages our automated system to reach out to your patients after their latest visit and ask them about their experience with your med spa.

If they respond negatively, their feedback goes straight to you without ever reaching the open Internet.

If they respond positively, the system automatically follows up and politely asks them to copy/paste their feedback to your med spa Google Business Listing, your Facebook page, or a variety of medical review sites that you can select. 

Is online marketing the most efficient form of medical practice marketing?

100%. Online marketing is the most efficient and transparent way to market your medical spa for two main reasons.

  1. First, your prospective patients are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. They're skipping TV commercials and they're scrolling through their social media feeds as the billboards lining the highway go unseen.
  2. The second main reason is that you can see exactly what you're getting in return for what you're spending for your medical spa marketing. ROI is cut and dry as you know what you're spending, you'll know exactly how many leads were generated from your spend and with online appointment booking, you'll know how many of your leads converted into bookings. 
Will you teach me how to get more patients online?

Definitely. It's crucial that we educate you on how modern spa marketing works before we get started so you understand the process and why it works.

The best results we see come from medical practices who have an owner or manager who is eager and willing to be involved in the marketing process. 

Will you help me stand out from other physician practices?

Of course! From a branding perspective, we'll facilitate photo & video shoots then use that content in branding campaigns on social media, building your personal and practice brand into the authority in your market and industry.

When it comes to organic visibility in search engines like Google, our Search Engine Optimization packages are world class. With a three to six month investment, we see about 90% of our clients hit page one for their most important and lucrative search terms. 

How will you increase the visibility of my website in the search results?

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is an extremely complex process that involves work on both the back and front ends of your med-spa website as well as the building of quality links from relevant sites in your industry.

Great SEO begins with in-depth research into the competitive landscape, the key terms and phrases that your potential patients are using in search engines, and the correlations between the sites currently ranking on page one for your target keywords.

Once those reports have been created and analyzed, our technical team will get started rebuilding the architecture of your website to align with the way Google and other search engines want to see the information on your site presented. We'll optimize the code of your website to included the needed metadata and schema markup as well as to increase the speed at which your site loads. 

Lastly, our link-building team will develop powerful backlinks from other websites relevant to your medical practice, consistently increasing the authority of your website in the eyes of search engines.

Additionally, we monitor the on-site changes that were made, evaluate their effect, and tweak as needed until we figure out exactly what the search engines want to see. As these elements come together, you'll see your website raise through the search results and past your competitors, resulting in a steady stream of organic leads month over month!

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